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Venus-Moon Stargate #5: Throat Chakra - Speaking in the Balance!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is a letter from me, Laurie Rae, your Astrologer/teacher/friend/sister.

Within 2021, since that "once in 800-year conjunction" between Jupiter and Saturn December 21, 2020 at the 00 degrees of Aquarius...

- quick! Go fetch your Birth charts to remind yourselves where Aquarius is in your Houses of Life Experience therein. :)) - and the other Celestial Longitude items I'll be mentioning herein - :))

...We've all be undergoing a massive sea-change from Within. All due to how we're waking up from what seems to be a deep sleep. Awakening into BEing more truly authentic, Within and Without. Listening to our true inner voices as to what IS real, what IS me, what IS my intuition telling me and how am I moving forward, following it - as truly Me?

We've been walking into our respective Future Selves for months now, listening to that Inner guidance (consciously or not) to take steps out of our comfort zones into a future that is our Now-verse. Using Steven Forrest's mantra "scrutinizing with suspicion" how / where from we've each been "drinking the kool-aid" of old patterns of conditioning that no longer serve us. This is Jupiter (taking Risks to go beyond current safe boundaries) and Saturn (restructuring your long-term goals and responsibilities) all in aid of moving more FULLY onto your True Life Purpose paths. As Authentic human beings.

Assisting us has been Venus' current 19-month Synodic cycle - learning how we're doing human love/self-love - while also listening to Neptune's journey through its ruling sign, Pisces, since FEB 2012 - all about Spiritual / Universal Love. Dissolving the illusions/delusions we've been fed for thousands of years. We're waking up.

As I write this, Saturday September 18, 2021, we've been within a New Moon cycle that began September 6th, 2021 at 14 degrees Virgo 38', while at the same time Mercury entered his PRE-Retrograde/Rx Shadow timing at 10 degrees Libra. Service and relationships - perfecting processes and wanting balance, equality and peace and harmony. And mindfully so.

Since May, Venus and the Moon have come together during either the New Moon phase or Crescent Moon phase, in conjunction, as, what I call, a Stargate portal. The meeting up of how we do human/self-love (Venus) with our Emotional body / Intuitive guidance / Feeling system (Moon). Changing habits and learning to BE with how we truly feel, listening to, trusting AND following our Intuition. Without KNOWING the WHY of it all. Which can be full on scary.

Jupiter moved quickly through Aquarius, compared to Saturn, entering Pisces May 14th for a short stay, to dip his toe therein, asking us "What Leap of Faith are you prepared to take in 2022?!" The previous time we did so with Jupiter: January 2010 to January 2011. Spiritually, taking a Risk, what did you leap yourself into back then? And what's beckoning you on this time? As of December 30, 2021 into 2022? What's different this time?

The interesting journey of the Venus Synodic cycle is her relationship with the Moon and the Sun, and her appearance in the early evening sky - Evening Star - or pre-dawn - as Morning Star. During her 19-month journey around the Zodiac, she begins a journey of Descent into the Underworld, letting go of the distortions from each of her Chakras - Crown to Root - in a 7 month period, leading to a Death Gate as the 8th Stargate, which begins a 3-month walk through the Underworld (when she's too close to the Sun, we cannot see her), as if she's dying to herself in some way. Then begins her ascent once again, retrieving a more loving, accepting and harmonious version of each of her Chakras - Root to Crown.

In 2021, we did walk the Underworld for 3 months. While we figured out, individually, how that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius was changing us. Then, as Evening Star, Venus began her Ascent to return to the living, up here on Earth. This is what we've all been undergoing, within each of these Moon cycles:

May 12th, 2021: 1st Venus-Moon Stargate of the retrieval of a renewed ROOT Chakra in Gemini - taking in better information, data and knowledge and knowing when and where and to whom to share it with. The Chakra issues were: Survival, Stability, Money, Work - our physical needs and our sense of safety. Interestingly, this Chakra is ruled by: Capricorn, Aquarius and Saturn. I began writing my online Astrology classes during this time, having Gemini in my 10th House of Career Goals. And you, what did you learn/do with your knowledge? We had to deal with structure, limitation and our physical identity this Moon cycle.

June 12, 2021: 2nd Venus-Moon Stargate of the retrieval of a renewed SACRAL Chakra in Cancer - birthing a new version of nurturing, mothering/fathering, and feeling it through. The Chakra issues were: Emotional, Balance, Sexuality/Desire and procreation. What did you birth that month? Where's Cancer in your Birth chart? This Chakra is ruled by: Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces. The South Node has been in Sagittarius since May 5, 2020, bringing about old unresolved issues about our Beliefs, Truths, and finding our Higher Purpose. Interesting timing, no? Creativity, our Emotional Identity were also in play this Moon cycle.

