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NEW! Progressed Moon Insights

Tracking What's Going on Behind-the-Scenes, Emotionally

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • Via Phone or Zoom Video

Service Description

Progressions are another Astrological tool bringing timely insights about the WHY of Inner, Emotionally-oriented change in your life at key years, that may also coincide with other Planetary cycles moving through your Horoscope. During this 1.5 hour Reading, a list, created from your Birth chart, explores the Progressed Moon phases of your life according to the 8 phases of the Moon. Each phase lasts approximately 3.5 years, waxing forward from New Moon, to Crescent, to 1st QTR, to Gibbous, to Full, then waning off into Disseminating, Last QTR, and finally the Balsamic phase - where we let go of whatever, whomever is no longer "growing corn" in our lives - including aspects of Self. The whole Progressed Moon process lasts approximately 29.5 - 30 years in our lives, then starts over again. Each phase begins at a certain Zodiac sign, activating a certain House of Life Experience in the chart. You'll learn of the Moon phase you were born under - it emphases the recurring times of that same Moon phase for the rest of your life. How you Emotionally Process Life. And points out the phase you're in now - will be in or were in recently - what they each mean, and how it relates to the challenges and changes that have occurred so far in your life, and even currently. Yet another Insightful, useful way to learn more about Your Emotional Process in your life. Offered via Zoom video or Phone - Cost is $90CAD includes: Zoom recording, Progressed Moon list, handouts/worksheet about your Moon/Emotional Nature, the Progressed Moon phases and how/when to navigate them.

Contact Details

+1 5874373520

Sheep River Dr, Okotoks, AB T1S, Canada

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