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The Unknown Walks Amongst Us - New Moon in Aries

Today, March 24, 2020, the Sun & Moon stood together in our cardinal Fire sign of ARIES - 04 degrees Aries 12' of Celestial Longitude to be exact, at 3:28 a.m. MDT - heralding even MORE Healing since the Vernal Equinox of March 19th!

Grieving is what is occurring the longer we stay at home, socially distancing ourselves from one another. Aries, the Ruler of the 1st House of Life Experience in our birth charts AND the youngest Zodiac sign on the block, brings in the following themes, to the hilt. From Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology book, here's what on tap:

  • New Beginnings: how we blaze new trails, initiate the NEW, use its high energy by taking Action of some sort, using innovative & CREATIVE approaches.

  • Self-Focus: physically focused - how many of you have been exercising more? Our Survival Issues - so the Root Chakra is being tested right now (more on this later), heeding our Instinctual natures (without editing!!!) being Assertive (vs Aggressive).

  • Innocence/Authenticity: Being Honest, Authentic, Impulsive & Straightforward!

  • Self-Discovery: here's where we EXPLORE new Inner Roads of Self that we've not had the time nor space to DO! How we take risks, where our Eagerness comes to the fore, how well we show Self-Sufficiency in times of HUGE CHANGE! What are YOU discovering about yourself, during this pandemic? Are you comfortable with it, or not?

  • Independence: using Self-direction to DO something not asked of you; Self-reliance to DO this something on your own; Autonomy - you have what it takes to DO this! Self-sufficiency - what NEW skills & talents are showing themselves from deep Within?

  • Courage: Yes! Lots of it in this time & place & space of being isolated from one another, from our routines & work disrupted, from our ability to connect with one another. Drink from the Cup of Courage. Lead by example. Show Strength when others may not want to show up at all. Use Vigilance - keep an eye out on the changing face of where we're at daily. BE BOLD - go where you've not allowed yourself to GO - Within, via RISK of trying something NEW - an online course or business direction you've not thought was YOURS to TAKE!

  • Disengaging Self-Absorption: here's where we can have a Lack of Awareness of Others due to this isolation, even more so! Selfish acts have been seen already due to hoarding, over-buying supplies, coming from FEAR vs. COMMUNITY! Here's where Vanity, Impulsive Action that Alienates Others, ANGER & IMPATIENCE can come rushing out! Grief can do this too - all about ME, MYSELF & I folks! For a time, yes, Remember to be the I within the WE too!

  • Physically, Aries rules: the eyes, head, face, scalp & brain, headaches, dizziness & acne. Aries can bring forth inflammation in the physical body - here's where it is VERY IMPORTANT to MOVE YOUR PHYSICAL BODY! Aries' FIRE needs an outlet! At the very least - MOVE PHYSICALLY! Take ACTION in some regard this next Moon cycle of 28/29 days! Assertively so, courageously so, discovering a NEW/renewed YOU by next New Moon!

I had mentioned the ROOT CHAKRA earlier. Here we energetically deal with any/all of the following issues, culled from several sources (Deepak Chopra & Medical Astrology):

  • The Root Chakra's energetic position is at the end of our spine/groin area. It's colour is RED. So when we "See Red" we're residing in the Ego-self's Shadow area of Anger/Impatience. Having a tantrum, as a child can when it cannot get what it wants. And I want it NOW!

  • Saturn & Capricorn & Aquarius rule this area too (Mars, ruler of Aries, rules the Adrenals/Solar Plexus Chakra). Saturn & Capricorn bring in our connection to Mother Earth (hence why it's so important to walk out in Nature these days!).They represent STRUCTURE, LIMITATION & our PHYSICAL IDENTITY. Kind of challenging right now, isn't it? Our long-held structures are dying (hence the grieving!) & what are we building in their place? What changes are YOU MAKING in your life?

  • The Root Element is EARTH - so ground yourself via exercise, walking, doing tasks around the house - whatever you CAN to dispel this sense of UNREALITY, UNCONNECTEDNESS, DISORIENTATION. In a way, we're ALL undergoing an IDENTITY CRISIS! ALL OF US! You are not alone in this - none of us are. This is the GIFT!

