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Your Key Life Changes and Challenges

The Planetary Cycles in your Life

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 140 Canadian dollars
  • Via Phone or Zoom Video

Service Description

Each planet has its own cycle. We compare your birth chart with the Planetary Return chart that is currently in play in your life, to point out specific new directions to channel and assert your energy over this specific cycle. Laurie Rae will ascertain which Planetary Cycle is occurring NOW in your life - and you'll both know which Return chart reading to zero in on for you. The key Life Cycles we all undergo for evolving self growth are: Mars Returns: every 2 years (hence those “Terrible Twos” we hear about when our child nears their second birthday) Mars returns to where it was when you were born, bringing with it a new burst of energy to CREATE and DO something NEW. Jupiter Returns: every 12 years Jupiter returns to where it was when you were born signifying a brand new cycle of abundance, expanding boundaries of awareness and exploration, magnifying much-needed faith, trust and beliefs in Self and the world as you revisit your Life Purpose - to renew it, update it, or forge a new path forward. Saturn Returns: every 28/29 years you undergo a new cycle of responsibility, goal-setting, being your own authority (of what?), restructuring your life according to…you? Or someone else? Find out more….includes ALL Saturn key cycles for your lifetime. MidLife Awareness (aka Uranus Opposition Timing): Anywhere between age 38 to 45 we all experience the midlife questioning: have I accomplished all of what I set my heart upon? What changes do I hear from deep within – am I listening and taking Soulful action? Find out when this will occur (or has occurred) and what you will/have learned about yourself in the process. Chiron Return: where your Wound is – where you are hypersensitive to being rejected by others if you dare to be authentically you. Around age 49/50/51 we all experience this Return – a “rebirth canal” process that can change your perspective of how you wish to be truly authentic, going forward. Spiritually awakened, you begin to take on the Elder role. Each of these Return chart readings includes your Birth and Return charts + audio recording of the reading + key handouts to refer to later. Each Planetary Return chart Reading is 1.5 hours long, and is offered via Zoom video or over the phone. Cost: $140CAD

Contact Details

+1 5874373520

Sheep River Dr, Okotoks, AB T1S, Canada

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