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Venus-Moon Gate via Root Chakra

We have been in the Balsamic Moon phase since October 15th at 7:25 p.m. MDT at 07 degrees of Virgo 52'. We began this Moon cycle in Virgo and we will end it in Virgo. Processes, perfection, procrastination, being of service, assimilating / eliminating / sorting / organizing. Physical health and daily work.

Each Balsamic Moon phase (the last of the 8 Moon phases within each Moon cycle) brings forth an emotional release in some regard. We release that which we've been working to become conscious of, about Self, since the Moon cycle began at New Moon (in this case, September 19th). By Full Moon there is an illumination/awareness of what it is that is to be released, and perhaps the Ego-Self is reluctant to let go of.

We navigate through the Disseminating Moon phase to draw about the wisdom of what we've learn about within Self, then the Last QTR Moon phase brings some form of 'crisis of consciousness' whereby our Ego-Self must reorient itself in preparation to ALLOW this emotional release to occur during the Balsamic Moon phase. Hence the timing of resistance, denial, blame, diving into our addictions - all ways our Ego-self wants it all to just go away and leave me alone!

Please note: every Moon cycle, occurring every 28-29 days, brings a new opportunity for Self Growth, some aspect of our respective Inner Unconsciousness brought up out of the Darkness of each New Moon phase, to be fully illuminated by the Full Moon's light as to WHAT the heck that was all about (!) then as the Moon's light wanes from Full to New again, we learn to ALLOW the Letting GO of whatever emotional distortions we've been hanging onto that no long serve us on our respective Life Paths.

THIS is the cycle of the Moon, also ruler of Cancer and the 4th House of Home / Mom / Mothering / Nurturance and how we learned of love/nurturance from our family of origin (within our respective birth charts). Within our original Home. How we DO nurturance - or not - for Self, then Others.

Each Moon cycle brings up emotional stuff to the surface to BE revealed, healed, and finally let go of during the Balsamic Moon phase - if we're ready to do so. If not, we bring it all with us into the next New Moon and Moon cycle and it either is buried again, or we deal with it, along with whatever new aspect of emotional healing comes forth in the new cycle. Cool, eh? We each have the CHOICE to grow or not grow, to learn or run away or bury it all over again. "And the beat goes on...."

Venus and the Moon have been meeting up during the Balsamic Moon phases since April 23rd, 2017. Each meeting created a Venus-Moon Star Gateassociated with one of the major Chakras - those energy centres we carry along our spines from the crown of our head to the root base where the tailbone is. Tuesday, October 17, 2017, the current Venus-Moon Star Gate began at 7:57 p.m. MDT at the celestial longitude of 04 degrees of Libra 33'. Here we began our journey of releasing distortions associated with the Root Chakra.

Libra, as a cardinal air sign of the Zodiac, brings forth the renewed need for balance, harmony, peace, love, negotiation, love and beauty in all things/people. There will be a re-balance for all from this Balsamic Moon phase of yesterday until the next, November 17th.

The Root Chakra brings forth some, or all of the following, for each of us to grapple with:

  • Ruled by Saturn - brings forth our connection to Earth - how grounded are you, truly? What do you need to do daily to bring this about? Walking? Running? Meditating? Just being in Nature? Saturn is where we discern the right and proper structures within our respective lives, the goals we set for ourselves and hopefully achieve, and is where our Ego-Self's greatest fears of achievement, success and abundance reside!

  • Chakra Colour is RED

  • Action - Structure, Limitation, Physical Identity. If there is too much or not enough of the first two, then we undergo an identity-crisis in some regard.

  • Element - is Earth! Connect connect connect as much as possible this next month! BE grounded.

  • Main Issues - Survival/Stability, our Physical Needs, and Sense of Safety! Do any or all of these issues trigger a response within you? Is it a happy response or ?

  • When Imbalanced - Anxiety disorders, unfounded fears, nightmares, issues with colon, bladder, elimination; lower back, leg or feet issues. For men, prostate issues. Eating disorders may also be a sign of imbalance here.

  • When Blocked - Anxiety, lack of physical energy, a sense of being ungrounded - feeling disconnected from Mother Earth. Here we can seem like balloons racing all over the place and not accomplishing much! Slow down, breathe, and walk step by step...

  • Mantra to use during meditation to create balance/release these blockages - LAM Sanskrit Name is Mulhadara (for those of us who do Kundalini Yoga - the mool band is a tool used to release blocked energy herein during the Kriya for Elevation - as warm-up and tune-up of the spine, aids in circulation of prana to balance the chakras)

  • Affirmation to use - "I am safe, protected and secure. All is as it should be." NB: The above chakra information is from The Chopra Center; astrological affiliations from Medical Astrology; Kundalini Yoga information from the booklet "Keeping Up With Kundalini Yoga".

Each Venus-Moon Star Gate brings forth an opportunity to become conscious of some aspect of the Self in order to heal it. The Balsamic Moon phase conjunctions of Venus and the Moon since April 23rd have brought us slowly through each major chakra, Crown to Root, as we slowly descend with Venus/Inanna into the Underworld, casting off distortions we've held onto that have affected each of the chakras. We let go of whatever distortions we feel comfortable with at the time. Some of us purge wholeheartedly, others with fear, hold back.


There is NO right or wrong way of how we each navigate these Venus-Moon Star Gates, each of the Moon's phases or Moon cycles! We each have our unique process (Virgo) of how, and when, we LEARN about what was hidden deep inside before now. This is the beauty of Astrology! There is always another turn of the Wheel of the Month, Year and planetary cycle within which to delve wholeheartedly into change, healing and letting go!

During this last Venus-Moon Star Gate, we will cast off the last of the chakra distortions for this particular Venus/Inanna Journey of Descent into the Underworld. We've all been experiencing this since April 23rd, consciously or not, and will culminate with a symbolic Death Within as of November 17th when we truly enter the Underworld phase of our Journey. There will be an aspect of Self that we truly let go of. Venus rules our Desires, what we attract to ourselves through wishes and dreams via people, events, experiences. The Desires we thought were key before now will undergo a deep transformation - all due to the people, circumstances and experiences we've been undergoing since April 23rd! Fear Not! 

Bottom Line: our Ego-self clings to safety, security and the same-old, same-old - likes to keep the status quo as much as possible! Hence the denial phase, running away phase, distraction phase, anger/blaming phase, diving into addictions phase - escapism - in order to prolong the agony or totally ignore what is loud and clear to others around you. This will be a huge learning/healing Venus-Moon Star Gate folks! Breathe, walk, and know whatever you consciously become aware of is GREAT! We are all doing the best we can at any given moment in time. LOVE THYSELF. As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.

We are all mirrors to one another. We see, hear, feel, touch and taste our lessons, one step at a time, within many cycles, occurring, seemingly, all at once! Be aware of the lessons coming forward, the distortions you are learning to let go of, heal, and love through. There is ALWAYS a greater reason for everything!


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