  • Main issues we'll deal with this Moon Cycle: survival/stability, physical needs & our sense of safety.

  • When IMBALANCED: anxiety, unfounded fears, nightmares, issues with the colon, bladder & elimination (what are we hanging onto?); lower back, leg or feet issues (how can we walk forward when we know not where we head?). Eating disorders may manifest - eating to distract, to swallow feelings, to bury the fear & anxiety.

  • WHEN BLOCKED: Anxiety, lack of physical energy, having a sense of being ungrounded.

  • Deepak suggests using the following Mantra: "I AM SAFE, PROTECTED & SECURE. ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE." Namaste - say this mantra over & over & over to yourself, silently, for 2 or 3 minutes. Sitting quietly, breath in deeply 3 times, & just BE with this thought. Once we clear out the FEAR & ANXIETY, we're able to LISTEN to our Inner Wisdom!

Looking at the chart for this New Moon in Aries CHIRON is holding hands with the Moon/Sun duo - he's here to help us Emotionally HEAL our need to edit our instinctual natures. We NEED to regain that which machines, computers, the internet etc. has been eroding over the past 20+ years! CRITICAL THOUGHT into ACTION. ASKING WHY? ASKING FOR HELP. ASKING ASKING - pushing back! Assertively. Patiently. Assert our Existence!

I've long equated ARIES with The Fool card in Tarot - the young man on an ADVENTURE - he knows not where - just that HE NEEDS TO GO! He has a companion with him that he may not even notice is there, following along. There is a steep precipice before him that he doesn't notice - this is the Fated LEAP OF FAITH - Into the UNKNOWN. THE QUEST for...what exactly?

As a collective, the current global population is in lockdown. We know not for how long. We know not what will still BE IN PLACE, as structures, once this pandemic is over. WE KNOW NOT. Hence the grieving the anxiety the fears the anger & perhaps impatience to GET BACK TO WHAT WAS.

Thing is, we cannot put the genie back in the bottle. We cannot go back. Jupiter (Expansion & Risk & pushing limits) & Pallas (using Wisdom) & Pluto (transforming fears & the need for power & control through greed into EMPOWERMENT) & Mars (assertive Warrior Action) all within traditional Capricorn, are squaring off with ERIS, sister to Mars, also in ARIES - she's reminding us of that WHICH WE'VE BEEN NEGLECTING of our OWN INDEPENDENT NEEDS that we've abandoned for ambition, goals, money, assets, whatever the BIGGER PICTURE has been that society has deemed The Right & Proper Things to DO - within the traditional structures we've held true for many many hundreds of years (Capricorn).

Chiron heals that sensitized part of Self that fears being Rejected for BEING Truly Authentically HERE in this physical body, asserting BEING ALIVE! How ALIVE have you felt before now? What have you taken for granted? What are you now enjoying that you didn't take TIME for?

YES, we are indeed experiencing a HUGE RESET - a rebalancing act - in prelude to WE KNOW NOT! Hence the Unknown Walks Amongst Us - not to be feared. To be embraced, to spend TIME with, to LEARN, DISCOVER, EXPLORE, PIONEER something that wasn't noticed BEFORE this pandemic.

Humanity needed this reset. We were heading far & away from basic values, needs, & resources. The Lunar Nodes are about to move into Gemini/Sagittarius May 5th - what will YOU allow yourself to feel & intuit & embrace between now & then? What "duty & necessity" will fall by the wayside, those goals/dreams/wishes that may not have been YOURS to begin with! Or you were finished with them long ago...or they're no longer REAL!

BREATHE. WALK. BE WITH YOURSELF. BE WITH OTHERS - distantly of course - contemplate YOUR need to independently DO...what? RISK...what? Drink from that Cup of Courage... Take that Leap of Faith...towards what? The Unknown will show itself to each of us soon enough. Namaste

Photo Credits: Artists of UNSPLASH - Thank YOU!

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