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Take Expanded Action Into Your Knowledge Base - New Moon in Gemini

This morning, as I write this New Moon in Gemini blog, the clouds continue to "hang in the balance" - will it rain this time or not?!!! LOL! Lack of breezes - and with the Sun now in Gemini since MAY 20th, 2022, our mutable Air Zodiac sign - one wonders what's up doc?! Gemini is the wind, scattering the seeds coming off the trees as they bud their way out into greening wonder! There have been many "dead calm" days lately.

The Moon and Sun came together in our morning sky today, MAY 30, 2022, at 5:30 a.m. MDT both sitting at 09 degrees GEMINI 03' Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

The New Moon cycle begins! Initiating something NEW for all of us this week - great way to end this seemingly very LONG merry month of May! Eclipses will do that, accelerating us further into the future, with wild twists and turns - and with Mercury Rx still in play - Expect the Unexpected to continue this week too! Mercury will Station Direct on Friday JUNE 3rd at 2:00 a.m. MDT - and we're not completely out of those woods just yet (!) - not until JUNE 18th actually, does Mercury completely return to where he was back on APRIL 26th at the 26th degree of TAURUS - bringing us into a combination of mentally/earthly sensuousness connection - and more of a Mind-Body mindfulness.

The GEMINI themes bring us into the Mental Body realms of the following:

  • Communication via thoughts, conversations, learning and self-talk

  • Socializing with our local friends, neighbours, merchants

  • Local travel - like driving 22km south to Hogg Park to spend a lovely sunshiny afternoon by the Highwood River watching a bald Eagle fly overhead and marvelling at our wondrous earthly delights - the landscapes, textures of rock formations, the wild rush of water running off the mountains through our streams and rivers. Amazing!

  • Connecting with folk, Unexpectedly via Mercury Rx (Ruler of GEMINI) having those amazing "in the moment" chit chats of connection, ensuring we're truly not alone thinking what we think, knowing what we know, sharing key pieces to even strangers we meet walking in the early morning hours.

  • Sharing information, data and knowledge - what will it be, to whom and when? Mercury Rx has added another dimension here, creating those Unexpected Twists and Turns within seemingly "normal" routines - that's the Trickster energy of Coyote within Mercury - let's laugh at ourselves at how convoluted things can possibly become because I dropped something that should have been easy-peasy to pick up, but wasn't! How did that mess become tangled up with the dropping of a pin for crying out loud?! LOL!

  • Information you didn't know you needed to know - what's cropped up for you in MAY as inspiration, as AHA! moments, as key pieces of understanding that you didn't know about yourself or a close friend, before now? And how did that change your perspective?

Gemini is The Twins - of two minds, two sides of the same coin, able to talk yourself into and out of ANYTHING in nanoseconds! And to have a complete conversation IN YOUR HEAD without uttering a vowel of speech to anyone else who happens to be in your space. Making decisions, completing tasks, mentally, in a rush. Without anyone else knowing what you've decided, completed, thought/think. This can be part of the Shadow of Gemini - keeping your thoughts, decisions, etc., to yourself. Not sharing with friends. Them not knowing how you're truly doing, because you've mentally left them out of the picture.

The other Shadow aspect here: GOSSIP - the kind of sharing of knowledge that tears others down - that can be vicious, vindictive, edged with jealousy, or revenge. And WHY would you go there?

This New Moon in Gemini brings the NEED to Create a NEW TALENT - to connect some inner dots not connected before. The Moon/Sun in GEMINI is connecting lovingly to both JUPITER and MARS both sitting in ARIES - our fiery Cardinal sign - at 03 degrees/04 degrees respectively - bringing forth the NEED to EXPAND our world via Instinctive ACTION - to bring out that Inner Warrior, or Pioneer or Explorer - to drink from that Cup of Courage to BE more independent than you've been before.

What are you connecting the dots on here? This Air/Fire combo brings a highly compatible elemental mix - they feed one another to create a stimulating and volatile entity. There can also be a bit of "hot air" with the impatience/angry moments of Aries mixed with the Gemini need to talk and talk and talk about the same thing in 5 different ways! LOL! Looking at ALL the angles, eh? Are you done with that yet? Can we now take ACTION?!

The spark of Creative Inspiration with the mental ability to DO SOMETHING with your hands, arms, fingers, wrists (ruled by GEMINI) writing as I am right now, as an example. Could be a letter or timely email is needed to "clear the air"? Or an action that is to BE completely independent of any other person or what you've previously done in your life - to just BE with ME for a change?

After ALL the Emotional tsunami hits in the previous weeks and months of 2022, we've come into a time of relative calm for this New Moon in Gemini. Pluto, sitting at 28 degrees CAPRICORN 23' and Rx/retrograde motion (deep Inner work of processing, transforming, transitioning) of what we thought we were building for the NEW here in 2022, is sending huge love lines to that North Node + Mercury Rx + Sedna all sitting in the late degrees of TAURUS - earth to earth signs - keeping us grounded into and onto this Earth plane, in our physical bodies, so we don't fly away like kites (Gemini) or burn ourselves out trying to ram action through our lives (Aries). Fated/destined to END something no longer worthy. The Soul Direction of keeping the traditions needed for the future generations.

The sensuousness and fertile growth of Taurus meets the serious, "I've got a plan!" to build something NEW for the Collective energies of Capricorn. We can take the traditional and change it ever so slightly into something MORE richly needed, connecting us to ALL our senses - a FEAST of the senses! With common sense though - seriously.

After ALL THAT WATERY emotion / Intuition of the past several months - it is TIME to BE and DO the Action, with plans, with intention, with courage to LEAP FORWARD somehow into where you need to be sooner than later. Taurus likes to take its TIME - remember to BE - while Aries likes to ACT spontaneously, like yesterday already! And Capricorn is the leader of the band - with the "bright idea!" - while GEMINI brings in all the mental processes AND Self-talk to bring it all together. We've felt it all out before now - 'tis Time to DO the ACTION and BE present in the moment, every moment, these next 29.5 days of this New Moon cycle. Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you! Namaste


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