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Take a Deep Breath of Air! We're Gonna Dive into Spiritual Waters!

It's that time again! Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is almost upon us! In 2019 Mercury, our Mental body's planetary ruler of all things communication, thought processes, decisions, Inner Talk (!!) communication devices, local travel (cars, buses, taxis etc.), took us through all three of our Zodiac Water signs - Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio. Guess what? We'll be doing it again!

Good News is: we'll have a wee bit of Air combined with our 2020 Mercury Rx tour through those Water signs! Hence "take a deep breath of Air!" In other words, mentally tune in before diving into your Emotional body's depths of Feelings, Intuition, Insights, allowing yourself to receive (aka Asking For Help or Allowing Others to Nurture You or Feeling Vulnerable or Actually FEELING Your Feelings!)...we'll continue to FEEL about what we're Thinking & THINK about what we're Feeling during these three tours. The Mental Body AND Emotional Body being aware of one another!

Just like last year - do you remember feeling as if you were mentally floating? OR emotionally thoughtful? Not quite clearly nor logically in sync because we're mixing "WATER & AIR, which usually brings in plenty of froth & bubbles - giving us an artistic match with alternating phases of sensitivity & sound common sense!" [from: The Health Zone: A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Health Cycles Through Astrology, by Pamela Rowe, 1990]

This first round of Mercury Rx in AQUARIUS / PISCES in 2020 begins February 2nd & ends March 30th! Here's the roadmap:

  • Mercury is currently DIRECT in motion as I write this post, moving through the last degrees of our fixed Air sign of Aquarius. BE YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF! Thoughtfully, mindfully, actually. At 19 degrees Aquarius 13' of Celestial Longitude.

  • February 2nd Mercury continues Direct motion through Aquarius, now at 28 degrees. This begins our Pre-Mercury Rx Shadow timing - we experience bits & pieces of what's to come February 17 to March 9th - the ACTUAL Mercury Rx period! Kind of similar to the New Moon lead up to the Full Moon effect - everything gets louder & bigger! :))

  • February 3rd/4th Mercury enters our mutable Water sign of Pisces! SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED! SPIRITUAL PRACTICES! INTUITIVE CONNECTIONS! HIGHER SELF connections AND/OR LITTLE SELF connections via Drama, Escapism, Addictions. A bit of a struggle as to whether the Ego-self or the Soul-self wins, minute by minute. Which would you prefer?

  • February 17th - Mercury Stations Rx (retrograde) seeming to move backward. Here Mercury decides to take a Logical vacation & moves on over to the Right-Brain, creatively thinking outside the box, following Intuition, Insights & connecting Within more. He's turning Rx at 12 degrees Pisces 53' of Celestial Longitude, RETRACING his journey just taken BACK along the first 12 degrees of Pisces, into Aquarius, again! Mercury Rx period has begun!

  • This brings me to what I LOVE about each Mercury Rx timing! A chance for Do-Overs! To rethink, chat again, re-decide, actually have that conversation you've been avoiding! Or making those decisions you've been avoiding - with more listening AND following how you're truly Feeling (Water sign) what your Intuition is telling you (vs. that logical Ego brain) as to WHAT to say/decide, WHEN, & to WHOM. People from our past come forward to reunite, reconnect for many reasons! And my fav...Expect the Unexpected twists & turns in plans, contracts, decisions - they all seemed perfectly logical & a done deal BEFORE...what's happening now?!! People are changing their minds, taking longer to decide, including their feelings, perhaps a wee bit of drama is mixed in now (Pisces). Not a straightforward Mental body logical road now folks! It's all about FEELING YOUR WAY FORWARD! THEN, thinking it out. Then feeling it/intuiting it, then thinking. It will be a SPIRAL, a CIRCLE, NOT A STRAIGHT LINE! :)) Love Astrology!

  • The other thing I love about Mercury Rx: because my logical Ego mindset isn't getting in the way - those seemingly complicated mind teasers of decisions to be made, seeing a way forward through chaos, acres and acres of paperwork and/or stuff - the non-logical intuitively-led & feeling our way forward mode helps us to SEE a way forward! Cool! It's as if a HUGE puzzle piece (or pieces) was missing before now to clearly move forward in whatever area or blockage or whatever was damming your way forward! Cool! So yes! Clear out that garage, desk drawer, attic, basement, closet - WHEN YOU FEEL THE URGE - & you'll be amazed at the EASE of it! Because you'll go about it in a way you never saw possible, before now!

  • Which brings me to another aspect of Mercury Rx: gone is the logical mindset. Enter mistakes, missing documents/words/phrases, "I thought you were doing that task?" "No, you said you're doing it!" "Now we've missed the deadline!" .... Double, Triple-check everything that is legal. Contracts can go sideways now (realtors, builders, contractors, etc. take note!) because we've left something out, forgot to mention a really big want/need, or stuff goes missing. Communication lines close! We think we told the client - but did I dream that? Keep a diligent mental eye/ear out, despite the feelings/intuitive/creative/outside the box routines! OR, wait until April to do your taxes! Sell the house! Renovate the kitchen! Etc. Just saying...Mercury Rx "done deals" can be the Gift that Keeps on Giving! Far into the Future, for no logical reason!

  • March 10th Mercury Stations Direct at 28 degrees Aquarius once again! Whew! We made it! What did you learn about yourself this time round, compared to 2019's round of Mercury Rx through Pisces? Did you get used to that floating feeling through logical decisions vs. the decisive version? Did you enjoy the creativity & intuitive insights & DREAMS - OMG THE DREAMS! - more? Better? Can we do that all over again? LOL! But we're still not out of woods yet folks! The Post Rx Shadow timing now begins, lessening the feeling/thinking dynamic the more we draw closer to March 30th when Mercury finally returns to the Celestial Longitude it was at way back there February 2nd!

It will be another interesting ride! Neptune continues, as ruler of Pisces, to travel through Pisces, dissolving our drama role-playing (Victim - Rescue(r) - Bully/Persecutor) our need for escapism & addiction - to avoid dealing with the Reality of Life, now. Interesting that the last time Neptune was in Pisces (165 years ago) is when the Opium Dens were so popular. Sadly, in this round of Neptune through Pisces (since 2012) the Opioid Crisis is upon us! And now the legalization of Marijuana, vaping etc. We humans still insist on escaping (Neptune also rules the Magic, the Movies & Illusion - so Netflix, Crave TV, streaming endless hours of drama tv/movies etc. is another gift of Neptune through Pisces!). Why? What's so scary about living our True Life as Humans? To BE here, now? TO BE?

This is where the Spiritual Disconnect comes in. We're not alone. We're Eternal Beings experiencing a physical dimension existence. We're also learning to Connect WITH our Spiritual Self now too. Kinda freaky, yes! But amazing & astonishing & so MAGICAL! When we allow the Soul-self to master the Ego-self - MAGIC in our lives happens! It's not just at Disneyland!

These rounds of Mercury going Rx through our Zodiac Water signs - they're here to help us learn to BE OKAY WITH HOW WE FEEL! TO BE OKAY WITH OUR THOUGHTS & speak our's okay to BE who you truly are. AND share your thoughts & feelings with others. Lovingly, honestly, compassionately. Namaste

Photos Credits: Unsplash photographers - thank you!

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