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Sun in Pisces: Imagine Your Next Spiritual Steps Forward

Today, Saturday FEB 18, 2023, the Sun enters our watery mutable sign of PISCES at 3:34 pm MST bringing us the mystical, compassionate, universal love/loving energies, along with high Intuitive insights of just KNOWING.

Ruler of PISCES, Neptune, has been in this sign since FEB 2012 - 11 years - sweeping open our ability to IMAGINE more and better. At the same time, dissolving any / all distortions we've been aligning ourselves with, Spiritually, that are actually Illusions/Delusions - not reality. How's your journey been so far, removing those rose-coloured glasses, to SEE your life, your Self, your Higher Self more clearly?

Neptune remains in PISCES until JAN 27, 2026 when she enters ARIES again after 164 years! Previous timing of Neptune in ARIES: 1862 - 1875 with Canada becoming a Nation in 1867 and the US Civil War occurring 1861 -1865 (their war started because of a Solar Eclipse activation in 1861). ARIES - Cardinal Fire - brings necessary NEW Self-Awareness to the table through the higher lens of your Higher Self/Spiritual connection. Some might say it's "all about ME!" while others take on a higher perspective for independent study that brings pioneering and exploration breakthroughs. Going where no man or woman has gone before! It will be interesting to see what is explored/pioneered in this next round.

Coming back to 2023, now, and today's Neptune at 24 degrees PISCES having met up with Venus earlier this week (EMPATH WOMAN) now at 27 degrees PISCES, brought forth visionary insights, dreams and dreaminess. Can feel like you're floating through your days and nights between today (Sun's addition to the PISCES mix) and the Vernal / Spring Equinox March 20th.

On March 7th, Saturn enters PISCES for a two-year stay, restructuring our lives yet again, this time along more spiritual lines, and hopefully waking up from our usual escapist tendencies (watching marathon TV; sleeping; addictions with opioids, alcohol, other drugs of choice, shopping, gambling - you get the picture). What exactly are we wanting to escape from? More importantly: WHY? What's overwhelming us to that extent that we cannot STAY IN PRESENT TIME WITH PRESENT REALITY?

The previous timing of Saturn in PISCES was JAN 29, 1994 - APR 7, 1996. Where were you at back then, compared to now, with your understanding of your Spirituality, connection, Self? How have you grown since then and what changes are you considering as March nears?

Mercury enters PISCES March 3rd, bringing in higher mindfulness and meditative states. Who needs alcohol?! LOL! He'll be here until March 19th, just in time to join the SUN as it enters ARIES March 20th. Look for more dreams/intuitive insights/knowingness to surface.

From my last post about Monday's New Moon in PISCES, I mentioned SEDNA's stay at the 29th degree of TAURUS off and on since 2021 heading into 2024. That 29th degree is where the PLEIADES reside as a fixed grouping of stars, bringing forth Mysticism, Power, Life and Death, with Love and Beauty. Powerful stuff we're interacting with these years and days ahead. That 29th degree is all about Fated/Destined ENDINGS, to complete cycles and your Soulful "To Do List" checking off all points of reference previously not met before now.

Today, as the SUN sits at 00 degrees PISCES until just after 3:00pm MST Sunday FEB 19th - be IN this higher state of BEING with a thoughtful and heartfelt intent! We are BEGINNING another round of Spiritual connectedness, first with the Sun/Soul self, to renew ourselves in the higher light, then with Mercury/Mental body, to be mindful of what we're dreaming / envisioning, then Saturn's restructuring of HOW we do our Spiritual practice / connection / Self, creating long-term goals along the way, being responsible for our OWN Spiritual connection.

The Sun and Mercury will catch up to Neptune around March 14 - 16th, bringing forth deeper magical mystical energies to embrace - if you so choose! All of these timings mentioned above give us opportunities to LET GO of the NEED for ESCAPE - however we do it - in order to BE in the MOMENT for more than a moment! To BE HERE NOW - awake, not distracted into whatever it is we're distracted by. BE IN YOUR REALITY - consciously awake, clearly connecting with your Higher Self/teams of Angels, Guides, working WITH your Soul Purpose to dream a bountiful, beautiful, loving, accepting, compassionate New White Earth of inclusiveness. How beautiful is that? Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much! Namaste


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