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Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in LEO - August 21, 2017

At 12:30 p.m. MDT on Monday, August 21, 2017, North America will experience a TOTAL Solar Eclipse/New Moon at the celestial longitude of 28 degrees of Leo 53'. Both the Moon and Sun sit together within the same space in the sky. The New Moon phase begins at the same time we experience this Total Solar (Sun) eclipse.

Each New Moon begins another NEW 28-29 day cycle of our Emotional Body's evolution. Here we cull through another layer of Ego-resistance, not  wanting to deal with emotions, feelings, following intuition or receiving insights and wisdom from our Higher Self/Future Self, nor changing daily habits that no longer support who you have evolved into. Every Moon cycle brings new awareness and consciousness of how we can get in the way of our Inner Self Growth potential, driven by the theme of the astrological sign the Moon and Sun come together within. Leo is a fixed fire sign within our Zodiac pantheon of astrological characters. Fire is the element of creativity, taking action, being inSPIRed (or IN-SPIRIT) to take action to create - something - that is to be shared with others. The Sun rules Leo, and within the physical body, the heart and back. Are you following your heart's true desires in all ways? Are you supporting yourself (your back) along the way with self-love, nurturance, and standing up for your needs/views/values? How are your physical heart and back doing, by the way? Time to change up the diet, focus on exercise, nurture self in more physical ways? Perhaps go for the physical exam you've been putting off? The Sun portion of this New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse also rules our VITALITY - how energetic have you been feeling of late? A TOTAL Solar Eclipse brings forth an opportunity to TAKE ACTION / CREATE - which will impact your life for the next 6 months to 3.5 years! Heartfully, take stock of all that you've been meaning to DO, yet haven't. I find it fascinating the events that occur in the days leading up to an eclipse, on the day of the eclipse, and a few days thereafter. How many people found themselves in urgent care/emergency with heart issues since last week? Or back issues?

When the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, a solar eclipse takes place. NEVER look at the sun during any type of solar eclipse! Looking at the sun is dangerous. It can damage your eyes.

Darkness seems to occur over the Sun's surface as a result of we earthlings looking up past the Moon to the Sun. Notice how quiet the animals, birds and human activity is just before and during an eclipse, as the sky darkens. The ancients thought this darkness brought forth our deeply-buried FEARS and unresolved issues - on Monday the scenario is in LEO and hence relates to the heart, loving, nurturing, shining, and creating something NEW within ACTION inspired by your SPIRIT. All through your HEART - chakra area + heart itself!

What fears do you carry re Love, Loving, Creating, having Fun and Playing? Even ROMANCE comes into play here with Leo. When did you last date? How are you doing your Self-Love? Along with your Back - how you support self, are supported by others, or not. Hence why it is most important to support SELF always, in all ways, first. What would you do if others aren't supportive in your unique journey forward? Do you drop your vision and dreams, or do you carry on, loving yourself, believing in your unique Life Purpose, despite opposition?

Take heart, be heart, heartfully and lovingly. LEO rules leadership (leading with heart, rather than Ego) as part of a TEAM vs. being King or Queen of the Mountain. Fun and play, like a child, romance, performing and SHINING yourself out into the world. How do you lead others? Is there something you can improve on?  Leo also rules DRAMA - hence Drama Queen/King - are we collectively addicted to DRAMA still? Is it time to let this go yet? Another aspect of that Drama Triangle role-play going on in the world today:

  • Victim

  • Rescuer/Rescue Me

  • Persecutor/Persecuted

Which role or combination of roles above are still in play in your life today? Would you like to do something about the drama an choose Love and Compassion instead? Mercury is still Rx (retrograde) until September 5th when it Stations Direct.The Inward-moving reflective energies of Mercury since August 13th bring opportunities to re-do, re-think, re-decide, etc. For tomorrow's Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon timing, Mercury has traveled back to 09 degrees of Virgo 06' of celestial longitude. Where in your birth chart is this planet of communication bringing forth new information regarding what you do for daily work and how you look after the health of your physical body? Interesting how our planets dovetail one another in support of current themes we humans have access to, if we so choose!

Looking at the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse chart, I see both MARS (at 20 degrees of Leo 41') and the NORTH NODE (at 24 degrees of Leo 31') supporting the Moon/Sun! Mars wants to take either assertive or aggressive ACTION (depends how much DRAMA you instill) and the North Node of the Moon is our collective soul's way of beckoning us all into a NEW direction of behavior we may not be comfortable with. Remember this: within the New Age of Aquarius, LEO is the opposite sign to Aquarius.

  • LEO brings forth the childlike fun/play wishing to create and SHINE itself out into the world, with heart. The fixed fire element is in play here - with Love and Compassion!

  • AQUARIUS brings forth the need to BE your uniquely individuated SELF, moving along your particular Life Path, Within Community, supported BY and giving back TO Community. We need one another - to SUPPORT one another along the way. The fixed air element is in play here - for the Higher Good of ALL.

  • As always with oppositions, our goal is to Create an "AND" world- a balanced mix of Fire and Air - always, in all ways. Too much air will increase the fire; too much fire will snuff out the air. Speaking of oppositions, as we travel along with our hearts and backs this coming Moon cycle especially, the South Node of the Moon resides within Aquarius, sitting opposite the North Node. Here we'll deal with unresolved issues from our past (earlier this lifetime or from previous lifetimes) regarding how well we are living authentically Within Self, Within Community, sharing our talents within that community and relying on community when we require assistance in turn. You are not an island! Share and BE all that you truly are, every moment.

  • Both Uranus and Eris are also Rx within ARIES, that cardinal fire sign, lending loving support to all the LEO planetary players during this Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon! Here we can Expect the Unexpected while we stay true to our unique selves, AND Eris continues to bring forth changes in gender roles. Here the need to BE ME (Aries) is true for both women and men - with strength, courage, assertion - to Pioneer new avenues Within, Exploring these new Inner pathways to uncover NEW aspects of SELF not before revealed to ourselves, let alone to others.

Saturn, also Rx, within the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius at 21 degrees and 12', completes the FIRE GRAND TRINE or triangle that connects the Leo and Aries planetary players, lovingly reminding us to create GOALS, take RESPONSIBILITY for our own lives, AND to recognize what we are NOT responsible for, nor to whom!Very important, this. Saturn reflects Authority and authority figures (aka bosses) - and Sagittarius wants to connect OUT into the wide world. Long-distance travel in your near future?

Jupiter, our planet of expansion and moving beyond current boundaries and awareness, brings us the cardinal air of LIBRA - aka BALANCE, LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY and DIPLOMACY. Here, our Ego may want to freak out about TOO MUCH CHANGE, eh? You are safe Ego, always, in all ways. Take the steps forward, out beyond the safe and secure boundaries of old, to envision a wider perspective of close one-on-one relationships/partnerships! Initiate this change with love and compassion for Self, including the Ego. The bottom line with this Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon and onward these next 3.5 years:

  • Take ACTION




  • SUPPORT your needs

  • Bring in BALANCE

  • Initiate CHANGE

  • Know what to be RESPONSIBLE for and what not to be

  • Set up GOALS


  • While you SHINE your true authentic Self along the way!


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