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New Moon in Pisces: Mystical Leaps of Faith into the Unknown

Today, Wednesday MARCH 2, 2022 the Moon and Sun conjuncted/came together in the same location of the sky at 10:35 a.m. MST at 12 degrees PISCES 06' Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

We begin a NEW Moon cycle today where we are more aware of our Spiritual Self, practice and connection. And, it is a preview, these next 29.5 days, of what the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction - APRIL 12, 2022 - will be bringing us, for the first time in 166 years! Where each of us needs to Risk (Jupiter) a higher version of Spiritual Awareness and Surrender (Neptune) a Spiritual belief/truth that no longer jives in our lives - could be you took on someone else's perhaps? Or never thought about your Spirituality to begin with?

Where will your Leap of Faith into the Unknown take you? Pisces is ruled Traditionally by Jupiter and modernly by Neptune. Back in 1856 there was a surge of spiritual groups, mediumship, and "communicating with the dead" that had not come forward before then. What version of Spiritual Connection works in your world? How are you dedicating yourself to this practice, from Within versus through someone else?

This New Moon in Pisces has the Moon/Sun holding hands with Jupiter (14 degrees Pisces 16') plus Neptune (22 degrees Pisces 27') is just past conjunction with Jupiter. But like I said, they'll connect on APRIL 12th - stay tuned for a workshop to register for on this too!

The Vertex and South Lunar Node in Scorpio are both feeding love lines of support to where this New Moon/Jupiter and Neptune sit in Pisces - water to water elements makes it all emotional, highly Intuitive, receiving insights via dreams, meditation sessions, and if you're out in Nature - what are those animal totems bringing you messages of?

The Vertex - something Fated/Destined this way comes - in the form of a person, message, Intuition, etc. Look for it during this New Moon phase that continues until MARCH 6th.

The South Lunar Node - Unresolved Hidden Issues from the Past/past lives - of any fears, secrets, lies, traumas - bringing forth better connection to your True Passions!

From BOTH of these sensitive points in this New Moon in Pisces chart - TRUST will be an issue - of YOURSELF and OTHERS. Whom do I trust? Can I trust anyone right now? Start with yourself - check Within and Trust your Intuition - Always, in All Ways! KEY step right here!

That Vertex of Fated/Destined something coming forth from Scorpio - is also creating Stress and Tension to create some sort of CHANGE in your life from the planets moving through the late degrees of Capricorn: Vesta and Venus at 26 degrees, Mars and Pluto at 27 degrees. Here we're all having to initiate some CHANGE that helps you Build a better platform, or jumping off grounded space that includes the following:

  • Vesta: how you're Keeping the Home Fires Burning - literally and figuratively - the fires that burn away all non-essentials, leaving only that which is Pure - what is necessary and needed. Clear the clutter from your Kitchen/pantry area - keep it clean and tidy. Know what you're cooking and baking and putting into your physical body. Focused concentration on a goal that can IGNORE your physical and emotional well-being! We must have BALANCE here - all of us - to keep us healthy for what's coming further down the months of 2022.

  • Venus: brings in our Desires and the Inner Divine Feminine - as to what IS my SACRED WORK right now? Seriously, what is it I'm meant to be doing? Check in on this aspect of yourself, from WITHIN via meditation, BEing vs. DOing/Action! Listen to, trust and follow your INTUITION - always, in All Ways. Key here folks!

  • Mars: here's the Instinctual Action via your Inner Divine Masculine - also asking what ACTION must I take on my SACRED WORK, in the Now-verse? So the action direction is formulated FIRST from the Intuition received! Check Within, Listen/ask, THEN LEAP!

  • Pluto: the Great Transformer - and with Capricorn - of any Fears of Success and/or Failure here! Especially fearing being Successful! Where did that Belief/Truth come from anyway?

Look to your Birth charts to locate which Houses of Life Experience all of this action is coming from in YOUR life:

  • New Moon in Pisces at 12 degrees

  • Jupiter in Pisces at 14 degrees

  • Neptune in Pisces at 22 degrees

  • Vertex/Vx in Scorpio at 02 degrees

  • South Lunar Node in Scorpio at 26 degrees

  • And the kids in Capricorn - Vesta/Venus at 26 degrees, Mars/Pluto at 27 degrees

These Houses of Life Experience bring in the "from WHERE" this Mystical Magical Spiritual Intuitive Grounding Transformative CHANGE is occurring for you, in your life! Just a sampling of what we're being prepared for, before the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.

How have you been sleeping? I've been up at 3:00 a.m. stargazing! I even saw Elon Musk's "satellite train" on Saturday morning - freaky and cool all at the same time! I remember wishing to see Santa Claus on Christmas Eve many many decades ago - this was close! LOL!

Dedicate MORE times of the day to Meditation - at home, out for a walk in nature, at the office looking out the window or walking around the block - however you can DO this piece - it's Time to create this a necessary Daily Habit!

Pisces - our mutable Water sign - can bring mystical episodes - connections with your Angels, invisible guides, Higher Self/Future Self connections, visits from the Fairies/Elves - seeing auras, knowing stuff about your peeps that you weren't aware of before. How you're "reading people" energetically/emotionally. This is becoming more REAL now. Not joking. And YAY! from those of us who've been like this since birth anyway! More folks to play in the same sandbox with - once everyone gets used to it.

Knowing what YOUR Spiritual Path, Journey, Practice, Connection TRULY IS - this is what's coming up for all of us. So yes, there will be days that your logical brain seems to have exited stage left! Yes, you'll just strongly KNOW what you need to do next that makes NO LOGICAL SENSE. You are being called into Action on a Higher Plane now - all of us are!

The North Lunar Node and Sedna are both sitting at 26 degrees Taurus, sending love lines of support to all the Capricorn planets - reminding you of the following:

  • Soul Direction of what your SACRED WORK is - yes, again, Sacred Work - that is part of YOUR Value System (!!) that makes you feel WORTHWHILE/WORTHY, increasing your self esteem/self confidence. In doing so you STAND UP for that which YOU VALUE in your life. So yeah, highly important here too!

  • Sedna brings yet another version of WORTHINESS to the table too - via Spiritual Wisdom - is this WISE action to be taking? How does your Intuition support it? Are you over-riding your Intuition and feelings about WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? Gotta listen - gotta feel. Not joking around here!

We're entering our Spiritual Reality Wake-up Call right now - are you listening/sensing this too? How do you create work that you're doing to be more SACRED? As in not taken for granted, that it is necessary for the Collective right now - they are waiting for YOU to show up and DO your Sacred/Spiritually-oriented work. And yes! You can do office work in a sacred/spiritual way - it all depends on how you bring your VALUES and WORTH into the mix! If you honour this in you, others will honour it too. Could be you bring a few crystals to work to have on your desk. Just that wee bit of acknowledgement of WHOM you TRULY ARE will raise your vibration - your frequency - to DO the Sacred Work you signed up for! Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - you ROCK! Namaste


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