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The T-Square to Pluto...

Thought I'd post more information on the T-square to Pluto from Uranus in opposition to Mars that we've been experiencing within this current Moon cycle that began December 11th.

Pluto likes to transform our Ego-Shadow fear desires into emPOWERment rather than the power/control issues we usually allow to run amok within us (and attract TO us for further growth).

Pluto is assisted by Pallas, feminine asteroid Wisdom/Warrior Goddess who ensures we play our parts to BE in the moment, stand up for ourselves and do so WITH compassion using our creative intuitive skills. This also means WITHIN ourselves - feeding our Ego-Shadow much-needed LOVE, COMPASSION, and order to heal its need to CONTROL some part of our lives that truly wants to be freed, let out of jail so-to-speak!

Let's break this down a bit further:

  • Pluto and Pallas, holding hands, working together within the cardinal earth sign of 14 degrees of Capricorn, as the apex of this T-square formation. There are 2 other planets, Mars and Uranus, sitting in opposition to one another, AND at the same time, are each squaring to where Pluto/Pallas sit. What does this cause? Mucho stress and tension WITHIN each of us to LET GO of something that has been DISemPOWERing each of us for a long long long time.

  • Mars, sitting in cardinal air of 16 degrees of Libra, asks for ACTION re: more equal, harmonious and peaceful relationships/partnerships (including the one with your INNER self!). Asserting rather than aggression, WITH Compassion and Love (Libra) to create BEAUTY within each relationship or partnership you currently have and intend to have in future.

  • Uranus has been journeying through yet another cardinal sign, Aries, since March 13, 2011, asking all of us to be more FREE TO BE ME persons, instinctively asserting our space in a NEW (cardinal) way that INDIVIDUATES me from you and you and you. This does not mean I am an island (nor any of you); it is all about BEing My Truest ME I can BE, AND without hurting or disallowing anyone else to BE THEIR Truest ME at the same time! It will be 5 years that we've worked on this project - how is it going for you? Do you 'see' positive changes Within, that have affected your relationships and partnerships Without? BE honest now...Uranus creates Unexpected Change that can put us on different tracks of Life compared to where we thought we'd be heading.

  • Currently sitting at 16 degrees of Aries, he is in opposition to Mars, God of War. Decision is yours: are you going to DO battle with yourself and/or others, or perhaps ASSERT your needs more lovingly to self and  others, hence CREATING the change your Soul wishes for you now? Hhhhmmmm...war vs. loving change...The more LOVING we are to necessary change Within, we create it automatically Without, within our relationships, partnerships, work and Life as a whole. Otherwise, CHANGE will be BROUGHT to us Unexpectedly in ways we have NO control over - a heart attack, an accident, someone dying - that will bring us INTO the area of CHANGE for us. Kind of like that Tower card in the Tarot - chaos and rubble ensue if we don't make our own conscious free will choice. Once we create that 'AND' between Mars and Uranus, then we create positive energy that connects to Pluto/Pallas for emPOWERment for All! Or, if we decide to miss this Golden Opportunity to allow IN much-needed Change, well, the next round gets that much more challenging....just saying...

Pallas was the Patron of the Arts and also known as the Goddess of Health. Her wisdom, being helpful and objective brings forth the much-needed FEMININE power energy to HEAL that which is out of balance (Libra) Within each of us. Together with Pluto, they look for ways to HEAL us through to the other side. And we can do so gracefully or kicking and screaming along the way. Our choice is up to each of us. What's yours?

Look into your charts to see what House of Life Experience Pluto/Pallas sit at 14 degrees of Capricorn, then how they squarely face Mars at 16 degrees of Libra and Uranus opposite at 16 degrees of Aries. What are the themes of Life these Houses represent for you? This indicates where your Life requires much-needed Balance (Libra) AND knowing who you Truly are to take Action as You (Aries) which in turn brings emPOWERment whilst building or rebuilding (depends on how much chaos has been created so far) your material gain base here on out.

Think of the Mountain Goat (Capricorn) - how will he/she scarper further UP the mountain if he/she has no idea

  • WHO he/she is...or

  • WHERE he/she wants to go...or 

  • WHAT he/she wants for themselves in future?

In other words: what new structures need to be built via long-term goal-setting that support YOU and who you ARE and what you NEED, now and in the future? If you don't know, how will the Universe provide opportunities, connections, and cash along the way to support it all?

Today, Friday, we are still within the Balsamic Moon phase- Letting Go to make space for the New seed of the next New Moon tomorrow night. What will you consciously LET GO OF from your Inner World's "I need to keep all of this in control and within MY power!" that really keeps you

  • In the dark...

  • In a jail cell...of your own making...

  • And in the same old same old place, yet again?

BE the Mountain Goat and 'see' Higher Potential beckoning you to carry on in a NEW direction/path/route (Capricorn). Drink some more courage (Aries) if need be AND Love the process of this journey (Libra). Ask for help (Libra) don't go it 100% alone (Aries) then you are able to BUILD a better future NOW for the Good of All (Capricorn).

Blessed BE!

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