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Full Moon in Cancer: Nurture, Empower, Emotionally Connect, Find Your Joy

The Dance of the Moon and the Sun - our Luminaries - happens 12-13 times a year.

From New Moon, to Full Moon, to New Moon are you Emotionally-connecting with yourself while also being soulfully/vitally you?

Today, Monday January 17, 2022 at 4:48 pm MST, the Moon sat opposite the Sun at 27 degrees Cancer 50' (Sun simultaneously at 27 degrees Capricorn 50') of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth Charts.

The Sun portion of this Dance is holding hands with Pluto - our transformative planet of our buried secrets, lies, fears and traumas - also in Capricorn. Be empowered to build something soulfully while also connecting emotionally. Deal with those fears, love yourself - give yourself a hug or two - and look into what does nurture you, what doesn't.

These Cardinal signs bring forth the need for change - to create something NEW in your life. The Full Moon phase brings Illumination - an AHA! moment - that shows you what's been missing in your emotional life. We can think, do, be, talk all we want - AND we need to FEEL and connect Within to our intuitive wisdom. Listen to it. Trust it. Follow it.

This Full Moon connect with the South Node in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, creating a Grand Water Trine - so yep! You'll be FEELING stuff - whether you're ready to or not - check Within, suss it all out, be sure to honour how you feel along the way.

Mars is also connected here with the Full Moon in Cancer - he's sitting in Sagittarius wanting to take Action towards your Life Purpose - and we're meant to let go of some old patterns of conditioning - around the WHY of doing your actions. Do you truly FEEL like doing that action or are you doing it because - why again? How do your actions nurture you? What's your Intuition saying about all of this?

The piece of letting go of old patterns of conditioning with Mars' action - has both Sedna Rx and the North Node of Soul Direction in Taurus - how are you feeling worthy/worthwhile? Are you taking action according to YOUR values? Your worth? And how has this affecting your self-esteem and self-confidence?

What's worthwhile and of value for you, that is also nurturing you? Here's where and when we must all take a breath, take time out to ask what nurtures you. What feels like a huge hug for you, that keeps you feeling safe, secure and loved?

Bring on the spa day, some time for self, whatever it is that supports you emotionally. It's still the first month of 2022 - what are you planning for yourself that will continue as a new daily habit - nurturing, caring, supporting you? Really take a look at this. Honestly. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you rock! Namaste


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