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Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

Here we go again - another eclipse - and all the energies and experiences that come with it! I've done several readings this week for people whose Sun sign or pre-natal eclipse positions or other key planetary positions are being activated DIRECTLY with tomorrow's eclipse - very much life-changing for them.

Let's get down to it. Here's the timing and placing: Saturday April 4th at 6:05am MDT at 14 degrees of Libra 24'. This is a FULL MOON (therefore the SUN sits opposite the MOON, hence the Moon's position is in Libra, therefore the Sun's position is @ 14 degrees of ARIES 24' - Aries is Libra's opposite sign, capice?) AND it is also a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse timing.

Have you recovered from the previous Total Solar Eclipse yet? LOL! What ACTION have you taken since March 20th? We experienced the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on that day - and yes it has only been two weeks yet feels like two YEARS of life experience since!

Speaking of which - are you sitting down? Now take your time with this next piece - it is very important. Each TOTAL Lunar Eclipse brings with it the following:

  • Within this ONE DAY

  • We will ALL experience a COMPRESSED and ACCELERATED version

  • Of ONE Moon cycle - aka a 28-day Moon cycle

  • IN. ONE. DAY!

  • Did you get that? Think of it as a downloaded ZIP file, compressed due to its HUGE size, that works really really fast at the download,

  • AND We EMOTIONALLY receive it all within ONE DAY....

  • Are you still with me? Breathe, breathe, breathe...

Next: A Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION, the Moon's light is totally full, reflecting the unconscious desires of the SUN, sitting opposite. And we know that this Moon is sitting in Libra (a cardinal air sign) and this Sun is sitting in Aries (a cardinal fire sign). Still with me?

Cardinal means initiating NEW change; taking a new tack; bringing in something totally new...put it all together and via AIR (communication/networking/relating with one another PLUS listening to our own Self Talk) via the Moon's receiving energy (of emotions, feelings, intuition) we then begin to 'see' via the Sun's light energy of vital force to somehow take ACTION in the arena of FIRE (spiritual creative ACTION inspired from Above).

In other words: what INSPIRED action, creatively meant, will YOU FEEL/INTUIT to take via insightful conversations (with Others or Self or both)?

Then we bring in the meaning of Libra (air) and Aries (fire):

  • Libra (where the Moon is sitting @ 14 degrees and 24') represents the Scales of Justice, equality, balance, being fair and just, seeing the beauty around us, equal face time with some significant Other (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, close friend, client, partner etc) and how we RELATE to that Other by SHOWING UP, EQUALLY. Are YOU showing up 100% for your 50% of the partnership? Hhhhmmmm.....Libra rules the 7th House of our close one-on-one relationships - those deep getting-to-know-you conversations....All about WE.

  • Aries (where the Sun is sitting @ 14 degrees and 24') represents the Ram, instinctively running TO something, with Inner Warrior courage and assertiveness, and with the Inner Pioneer of starting something NEW (hence why Aries represents the season of Spring - new GROWTH) in our life. Aries rules the 1st House of your Self-Identity and the physical body and wants to DO something, physically, take action, somehow, FOR something to do with ME. Related to your INDEPENDENCE stance. All about ME.

Are you still with me? Now Aries likes to DO IT ALL BY matter what. Libra likes to do it WITH SOMEBODY ELSE, with a buddy. In an opposition (this Full Moon) we are being asked to create an AND here: how can YOU still be YOU AND BE with someone else, DOING something NEW? Capice? We no longer live in duality; we are all One. We are learning, via each Moon cycle, HOW to BE, DO, FEEL etc AS ONE.

This does not mean we lose our Self-Identity. It means we KNOW who we are AND bring this self to the table WHILE we relate with ANOTHER. The Total Lunar Eclipse EMPHASIZES the Soul GROWTH of CHANGE very QUICKLY (remember that Zip file?) for one day (yet the energy of it stays with us for the next SIX MONTHS to 3.5 years....just saying) via bringing up Shadow fears that show up via our Emotions, Feelings and Intuitive hits of INsight.

So, bottom line, tomorrow as you wake up, KNOW that THIS will be a DAY of HUGE insights, AHA! moments, emotions, intuitive guidance, and perhaps ACTION to be taken at some point within the next six months to 3.5 YEARS....if you are WILLING to FEEL, LISTEN, and BE with yourself along the way.

