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ASTRO WEATHER: Week of JULY 23 - 29, 2023 - Let's Look In the Mirror!

It's been three months today since I last wrote a blog post! Yikes! All those OOB / Out of Bounds Moons / Venus / Mercury /Mars off and on so far this year of 2023 - pushed all of us, including me, out beyond the beyond into new realms of Sacred Work, Self-Care, and Following Our Heart's True Desires!

I seemed to have "lost my voice" figuratively speaking while the Lunar Nodes finished their journeys through to the beginning degrees of TAURUS / SCORPIO, as I experienced my own Nodal Opposition timing these past 19 months! This occurs when the current Lunar Nodes - North/Soul Direction and South/Karmic Past to Face and Heal move through the Houses of Life Experience in the Birth Chart where your own North/South Nodes lie. In this case the North Lunar Node moved across my South Lunar Node and vice versa, within my 3rd/9th Houses of Communication!

Those of you who were born with North / South Lunar Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio - well you experienced a Nodal Return - which we all undergo every 19 years. And the Nodal Opposition occurs half-way in between those 19 years. These timings bring CHANGE in to your lives wherever your Lunar Nodes lie in your chart. What's been happening in your Birth Chart since last we spoke?

Let's review the Planetary Changes that have occurred this past week:

  • NEW Moon - OOB/out of bounds and PERIGEE - still close to Earth in her orbit - Monday JULY 17th - brought another wave of HIGH MAGICAL and powerful energies our way. Within the cardinal water sign of CANCER - highly sensitive to Intuitive Insights, feelings, light, noise, weather, tones of voice - CANCER dislikes any confrontation from anyone/anything - you may have found yourself switching off the violence/news/heavy metal music this past week to find something soothing, calming and nurturing instead. Perhaps even SILENCE?

  • On the SAME DAY, JULY 17th, the Lunar Nodes moved from 00 degrees Taurus / Scorpio respectively, into the 29th degree of Aries/Libra - will be at this FATED / DESTINED degree that brings opportunities to End/Complete/Release until JULY 29th! Aries brings the cardinal FIRE of Action/Warrior/Pioneer/Explorer while Libra brings the cardinal WATER of Care / Caring / Caregiving / Nurturing / Mothering or Fathering / Family / Ancestral Patterning to be faced and healed. Of Self / Aries and close one-to-one Relationships/Partnerships / Libra - be they personal and/or business-related. Are you releasing friendships/marriage partners or thinking about it? Over the next 19 months, the North Lunar Node is asking us to have the COURAGE to SURVIVE the changes coming your way for SELF. While the South Lunar Node asks us to face/heal/release any unresolved issues from the Past/Past Lives within our RELATIONSHIPS. What's been showing up for you already? I always remind my Clients/Students to LOOK BACK at the previous cycle to compare where you were then, to Now. Same here with the Lunar Nodes: last time they were in Aries/Libra late DEC 2004 until JUN 23, 2006. How are you doing Self needs and Relationship needs NOW compared to then? Anything that's unresolved WILL show up! Expect people from your Past to show up - could even be Past Life-related! Cool!

  • VENUS has Stationed Rx/retrograde as of JULY 22, 2023 at 28 degrees LEO, fixed Fire, as she prepares herself for her next 19-month Synodic Cycle which begins AUG 17, 2023! The previous time she assisted us with Self-love / Self-Care / Self-Esteem / Self-Confidence / Self-Assurance / Self-Discipline / Self-Reliance / Self-Determination (add your own "Self- " items) was AUG 2015, 8 years ago. Any creative self-expression occur in your life? How about bringing out your Leadership skills? A Romantic partner perhaps? Or children/your Inner Child needing your guidance? How are you "following your heart's truest desires" Now? Are you even LISTENING to them?

  • The SUN entered LEO yesterday, JULY 22nd, and MERCURY moved here JULY 10/11th shortly before/after midnight (depends on your Time Zone). The SUN looks after LEO, and MERCURY is our mental body - how we are MINDFUL of what our Hearts are telling us. LEO rules the heart, back and spine in the physical body, so if you have LEO in the 1st House of the physical body/Self or 6th House of physical health - how have you been doing SELF-CARE? Is your back giving you any pain? Could be you're not Supporting yourself nor Standing Up for yourself, nor listening to that heart of yours. Did you know that there's a connection between the Heart and the Mind - that the Heart is more the MIND of the physical body than the head is? Tune in - while you SHIINE YOUR LIGHT out into the world. Allow your creative juices, Inner Child needs, and fun and play to BE your Guide! Mindfully so especially for those of you who have LEO Rising or Sun/Moon or other planets here!

