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Full Moon in Pisces Today...

At 12:35p MDT, in the midst of all the forest fire smoke we continue to inhale from the Washington State fires, the Moon will sit in the early degrees of Pisces while the Sun sits in its opposite sign, Virgo.

I find it fascinating this week we've been under a haze of smoke for more than a week now. Pisces is all about Magic, Movies and Illusion/delusion. 'Tis the fog as the last water sign of our Zodiac (Cancer is water and Scorpio, the third water sign, represents ice) and I 'see' this fog of smoke hiding our confusion over HOW to BE of Service these days in the current economic climate.

With the Full Moon shining in the Pisces water sign of BEing of Higher Service, beyond the Ego-self, connecting with our Higher Self, angels, Teams of guides et al, - the Sun sits exactly opposite in Virgo, how we are of Service in our daily mundane world down here on Earth.

Each opposition between our planetary partners creates another opportunity to create an "AND" world - beyond the Either/Or world we have left behind since 2012. We are no longer black or white, light or dark, female or male, right or wrong, or good or bad. This is the old 3D world we are leaving behind - far behind.

Since December 2012 we have been on a rather high learning curve to grasp and understand HOW to BLEND it all into BEing ONE - we are ALL part of the ONE, and always have been. We are now waking up to this reality that has always been true - the Ego-self has been hiding us away from this truth over many many thousands of lifetimes.

Creating an "AND" world is key now. We are part of the mult-verse, the Cosmos AND we are living and working down here on Earth. Our solar system is part of a galaxy, which in turn is part of many other galaxies which in turn make up a universe - or is it multiple universes? Do you sense the ongoing wheels of cycles and patterns having just read the above sentence?

Full Moon in Pisces, and Sun in Virgo (along with that Pantheon of Planets in Virgo I last blogged about) illuminates our way forward, collectively, in creating our unique respective ways and means of how we create SERVICE for now on (in preparation for the upcoming September eclipse season). Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, the Wise Woman/Man/Elder carrying forth decades AND lifetimes of wise knowledge to be shared with the collective. What is your wisdom? How are you sharing it? Do you 'see' the Service that comes from HOW you share it?

Virgo brings Service through processes, HOW we complete our tasks, with whom and for what purpose. Perfecting it as we move through our learning curve of the respective daily work we do here on Earth. Understandably, there are more unemployed workers due to the downturn in oil prices, yet again. Divine Timing I say - to create an "AND" out of what WAS your daily work AND what will BE your daily work! An opportunity for SOULful (Sun) change in what you took for granted as the service you did up until you were downsized, fired etc. Ask yourself this: "Was I truly happy doing that work? If I am being honest with myself, I will have to say...."

Looking at the chart I created for this Full Moon I see FIVE sets of planetary pairs assisting with our Wise Awakening today, and they are:

  • Full Moon AND Neptune Rx (Retrograde) in Pisces: I love this one! Here the planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is IN Pisces, and is Rx - its energy is directed Inward for us to 'see' ourselves more clearly as Divine Eternal BEings in these physical bodies - and the Full Moon is spotlighting any hazy or foggy aspects we're experiencing to fully EMBRACE this concept! Cool! Do you 'see' the Magic of the multi-verse WITHIN You?

  • Sun AND Jupiter in Virgo: Here we Soulfully (Sun) expand and amplify (Jupiter) how we 'DO' our daily service in this world - it can BE loud and clear, finally - as we also seek our Higher Purpose (Jupiter) why am I here this lifetime? What is my purpose? Soulfully. Daily. Purposely.

  • North Node Rx AND Mercury in Libra: The Dragon's Head (smoke in the air, Dragon's breath?) or North Node of the Moon, with its inward direction (Rx), beckons us into the direction our SOUL wishes us to go - to bring our mind (Mercury) into creating an AND (Libra) or balance, harmony, peacefulness deep within. Libra LOVES the challenge of the constant balancing act AND it is also our cardinal air sign of PARTNERSHIP. See your Inner Self partnering up with your wise Higher Self - wrap your Ego-brain around this concept as best you can....Have you noticed anything else yet?How each of the elements are being activated with pairs or partners of planets, bringing ALL elements to the table of this Full Moon in Pisces?

  • Uranus Rx AND Eris Rx in Aries: Fire, finally! Dragon's 'Breath of Fire' perhaps? The element of fire represents our ability to CREATE via Spirit - inSPIRation - to be inspired or IN SPIRIT. Uranus brings Unexpected Change and Innovation out of the blue (those bright ideas, insights, circumstances) AND Eris, our newest planet, brings gender-role re-balancing. Both Rx, therefore inward change (think earthquakes or lightening strikes of change deep within) of HOW we express our true self-identity (Aries) no matter our gender (Eris). No more traditional ROLES as we DO and BE our service in the world and beyond.

  • Mars AND Venus Rx in Leo: Now how cool is this? The male (Mars) AND female (Venus) representations of our Outer Male self (Mars Direct motion) AND Inner Female self (Venus Rx) coming together to create an AND. Heartfully (Leo fire) marrying how we take Action (Mars) out in the world in response to our Desire Body's (Venus) ability to 'hear' 'see' 'listen' to the Intuitive Insights from our Higher Self's Wisdom as to what direction, or next step, our Soul wishes us to make and take!

  • Please note: BOTH men and women are being asked to embrace their respective Inner Feminine/Masculine selves AND work with BOTH as ONE for now on. We truly are all ONE - and always have been. The separation that WAS continues to end as we paint the Rainbow to bridge this gap that has been holding us in opposing camps for far too long.

Where there's smoke, there is Fire. Hence the smoke haze AND two pairs of planets within Fire signs. AND we also have a Grand Trine (or triangle) in Fire signs that has slowly created itself as the Moon has waxed to this Full Moon phase we see today. More Fire - more smoke and mirrors.

What are we reflecting or mirroring (Libra) within and without with others? How have we been deluding ourselves with illusions of the past (Pisces)? What IS our true self-identity (Aries) now that our previous work (Virgo) is no more? What are we now creating (Leo)? AND AND AND - perfecting the new processes (Virgo) AND connecting to, and listening for, our Intuitive Insights (Pisces).  As the Old falls away, dying within the forest fires, the Phoenix Rises out of those ashes ANEW! BE that Phoenix - know you are Eternal, you do renew yourself over and over and over. Always, in All Ways.

TIME has also shifted this week, from the 1st QTR Moon phase in Scorpio into the Gibbous Moon phase in Capricorn. We are In Divine Timing, On Time, IN REAL TIME (now!) AND Before Time. How we use Time (Capricorn) and shape-shift it (Scorpio) to serve (Virgo) our Higher Purpose (Jupiter and Pisces) is up to each of us. [Ask for the necessary resources to be put in place 'Before Time' to prevent time lag]! Coming from your Soul-Heart (Sun rules Leo) honestly, truthfully, faithfully and endlessly. BE re-PURPOSED, now, On Purpose, and With Purpose.

Blessed BE!

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