One more thing: our Transformational planet, PLUTO, is creating what is called a T-Square to the Moon/Sun opposition here. Meaning that the MORE we are able to create an AND between our Emotional Body (the Moon) and our Spiritual Body (the Sun) by working TOGETHER, we ALSO help to TRANSFORM how we set our goals, creating a more solid foundation of what MATERIAL GAIN truly means to us in our respective lives, all in the name of INTEGRITY.

Therefore, the MORE we STAND within our TRUE INDEPENDENT SELF (not to say we are DOing it all by ourselves) AND partner with Others who seem to be of like mind (air) due to all that open and shared communication (EQUAL FACE TIME) we have, in turn, we will KNOW via how we FEEL (good means go; not good means maybe not right for me?) and following our INTUITION (ease = yes! resistance = no? or not right now?) what ACTION needs to be taken TOWARDS answering the call of how we GAIN something in the world, materially, money-wise, building something that will last, or whatever our heartfelt GOAL is.

AND: the Pisces element of water (remember, we began this Moon cycle back on March 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces) whereby we FEEL and INTUIT something that needs to be LET GO OF (29th degree = end of a cycle) from our addiction to the Drama Triangle (victim stance or rescuer stance or persecutor stance - and for some it can be more than one stance or all three) the Shadow of Pisces in order to MAKE ROOM and SPACE to IMAGINE a POSSIBLE HUGE DREAM of something BIGGER and BETTER than what we have been living already.

Did you hear that? DREAM YOUR POSSIBLE DREAM, NOW, by letting go of "o woe is me" "please rescue me!" "I feel persecuted!" and BECOME a VICTOR of your own life. Stand in your Warrior fire energy (Aries) and ASK for what YOU WANT/DESIRE/DREAM!

Sit down tomorrow and IMAGINE where you WANT TO BE in 3.5 years! The bigger the better. No limits. At all. The COSMOS is your limitation (if you require one). WHO do you want to BE? What do you wish to SHARE with someone? What are your GOALS to a better life? What have you forgotten over the years that you really really cared about, wanted for yourself? DREAM IT NOW!

We ALL will have the SOUTH NODE in Aries assisting us to resolve unfinished business in the area of Asserting our Inner Pioneer/Warrior self to ASK and take ACTION for our DREAM or GOAL. If you don't ASK or DREAM it - how will you attract it? How will you manifest CHANGE and BETTER if you don't IMAGINE it NOW?

And with this Total Lunar Eclipse - we ALL have the EMOTIONAL and INTUITIONAL energy to BRING IT forward into our lives - in the very near future. Are you with me? Dream that Possible Dream, not matter how big or small, no matter how IMpossible it may seem to you right now. Bring yourself UP out of the morass of depression, addiction, escapism and drama (Shadow of Pisces) into the life of LIVING your DREAM/GOAL, NOW.

One last note: there are people out there dealing with HUGE karmic situations right now, whereby if only they STOOD UP for themselves, to SAY what needs to be said, that CHANGE would occur. Aries = COURAGE. Libra = EQUALITY. Have the courage to ASK for equality.

If a boss is taking a 3-week vacation, vacating the premises before Pay Day, therefore NOT paying his contractors, who in turn are unable to PAY their bills, running the risk of going bankrupt, losing their home, and the inability to feed themselves or their family...and this isn't the first time this has happened - isn't THIS the TIME to SAY and DO something about it? How many more TIMEs and how much LOUDER does it have to get before WE.TAKE.ACTION and DO something to CHANGE the outcome?

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and complaining that nothing changes - hello! WE have to CHANGE our thinking and our actions in order to CREATE change in our lives. What CHANGE is your LIFE (Soul) ASKING (screaming?) for? How much louder does it have to BE before you take a stand and so NO? STOP! This is not acceptable anymore!

AND: Expect the Unexpected to occur because our friend Uranus sits next to the Sun in Aries - bringing with him Innovation and Originality. So, once you ASK, Expect Magic and get out of your own way to ALLOW the Universe to answer your DREAM.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." This, finally, is the essence of tomorrow's Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon.


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