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YOD, or Finger of God in Aries...

Here we are, within the first 24 hours of the Gibbous Moon stage in Aries - yay! What wonderful NEW growth, and inner development of your Soul Self can you evaluate thus far this Moon cycle? BE honest with yourself now...

I thought it would be a good time to zero in on the energy of the YOD, or Finger of God, planetary formation that was activated within the Seed of what was the New Moon on November 11th. By Full Moon, November 25th, that Seed will have become a Flower - in full bloom, showing ALL of the Light being Illuminated upon the face of the Moon, sitting directly opposite the Sun, now in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius since Sunday.

At New Moon we began this current Moon cycle within Scorpio - also activating one of the base planet groups (namely the Moon + Sun + Mercury) that make up this YOD. See my Moon chart herein for the graphic details.From New Moon to Crescent Moon we all underwent some sort of Shadow work with our respective Ego-self, feeling the fears, yet moving forward anyway. Especially the fear of TRUSTING Self and Others! Fear of trusting our own intuitive wisdom!? Fear of trusting that "I know what is best for MY life! At any given moment in time...."? What do you mean? I'm fine, really and truly, just fine...I mean I FEEL fine...

Before Wednesday's Full Moon in Gemini at 3:44p MST, we will all experience the apex portion of this YOD or Finger of God, sitting as Uranus Rx (retrograde) in Aries (with Eris not too far away, just waiting for any chance to send in her Apple of Discord to shake things up a bit). Expect the Unexpected IS Uranus - that lightning rod of Change, striking out within our respective lives, seemingly out of nowhere. Hhhhmmm....I wonder what Change this way comes?

There will most likely be a HUGE AHA! moment for most of us, bringing forth the Energy of Taking a Risk via Instinctual Action (Aries). Uranus Rx demands we step forth AS our true Authentic Self - no matter what the situation or person or circumstance we attract to us in order to BE so! It will be interesting - there is something DEEPLY revealing coming forth (Rx action of any planet brings "stuff" up from the hidden depths within us, becoming conscious out of our subconscious). You will notice that this Action will reveal itself, and it won't be instantaneous due to the Rx motion - take advantage of this moment to think before you leap!

As I stated in my last post, Uranus has been traveling through Aries since March 13, 2011. Take stock of all the ways you've systematically stripped down, layer by layer, due to circumstance by circumstance, since that date, revealing more and more of Your True Inner Nature. Are you MORE Authentic today compared to March 12, 2011? Or are you still hiding from yourself, allowing that Ego-self monkey mind to trap you in the illusion of fear? Hhhmmm...It's been about "Free To BE ME!" all this time....

As you experience these next few days prior to the Full Moon, BE aware that the MORE energy you feel and 'see' to use as forward NEW action towards your True desires, the more this tells you how well you managed to deal with the initial deeply-held Scorpio fears since New Moon! Yay! There will be something that beckons your forward upon a New Path not taken before now (deep Within, that also brings opportunity from Without) matching equally the space that was recently cleared of the Old. Yay! Celebrate! Hip hip hooray!

Ensure that you do indeed TAKE ACTION - 'seeing' the opportunity is one thing; DOing something about it is the Next Step. This IS the Risk. Back at the New Moon we were all asked to TRUST in the Unknown this Moon cycle. Almost feeling like we were blindly walking forward in the dark. The Light is almost 100% ON by now - take a good look - what do you SEE?

Then just after the Last QTR Moon phase in Virgo, December 3rd, we will feel the activation of the other base planet of this YOD: Jupiter Rx in Virgo! What issues re: BEing of service have you had since August 12th? This is when Jupiter entered the mutable earth sign of Virgo, The Virgin. Virgin originally meant "not owned" by anyone. She was independent, educated, her own person, self-reliant and self-sufficient. Not dependent on any man or woman. Her True Authentic Self.

Virgo rules the 6th House of unequal relationships (used to be known as the House of Servants/Masters) whereby we switch between BEing student and teacher, apprentice and mentor, guide and BEing guided. Where are You in this mix? Only our Ego-self will rebel and think "I'm as grown up as I can possibly BE already! I know it all or as much as I'm prepared to learn!" Or words to that effect. This is a person who is unteachable. Who is arrogant and perhaps shut down.

We ALL must let go of our Fears (Scorpio) of NOT KNOWING everything! Our Fears of BEing judged for NOT BEing PERFECT (Virgo's Shadow side) all the time! At whatever AGE we are, right now, it makes no difference. Many people have lost their livelihoods due to the downturns in economy, the Energy industries, and redundant skills that are no longer required due to massive technology changes (again Uranus). Huge change to learn a new skill within our 50's or 60's in order to keep a day job (ruled by Virgo).

Between December 3rd and 7th, BE aware of those initial Ego-self Fears (Scorpio) you underwent at New Moon. Now, with Jupiter Rx in Virgo amplifying the energy to EXPAND out beyond our usual boundaries of what we have called our day job/work before this time, we have the OPPORTUNITY to create an "AND" between where Scorpio activated your fears within your birth chart, AND where Jupiter Rx is asking, yet again, for you to TAKE ANOTHER RISK, a Leap of FAITH (Jupiter rules Sagittarius after all) into yet another Unknown aspect of daily life. and DO something different - work-wise, physical health-wise, learning-wise.

Remember, you will "SEE" what this Risk, Leap of Faith action is to BE in your own life by Full Moon. And by Balsamic Moon December 7th, we close the loop and journey begun in Scorpio November 11th. Here we Let Go of OLD FEARS in a brand NEW Way - this Balsamic Moon is at 00 degrees of Scorpio 01'! Wherever this degree resides in your birth chart, herein activates a NEW CYCLE of letting GO of fears, TRUSTing Self and your feelings and intuition, to TAKE those Next Steps into your New Life!

Trust that there will be a Divine "auto-removal" unit working behind the scenes in each of your lives by Balsamic Moon - you'll feel nary a blip if you've been DOing your conscious feeling/intuitive work all along this Moon cycle!

Blessed BE!

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