July 12, 2021: 3rd Venus-Moon Stargate of the retrieval of a renewed SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra in Leo - within that Lion Gate Portal timing! Opening up heartfully through Force, Strength and Control. The Chakra issues were: Ego Identity, Personal Power and how we do our ambition/goals. What ego issues did you deal with that Moon cycle? Where's Leo in your Birth chart? This Chakra is ruled by: Mars, Aries and Scorpio. Mars and Venus were dancing together in Leo that Moon cycle too! The Divine Inner Masculine aligning with the Divine Inner Feminine. Equality. Harmony. Peace. Through self-love! Self-empowerment. Using force and strength in LOVE not war. Eris has been in Aries since 1924, urging all of us to look beyond the discord to bring Within ourselves a BALANCE of Divine Inner Feminine and Divine Inner Masculine. How are you doing with this? Warrior, Explorer and Pioneer archetypes herein. What are you standing in your power for? How are you asserting yourself?

August 11, 2021: 4th Venus-Moon Stargate of the retrieval of a renewed HEART Chakra in Virgo - heartfully bringing in new processes of being in service - via the work you do, the physical health regimen you practice. The Chakra issues were: Giving AND Receiving Love. Heartfully, where are you? Where's Virgo in your Birth chart? This Chakra is ruled by: Venus, Taurus and Libra. Social Identity, Love and Relationships were in play during this Moon cycle. Uranus has been moving through Taurus since March 2019 - bringing in Unexpected Change to our values, money, how we use our skills/talents to create income streams. Mercury is making his 3rd Retrograde passage through Libra - mentally bringing forth equilibrium, balance, peace, harmony and beauty. Are you?

September 9, 2021: 5th Venus-Moon Stargate of the retrieval of a renewed THROAT Chakra in Libra (!) - balancing a new version of communication, relationships and partnerships. The Chakra issues are: Communication and Integrity. What are you balancing this Moon cycle? Where's Libra in your Birth chart? This Chakra is ruled by: Mercury, Virgo and Gemini. The North Node has been in Gemini since May 5, 2020, our collective Soul Direction diving into the chaos of human connection, communication, misinformation, disinformation. Again, interesting timing, no? Thinking (!) and self-expression are also in play this Moon cycle. Plus Mercury will go Rx/retrograde as of September 27th until October 17/18th. Listen to your Intuition, think creatively outside-the-box! It's not a LOGICAL PROCESS right now! Re-view, Re-asses, Re-negotiate, Re- whatever your "Re" is - thoughtfully, mindfully, with equal face-time to learn about all sides of the conversation, thoughts, beliefs, truths. The Time is Now.

I'll leave the other Venus-Moon Stargate's for now - we're not there yet! We are coming up upon another interesting combination: Canadian Federal Election + Full Moon in Pisces + lockdown / restrictions mandated as Emergency Health measures due to COVID variant upsurges.

Monday, September 20, 2021 at 5:54 pm MDT the Moon sits directly opposite the Sun at 28 degrees Pisces/Virgo 13' of Celestial Longitude. Where are Pisces and Virgo in your Birth charts? These are the areas of your life where this Full Moon will be operating.

The Full Moon brings in Illumination - in this case, SPIRITUALLY - as it reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun - our Vital Higher Self/Ego. The struggle here: Rising UP out of that Drama Triangle Shadow place of Pisces - removing the Ego's "I'm a Victim - I wanna be Rescued! - I feel Persecuted/Bullied!" role-play that is dying. RISE UP to embrace your own Higher Self/Future Self intentions. Bringing much-needed peace, harmony, blessings, prayer, loving thoughts to the table.

This Full Moon phase will continue until late afternoon September 24th. There's a LOT in play, for good reason. We're letting go of the chains of conditioning that have bound us. Pluto moving through Capricorn since 2007 has been systematically changing and transforming all forms of traditions - our institutions of law, government, health, education, and even work! Capricorn is another Cardinal sign, bringing about the need to CHANGE how we use current resources, to BUILD with better integrity, for what is for the GOOD OF ALL.

There's a Star of David formation in the Full Moon chart for September 20th - connecting the planets / Lunar Nodes in Fire and Air - the masculine signs! "As Above, So Below, As Within So Without" It's time to ACT, via inspired action (In-Spirit) and communicate, creating new relationships and partnerships across the board. The Fire Grand Trine is pointing down - what are you receiving from your Spiritual self? And what are you letting go from Past Lives? The Air Grand Trine is pointing upward - what are you sending out into the world/universe in response? What's your Soul Direction North Compass telling you?

Answer the call of your Soul/Spiritual Self. BE the harmony, peace, love and balance that you seek. Connect with those who resonate similarly. All we can do is LOVE ourselves through this process. And each other. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Namaste


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