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WILD CARDS! Unexpected Everything! Full Moon in Gemini

Hi everyone.

Tonight's FULL MOON IN GEMINI is full of Wild Cards - o my!

AND, a YOD, Finger of God points to that South Lunar Node sitting at 13 degrees Scorpio - to face, move through and HEAL something of import these next two weeks - from the Past! Asking us to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning we've been hanging onto to for far too long! What are YOU facing, knowing it needs to leave your life now? Somehow blocking your way forward from having a more rewarding, fulfilling life?

And this same South Lunar Node is also part of the Fixed T-square whose focal point is Saturn moving Direct at 20 degrees Aquarius, squaring off to BOTH Lunar Nodes, with Uranus now Rx/retrograde with the North Lunar Node at 15/13 degrees Taurus opposing that South Lunar Node.

MORE Unexpected twists and turns from Within (Rx direction brings us inner processing opportunities) to now show up more truly as ourselves, within what we truly VALUE in life, being hands-on creating something that is connected with ALL our senses while at the SAME TIME releasing the Past fears/anxieties/traumas that block us from totally immersing ourselves as sensuously as we were always meant to!

This leads to allowing in CHANGE that brings Saturn new structures to engage in and follow, anticipating the Future within far-out ideas, bringing your Genius to the table for those long-term goals to unfold after a few years of WTH is going on?!

And that FIXED bit means we're being challenged by our wee Ego-self putting up a bit of a fuss because CHANGE isn't part of its agenda at all at all! Bring in loving compassion to disarm this part of you that so dearly wants to hold onto the Past as much as possible, delaying the inevitable! Surrender. Let Go. Be FREE! All the stress and tension will be worthwhile as you figure out HOW to Let Go of whatever that Past bit truly is!

Then there's a Mutable T-square - going With the Flow - whose focal point is our NEPTUNE - Higher Self/Spiritual connection, practice and Self - sitting at 22 degrees Pisces (with Jupiter close by, still at the 29th degree - Fated/Destined to END something that also ties up loose ends - within the realms of Leaps of Faith into the Unknown - aka taking RISKS - another version of Letting Go as we prepare for Jupiter's journey into ARIES - Warrior energy - coming our way DEC 21st - Winter Solstice!) squaring off TO THE FULL MOON IN GEMINI sitting exactly with MARS Rx - BOTH "out of bounds" - opposing the SUN and HYGIEA - shining a spotlight on the HEALING OF PHILOSOPHIES aka Truths/Beliefs going on right now.

Tonight DEC 7, 2022, at 9:08 pm MST the "out of bounds" Moon and Mars Rx sit at 16 degrees GEMINI opposing the SUN at 16 degrees Sagittarius and HYGIEA our asteroid of Health/ Healing at 24 degrees Sagittarius - all wanting their FREEDOM in some way - free from the rules of how or what to think/logically speaking AND freedom to travel, move, break free of dogmas and conventions that hold us back from finding our Higher Purpose we're being guide to head towards AND DO in 2023!

More stress and tension involved as we move further out into our Spiritual Realms of BEingness - take the Higher Road on our Journey as we Seek our Higher Purpose - connect with the following OUT OF BOUNDS - aka those WILD CARDS - the Unexpected - planets:

  • The SUN in Sagittarius is currently at the Declination of 22 degrees S42' within the Ecliptic/the path of our Sun seemingly going around Earth, way up there. OUT OF BOUNDS occurs when a Planet - Moon, Mars, Venus or Mercury - moves in its orbit OUTSIDE or BEYOND the orbit of the SUN - either North or South of it - therefore it's not protected or held safely within the realms of our Sun - bringing forth that WILD CARD effect of Unexpected behaviours and actions and thoughts and feelings! Breaking ALL the RULES in other words!

  • MOON in Gemini - whose Declination is 25 degrees N31' - brings it Out of Bounds past the Sun's usual northerly orbit - bringing forth FEELINGS and INTUITION through that lens of logic, collecting information and knowledge from others, share it - watch out for the Gossiping Shadow side by the way - connect locally with your peeps - perhaps being of "two minds" talking yourself into/out of stuff in nanoseconds? And network, connect socially - usually happens more this time of year, leading up to Christmas - feels like we've got a huge "Get Out of Jail Free" card this year considering what we've all experienced the previous 3!

  • MARS Rx in Gemini - EXACTLY with the MOON! His Declination is 25 degrees N - Out of Bounds - with his usual outwardly Assertive Action in the world now going Within - so it depends on how you're FEELING / following that Intuition of yours (MOON) as to whether or not you wish to DO this Inner Active Processing right now! Could be that Mars Rx is ACTIVATING the need to Act DESPITE how you're feeling? How is your Inner Warrior acting up right now? What's the information or knowledge that you're seeking/sharing? And we all know that one bit of info can inspire another Next Step, then another, then another - until WOW! What an adventure / journey that ended up being, eh?! TO BE FREE FROM FOLLOWING THE RULES - this is key.

  • VENUS in Sagittarius (27 degrees) as the Vision Quest Amazon feminine principle - the quest for the Meaning of Life - and her Declination is 24 degrees S04' - Out of Bounds - reaching for a Higher Purpose - that Divine Inner Feminine opposes the Divine Inner Masculine (Mars Rx) - where SHE needs to be spiritually inspired (Fire) now, compared to his searching through questioning (Air). Here's where our PHILOSOPHIES or truths/beliefs come into play. Take the wider stance of seeking the answers to, "Why Am I Here?" "What is it I am still here to DO?" "Where's my Higher Purpose?" "What's my Higher Purpose, going into 2023?!"

  • Then there's MERCURY sitting at 01 degree CAPRICORN (close to Venus actually) thinking about What to BUILD from current resources, yet in a NEW way? His Declination is at 25 degrees S44' - Out Of Bounds - wildly unexpectedly coming up with a NEW combination of skills/talents I already own that I never thought to use before now! What will these BE for YOU?! Capricorn is the Mountain Goat, heading up his mountain of Ambition, seeking that Pot of Gold at the top - what NEW upward-leading paths are showing themselves to you - with a NEW perspective - to be used in 2023?

Out of Bounds - wild cards that bring in the Unexpected twists and turns this Full Moon and next several weeks - via your Emotional Body (Moon), Mental Body (Mercury) and your Divine Inner Feminine (Venus) and Divine Inner Masculine (Mars Rx) to Attract to yourself and then ACT upon that which is being attracted in order to FIND that Pot of Gold and/or Higher Purpose and/or Meaning of My Life along the way! COOL!

And, you MUST Let Go of those OLD PATTERNS/habits/routines that do NOT support the emerging/evolving You of Now! Time is UP folks! Change is a-coming your way...

What is truly AMAZING about all of this - to have ONE Out of Bounds planet is quite enough, thank you very much - BUT FOUR, ALL AT THE SAME TIME??!!! Very rare indeed!

Be mindful, honour your "out of this world" feelings/intuition, take the actions, think the thoughts, voice them, and know that you're connecting MORE DOTS than ever before, making CONNECTIONS not allowed before now, to ANSWER the questions of the WHY of ME - why am I here? Where am I going? How do I get there from here?

EXPECT the UNEXPECTED these next several weeks leading up to the Winter Solstice/Yule DEC 21, 2022 and next New Moon of DEC 23, 2022. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH Photo Artists - you all rock! Thank You!


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