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Venus-Moon Star Gate in LEO September 16, 2017

Venus-Moon Star Gates, a recap: Venus is the planet of desires, our Desire Body, and she teaches us about self-reliance within partnerships and relationships. It all starts within you, before you attract the people, events and circumstances outside of you that bring healing, self-awareness and self-love amidst challenges, Ego-mind resistance and drama. Which we call Life Here on Earth!

See my 3-part series of posts re: the Venus Synodic Cycle and the journey all of us, women and men, undergo every 19 months as Venus dances in the evening sky, as the Evening Star, disappears behind the Sun (the Underworld phase),then rises as the Morning Star. Her dance is our dance. Heartfully and soulfully.

We all undergo a process of Letting GO of something that is attached to our Emotional Body during the Balsamic Moon phase, the last phase of every Moon cycle. Each New Moon phase heralds a totally NEW Moon cycle, and brings with it a new theme for us to uncover, explore, heal and then let go of by the Balsamic Moon phase. Cool, isn't it? A monthly emotional rejuvenation plan - who knew?

Each monthly meeting of the Moon and Venus creates a Star Gate of Opportunity to cleanse and clear one of our Chakras (those energy centres located along our spine). While Venus is a Morning Star (her Star journey descent into the Underworld - see my post of Inanna's Journey) we humans are able to throw off as many distortions as we individually will allowfrom each chakra's gate. Talk about energetic cleansing, all on an emotional level!

Since April 23, 2017, we've collectively, from one Balsamic Moon phase to the next, been healing distortions within our:

  • Crown Chakra - April 23rd, began removal of the Crown of Authority;

  • 3rd Eye Chakra - May 22nd, began removal of the Royal Staff of Perception;

  • Throat Chakra - June 20th, began removal of the Necklace of Communication; 

  • Heart Chakra - July 20th, began removal of the Breast Plate of Compassion;

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - August 18th, began removal of the Ring of Personal Power.

Previous Venus-Moon Star Gate within Solar Plexus Chakra, just completed:

From the August 18th Balsamic Moon phase in Cancer until September 16th at 10:34 a.m., when Venus and the Moon met in the sky, we all experienced letting go of distortions we've clung onto within our Solar Plexus Chakra, this lifetime and from previous lifetimes. Think back and remember what you experienced, emotionally, during this latest Balsamic Moon to Balsamic Moon time period. Anything stand out for you?

Cancer is the cardinal water sign and brings forth moodiness, sensitive feelings and family dynamics to induce the labour pains (!) of much-needed change. The Moon rules Cancer, and together with Venus, initiated something NEW in how we handle our solar plexus chakra teachings.

Distortions you've been carrying within that Solar Plexus Chakraof yours have been let go of  now (fingers crossed?). Perhaps not ALL distortions - just the ones you were willing to heal at this time. The Solar Plexus Chakrais where we experience the following (according to The Chopra Center):

  • Colour - is Yellow,

  • Action - through Force, Strength, Control,

  • Element -  is FIRE - expressed as anger, frustration, resentment, impatience OR love, creativity, joy and action,

  • Main Issues - can be through Ego Identity, Personal Power, Ambitions/Goals,When Imbalanced - Suffer from low self-esteem, difficulty making decisions, anger or control issues, weak digestion due to digestive fire, AGNI blockages,

  • When Blocked - Low self-esteem, lack of willpower, fear of rejection,

  • Heal with RAM Mantra, Sanskrit name of Manipura, and the Affirmation: "I accept myself and am positively empowered. I do enough and I am enough."

Looking over this list, how did you do? Was Pandora's Box opened for you? Were you aware of the depth of Ego's need for control and power struggle issues during this process? How well were you able to nurture yourself through this Ego battle? Don't despair if you think you've missed this opportunity to heal. Whether we are consciously aware of this timing or not, we all underwent some aspect of healing our Solar Plexus Chakra on some level! 

Remember:the Moon travels through all 12 signs of the Zodiac every 28-29 days - and will pass through Cancer again. Another opportunity awaits!

Current Venus-Moon Star Gate just begun:

During the next Balsamic Moon to Balsamic Moon phase cycle (begun September 16, 2017 at 10:34 a.m. MDT) Venus and the Moon met within the fixed fire sign of LEO on September 17th at 6:34 p.m. MDT at 27 degrees of Leo 32', creating another Star Gate for us to pass through.

Now, between September 17th and October 16th, we'll collectively remove distortions we carry within our Sacral Chakra- as we take off our Ankle Bracelets of Creativity.

According to The Chopra Center, here's what we work on, personally, within the Sacral Chakra:

  • Colour: is Orange;

  • Action - Creativity, Emotional Identity;

  • Element - is WATER - the energy that brings emotions, feelings, intuition and insights to the surface of our Emotional Body to be dealt with and shared;

  • Main Issues - Emotional balance, Sexuality/Desire, Procreation;

  • When Imbalanced- Emotional instability, creative blocks, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression and our addictions (!);

  • When Blocked- Creative blocks, intimacy issues, inability to flow with change;

  • Heal with VAMMantra, Svadhisthana Sanskrit name, and use the Affirmation: "I am beautiful, creative and unique!"

Remember: all of us will experience our respective processes of Letting Go of our distortions within this chakra during this Balsamic Moon to Balsamic Moon phase cycle as we pass through this latest Venus-Moon Star Gate! Each of us is unique, and therefore each of us has our own unique process of self-awareness, coping, healing and letting go. For some it may seem easy-peasy - why?

Could be they've already dealt with most of the imbalances and blockages within their Sacral Chakra before now. This doesn't mean they won't experience any struggles - it means they've dealt with more of the load before now. For some of us it could be quite a struggle.

I have become aware, these past several years, that each Moon cycle and planetary cycle seems to really make us CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of what we need to know and learn about ourselves, moving forward. It is getting louder and louder, "in your face" energy, events, people, situations and circumstances - almost instantly! Breathe and walk THROUGH the cycles is key. Distracting, escaping and ignoring will not help.

As an example, the Venus-Moon Star Gate journey through my Solar Plexus chakra was rough, with a lot of self-awareness and humbled acceptance that I have more work to do in this area of my life. This is what our life here on Earth is all about: self-awareness and what we CHOOSE to do with the awareness, and WHEN. This is why I love love love Astrology! It always helps me to understand the WHY of current challenges, and that there is a beginning and an end to each cycle of challenges. Question is: do I hunker down and wait it out or do I consciously allow myself to HEAL myself through it? Considering current hurricane storms brewing down south - I'd rather do the emotional healing as much as my Ego-mind will allow! How about You?


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