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Unexpected Changes in Values, Depth of Feeling, Release the Past - TOTAL Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

I'm writing this post on Sunday afternoon - NOV 6th, 2022 - within the pause of snow flurries that have been coming on and off since this month began. Cooler temperatures too, now that Autumn as suddenly morphed into Winter up here in southern Alberta, Canada. One never knows how long Autumn will last here, north of the 49th parallel!

Eclipse Season/Portal/Cauldron energies continue - as we gear up for Tuesday's TOTAL Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon! Here we undergo a FULL 29.5-days' worth of experiencing the Emotional that comes with a Full Moon to Full Moon cycle - all within 2.5 to 5 hours - on NOV 8, 2022 at 4:02 pm MST. I'd divide those 5 hours into two halves - from approximately 1:38 am until 6:38 am MST - what will Your Intention BE to accelerate/Illuminate further what was Released/brought forward anew during the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, OCT 25th?

The Blood Red Moon or Total Lunar Eclipse can be seen - weather permitting, and horizon-permitting - as follows:

  • The Partial Phase will begin at 2:09 am MST

  • The Full Eclipse Phase will be reached by 3:16 am MST, with its maximum point at 3:59 am MST, ending at 3:59 am MST

  • The Full Moon Phase will begin at 4:02 am MST

  • While the Partial Phase occurs until 5:49 am MST

Looking at the Chart for this Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon occurring at 16 degrees 00' Celestial Longitude within our fixed Earth sign of TAURUS - here the Full Moon is EXACTLY aligned with Uranus Rx (Expect the Unexpected from deep Within) with Sedna still sitting at that 29th degree (Fated/Destined to END the Worthiness victimhood beliefs, and morph yourself into Victor) while that North Lunar Node (Soul Purpose / Direction of serenity, stability, being hands-on creative, earning through your own efforts) sits on the other side of this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse - creating this Eclipse by the way, being so close in proximity to the Moon.

Meanwhile, the South Lunar Eclipse is also close to the Sun, both sitting exactly opposite the Taurus lineup, but within the fixed Waters of 16 degrees Scorpio - therefore expect even MORE Emotional Releasing from the Past! This Lunar Eclipse can be seen as Blood Red (if you're in the right position to view it) and in ancient times this brought forth huge fears, traumas, and beliefs that death was coming. Well yes, in a way it is, due to VENUS sitting on one side of the Sun at her 20 degrees of Scorpio, continuing with her Underworld Journey, moving WITH the Sun, burning off/dying to herself that which no longer is needed, deep Within. The Divine Inner Feminine/Goddess is renewing herself - to Rise Up reborn into a better version of herself by DEC 1st. What better version of YOU are you looking for?

And Mercury has caught up to this Scorpio lineup - sitting in between the Sun and that South Lunar Node - at 15 degrees Scorpio - bringing Mindful Intention to the mix! What is your Intention to Release, Remove, Surrender, that no longer is of Value in your life? Any Worthiness Issues to face and allow the Sun's True Source Energy to burn off you?

There's still a T-Square formation to where Saturn sits (18 degrees Aquarius 48') in fixed Air - all this "fixedness" - disliking change of any kind - good thing Uranus is here to send his Lightening-bolt of electrical currents out of the blue, from left field - to ensure CHANGE does occur! Saturn sits in Uranus' sign he rules - so that Inner Rebel, going against the status quo - how are you anticipating Future Needs/structures in your life for 2023, now?

Last time PLUTO in Capricorn was the Lord of the Solar Eclipse - now, leading up to this Tuesday (and onto NOV 12th at 3:22 am MST) the Lord of this Total Lunar Eclipse is VENUS! Huh. She's sitting close to the Sun, burning off the heavy emotional baggage we're all carrying, dying to herself in some regard - What Are You Dying To, by the way? And she sits directly opposite the four Taurus characters - reminding us to FEEL those darkly feelings, while Mercury reminds us to THINK those darkly thoughts - to have the Sun burn them out of each of us. Leaving the Truth. Honesty. Being Valued. Feeling/Knowing our Worth.

This Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon reflects/Illuminates/Culminates our essential Values, Worth, relationship with and to Money, honouring our respective toolboxes of experiences + skills + talents we each uniquely have, to use, to be hands-on creative with, that need to be shared by the Collective at this time. What are your senses/sensuality telling you? Anything "smell off" or "did I hear you correctly?" or "did I just see what I thought I saw?" or "am I truly FEELING/THINKING this?!"

Taurus rules the physical and the neck/Throat Chakra areas - how we're being Honest with ourselves and others - Speaking Our Truths. Interesting timing, isn't it, having the current Public Order Emergency Commission right now in Canada re what Truly went on back in JAN/FEB/MAR 2022 during that Freedom Convoy that "woke everyone up"!? And continues to - because there's still a lot of folks that would rather NOT have the Truths brought forward - and we continue to see/hear this from within that POEC process, and our legacy media outlets in denial. What will it take for these Truths to Heal, I wonder?

Truths. Honesty. Secrets. Lies. Deception. Politics. Revealing that which has been buried for far too long. In our own psyches; in the Collective psyche; in the Dark Shadow version of humanity. Interesting that we all signed up to BE HERE NOW. And these Lunar Nodes moving through Taurus / Scorpio while URANUS is here too - first time since 1935 - 1942 - to uncover, to reveal, to release, to reconnect more honestly, truthfully - WITHIN and WITHOUT.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without - Hermetic saying - that we're truly connected to and with one another - down here and up there - and all around. How have your values, that which you truly value, and speaking up for them - how much change have they undergone since 2019, for you, your family, friends, colleagues? What's being Transformed and Transmuted here for you - all at the same time?

And ALL of what we're INTENTIONALLY releasing/detaching from/burning off/dying to - will continue for the rest of this Moon cycle, the next 6 months, up to 3.5 to 5 years into the future. Yep - so please show up and physically WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WISH TO RELEASE from your life - with heartfelt intention - with honesty, truth, and vulnerability.

We're all standing naked in front of one another right now - and that POEC I mentioned above is just one version of the vulnerability being showcased. How are you allowing yourself to BE SEEN AND HEARD, with a more authentic, truthful voice, than ever before?

There IS something Fated/Destined coming through, healing what went sideways within humanity regarding how we ALL have been editing our Instinctual, animalistic natures in some way, that WILL liberate you, and you WILL find your Spiritual Joy - as the Warrior, Explorer and Pioneer - as you Speak Your Truth, Know Your Values, Find Your Worth. BE Authentic with honest, truthful compassion, heartfelt sharing, and Spiritual Awakening. Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you all! Namaste


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