  • MARS entered VIRGO JULY 10th as well, connected with fixed Star REGULUS whose energy helps us to "unblock deeply buried subconscious patterns" according to the book by Michael Smulkis/Fred Rubenfeld, "Starlight Elixirs & Vibrational Healing". For those of us born into the "PLUTO in VIRGO Generation" OCT 1956 until end of JULY 1972 - MARS will be moving over this planet of Transformation / Empowerment, within the sign that governs the health of our physical bodies - VIRGO! Be of Assertive Service to your own health my friends! Especially if you have VIRGO Rising/Sun or Moon or Mercury here or in the 6th House! It's TIME to get going with this. Could be something to embrace as SACRED WORK, for yourself! MARS comes out of VIRGO AUG 27th/28th - you've got just over a month to "perfect your processes" here!

  • And the bottom line here, re the PLUTO in Virgo GENERATION - current transiting PLUTO going through AQUARIUS in 2024 onward, will be activating our lives/livelihoods as we 'late bloomers" finally come into our own Sacred Work to share with the World! It's Time to gather yourselves to BE of SERVICE these next 20 years. More on this later.

  • PLUTO's been Rx/retrograde and back into cardinal Earth CAPRICORN since JUNE 11th, squaring the North/South Lunar Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio while they were nearing the first degrees of those signs and IS NOW EXACTLY squaring the Lunar Nodes while they're sitting at 29 degrees ARIES/LIBRA and will continue to do so until mid-DEC, 2023! Fated/Destined to Let Go/Release/Complete Unfinished Business! You've got TIME to Review/Re-analyze/Reassess/Renew whatever needs your attention re "taking care of your own business" literally and figuratively. Do not leave any stone unturned. Transform from the Inside-out, from Within. PLUTO's passage back into CAPRICORN means we all have "unfinished business" to attend to. What comes to mind for you?

  • SATURN Stationed Rx/retrograde JUNE 17, 2023 and will be doing her Inner Energy restructuring until she Stations Direct NOV 4th. Today, as I write this post, she sits at 06 PISCES 11' Rx; she entered PISCES for the first time in about 29 years MARCH 8th, 2023 and will be here for the next 2.5 - 3 years. What was going on in your life back in the late 1990's that brought you further into a Spiritual orbit? For me, it was Astrology! And working with the 4 Directions of the Medicine Wheel, reading about Indigenous Teachings through the books written by Lynn Andrews (she passed away AUG 17, 2022) and Jaime Sams, and spiritual books by James Redfield, Dan Hillman, Shirley MacLaine, Doreen Virtue and others. Saturn is about structure, discipline, goals, responsibilities and duty. How are you organizing your Spiritual Practice this year?

  • And, SEDNA entered GEMINI JUNE 11, 2023 for the first time in 11,500 or so years! Here's where the storytelling and stories will be changed over the next 42 years. To move beyond the Victim-oriented traumas/fears/shocks into being healed and Victorious! Where's GEMINI in your Birth Chart? This is where you'll be re-writing Your Story! CANADA has her VENUS and MOON in GEMINI in the 3rd House of Communication/Local Travel and folk - I wonder how SEDNA will help us to move beyond DUALITY/Polarity into a consensus of MAGICAL CONNECTION? How will you?

  • And JUPITER entered TAURUS for the first time in 12 years as of MAY 17, 2023. Bringing expansion, perhaps over-spending?! And the need to move beyond comfortable and safe boundaries to expand our values and worthiness. To create, hands-on, something of value you've not wanted to RISK doing before now. Or not in 12 years - are you having a JUPITER RETURN by chance? If JUPITER is returning to where it was at birth, in TAURUS, then yes you are! New opportunities and optimism and enthusiasm to DO SOMETHING BEYOND the NORM in your universe. Think back to JUN 5, 2011 - JUN 12, 2012 - that's the last time JUPITER went through this fixed Earth sign. What tangible and notable risks did you take back then, and what is calling forth for you Now, to expand upon? My many Taurean friends/family and Clients / Students will be called on to move into new/renewed beliefs/truths that further their Higher Purpose Path forward!

That's more than enough to catch us all up with what's been happening since APR 2023 and look for more weekly connections coming from my "IT's IN THE STARS!" blog. Namaste

Photo Credits: Unknown from Internet years ago + UNSPLASH Photo Artists - thank you so much!

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