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Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius...

Today's post will be somewhat like a letter. The Full Moon occurred today @ 10:20a.m. MDT in Sagittarius with Mercury Rx + Sun + Mars in Gemini sitting opposite. We also continue to have Jupiter moving through Leo - expanding and amplifying our Heart needs - feeling the love in all things within and without.

Mercury Rx (retrograde or going back over) through the mutable air sign it rules (Gemini) is HUGE. Since the beginning of May, Mercury has been in Gemini - all about gathering data, sharing information, socializing, networking - communication in its highest form, INCLUDING our self-talk! I ask all of you to look back over the previous month of conversations, people you've met (perhaps for the first time) and interacted with, people from your past reconnecting (usually happens when Mercury turns Rx - so since May 19th especially).

What have YOU learned from all those conversations and internet links and searches? What NEW information has come your way that you didn't know you needed to know? Is there anything you'd rather have said or known before you took the action you did? What you now know, would it have made any difference to the current journey you are in now?

The Sun is shining a spotlight down on ALL conversations and connections we are currently making, helping us to SEE more clearly what is working for us in those connections (especially with our inner connection to Self and how we talk to ourselves) and what is not.

Then Mars comes along to assist us to ASSERT ourselves in some sort of action. As of today's Full Moon in Sagittarius (sitting opposite Mercury Rx, Sun and Mars) there is an opposition occurring - an either/or situation - that today we have the opportunity to create and 'AND' with. How can I envision (Sagittarius) with heartfelt (Jupiter in Leo) Intention WHERE I wish to head out in the wide world (Sagittarius) now? With the new/returning information I have gathered (Mercury in Gemini, Direct and Rx), SEEING what I didn't see or understand or know before, what ACTION (Mars) do I wish to take today, via the spotlight of the Full Moon's light?

Sagittarius asks us to look at the Big Picture - to pull us up from the mundane details of our life - to SEE or envision (have a vision) of WHERE we are going next. What is my purpose down here? Where am I at WITH that purpose? Is it still viable? Is it time to change it?

Today I suggest to all of you, take time to envision yourselves on the Hill of Now, truly know where you are today, look back at the journey it has taken to bring you HERE to this moment, embrace all the highs and lows, pain and suffering, joys and celebrations that got you to the Hill of Now.

Once you have embraced your Journey Up Until Now, turn yourself to see the horizon where the Hills of Future beckon you. Which Hill in particular is calling out to you (most likely trying to gain your attention for weeks or months now!)? What does that particular Hill of Future hold for you? A higher vision of your current vision for yourself, or a revised version or a totally NEW vision? You discern this, via your HEART (Jupiter in Leo). Interestingly, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the Sun rules Leo (and Mercury rules Gemini). Do you see how the planets are helping each other out here (and in turn, us)?

If we don't HAVE the heart to go on with our current vision of what our journey in life is to be, why? What has changed? If your heart moved on to a new vision, do YOU SEE this new vision? THIS is how we continually evolve ourselves during our lifetime, to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically down here on Earth. THIS is why I love Astrology so much! It is a mirroring TOOL to help each of us SEE ourselves more clearly - our intentions, our heart, our Ego Shadow - all of it.

So now, today, and especially tomorrow (Wednesday) when Jupiter in Leo is in a heart-alignment angle to the Moon in Sagittarius (element of fire connecting to fire) BE inspired (fire) to enVISION your Next Steps to your Hill of Future with INTENT (arrow of Sagittarius).

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, where they can go with the flow AND be influenced by what OTHERS expect of us or enVISION FOR US. Make up your own mind (Mercury) to KNOW (Gemini) what your VISION (Sagittarius) truly is. Feel your heart's desire (Jupiter in Leo) for a broader, bigger picture of YOUR life, compared to where it is now.

Interestingly, Mars in Gemini is connected to Pluto in Capricorn in a way that asks us to 'let go of old patterns of conditioning" that are holding us back. Empower (Pluto) yourselves to stand on the side of Integrity (Capricorn) to build your Future Hill's Vision (Sagittarius) heartfully (Leo) WITH the newfound information and connections (Gemini) you have already taken action (Mars) on. Do you SEE how you've been holding yourself back or how the influence of others have? What old patterns of conditioning need to be assessed (Mars) and let go of?

Jupiter expands and amplifies (and has been doing open-heart surgery, energetically, on ALL of our respective hearts since August 2014).

SEE how your heart has changed since then. SEE how your vision may have changed too. SEE what IS working and what is NOT. SEE how you talk to your inner self vs. others in your life. SEE how you connect with self and others. SEE and then ACT with NEW Vision and NEW intent.

Mercury continues its retrograde (Rx) journey back to the early degrees of Gemini until it stations Direct again June 12th. We will have two more weeks thereafter before Mercury climbs out of the post-Rx Shadow period to return where it was BEFORE it changed direction. Mercury is cool this way: three times a year we have a chance to revisit conversations, decisions, connections. This year he happens to be travelling through ALL the air signs - all about how we RELATE in this world, to self and others, via communication and interaction.

What's NEW what's OLD and what needs to CHANGE? With heartfelt intention, bring out your arrow to loft out high into the greater world, bringing YOU closer to that vision that is so dear and close to YOUR heart. Do it now.

Blessed BE!

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