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True Blue Moon: Magically Fated & Destined for Change!

August 22, 2012 at 6:02 a.m. MDT we experienced a True Blue Moon/Full Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius 37' Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

What does this mean, a True Blue Moon? According to Cayelin K Castell, Shamanic Astrologer, we have three meanings of a Blue Moon:

1) Calendric: the more recent meaning - when there are TWO Full Moons in a calendar month

2) Seasonal: occurs when there are FOUR Full Moons in a season, and often features TWO Full Moons within the SAME Zodiac sign - one being at the very beginning of that sign - 00 / 01 degrees - and the other at the very end - 28 / 29 degrees. A season occurs for three months between an Equinox and a Solstice or a Solstice and an Equinox.

3) Astrological: when TWO Full Moon's fall in the same sign, in consecutive months.

Interestingly, according to Cayelin's research, within the first 40 years of this century (2000 - 2040) there will be FIVE occurrences of FOUR Full Moon's in a season within the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius - the most of any other sign of the Zodiac. Considering we're within this New Age of Aquarius (for over 100 years now) this is significant. And, today's Blue Moon in Aquarius brings in the Magic - for Destined and Fated Change!

Aquarius brings in the need to be aware, Within and Without, of how you are true to yourself, your needs, and connecting with those who support the evolution of your unique Soul-self. Your community. Here we are innovative, inventive, somewhat rebellious, can be a maverick at times, bringing in Future-oriented ideas into the NOW-verse - we continually walk into our respective Future-Self, over and over - in the area of your Birth chart where Aquarius resides. How do you innovate within this House of Life Experience, within your life?

In 2021 - we've already experienced one part of this pair of TWO Full Moons within Aquarius already - July 23rd at 01 degree Aquarius 26' Celestial Longitude - where does this reside in your Birth chart? Does it activate any natal planet or your Rising sign/1st House cusp, Moon sign, Sun sign or MidHeaven/10th House cusp? Perhaps your Opposite sign?

We close this pairing as of today with this Blue Moon/Full Moon occurring at the 29th Degree of Aquarius! Fated / Destined is this degree in Astrology. Where did it fall within your Birth chart? What did it activate? You are destined/fated to go down a path of BEING truly authentic - to not veer off your unique path - as you check off those boxes on your Soul's To Do List - how are you meeting this authenticity? With ease and grace or resistance? What's the struggle here for you? What are you fearing most?

Aquarius will bring revelations - those Unexpected happenings that bring surprising twists and turns in your life - like that Tower card of the Tarot - out of left field - sometimes blind-siding you - to bring you closer to your Destined Life Path - to show up, as you, more real and authentic - to BE YOU, not because of what others want of/from you - but because YOU WANT THIS FOR YOU!

The Magic and the Mystery of the Moon cycles, our seasons (Solar cycle), and the planetary cycles set one another up for the next cycle. Here's where Saturn and Jupiter come in to the picture! That once-in-800 years conjunction between the two, back on the Winter Solstice December 20, 2020 - Saturn's need for structure, long-term goals, responsibilities and releasing hidden FEARS of even thinking we'd be successful for however long those goals take to achieve (!!) - plus Jupiter's more rapid journey into taking a RISK, that Leap of Faith into the Unknown - are both Rx/retrograde bringing our attention Inward. Personalizing it, making everything uncomfortable Within because it all so up-close - we cannot not see or feel it.

What has this Blue Moon at the 29th degree of Aquarius shown you - what is ENDING in your life? Closely conjunct to Jupiter Rx at 26 degrees of Aquarius - this Blue Moon asks "How are you ending any fears to taking a RISK to BE Truly Authentically You, going forward?" Jupiter - whether Rx or Direct - makes things really LOUD - emphasizes that which our Ego-self would really rather NOT have surface, be known nor dealt with!

Never fear! If your Illuminating moment or AHA! moment hasn't surfaced just yet - this Full Moon/Blue Moon phase lasts until 11:26 pm MDT of August 25th - you've got a few days yet to allow the reality of this magical time to reveal itself. Bring your attention in, with intention to Know it!

Any FEARS of taking RISKS into the UNKNOWN - of perhaps totally restructuring your life due to change/releasing responsibilities that were so deeply ingrained in the YOU you're leaving behind? What does the Evolving You want/need that you've been afraid to allow, before now? To stand in your Future Destined Path - NOW?

That 29th degree? Means we must follow the path to the very end - to see its completion - whatever that completion is in our respective lives - we have no choice yet we do have choice - we must allow our Soul's direction to steer us more, now. Master the Ego-self's need to control, to truncate, to distract, to resist. Interestingly, Aquarius is a Fixed sign - doesn't like change - and is ruled by Uranus, currently moving through another Fixed sign - Taurus - squaring off with Saturn's Rx position in Aquarius!

This Blue Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius is also squaring off with SEDNA - our Great-Year planet discovered earlier this century - at the 29th degree of Taurus - creating even more stress and tension to LET GO of those worthiness issues, any victim-oriented feelings, consciousness, conditioning - throw it all off! Where is the 29th degree of Taurus in your Birth chart? How do these two Houses of Life Experience relate in your life? Become the VICTOR in your own story / journey / life path! Why wait?

Stress and tension mounts to LET GO of the old need to control whatever WAS the status quo your Ego-self needed. It is time to allow your Soul-self to drive your life, more authentically. Those fears you feel? Anxiety, shortness of breath, are you even breathing as you read this? That's the Ego-self in play. There's something you KNOW you need to LET GO OF. To SURRENDER. To archive. It no longer serves the YOU you've already Evolved into!

Think of that - are you conscious of the Evolved You that the Ego-self is trying so desperately to deny? Surprise! You're here! Allow IN the changes. Allow IN the uniqueness. All IN your inventiveness, sense of community, humanitarianism, and CONNECT with that Future Knowledge you connect with through the Milky Way/Galactic Centre of your Future Self's Knowledge! You already KNOW this! LEAP! Without Fear - Into Your Future!

Remember: this Blue Moon at 29 degrees of Aquarius sits in direct opposition to the Sun at 29 degrees of LEO - creating a T-square with Sedna as the focal point (!) - the challenge here is to create an AND between how we SHINE / LEAD / CREATE (Leo) with how we allow our UNIQUENESS / HUMANITY / REBELLIOUS natures to coalesce! Follow your Heart (Leo) AND be that Maverick (Aquarius) to KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH (Taurus) - VICTORIOUSLY!


PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH artists - thank you so much! Namaste


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