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New Moon in Pisces: Something DESTINED This Way Comes...

The Moon + Sun sat together at 7:11 a.m. this morning within 26 degrees of Pisces 53' (minutes) celestial longitude - with Chiron to assist with the Spiritual healing we're undergoing, all in opposition to the Vertex (Vx) point sitting in Virgo.

Pisces is our mutable water sign, signifying (of the 3 water signs) the nebulous, foggy, misty water element. We can see it, yet when we reach out to touch it - nothing seemingly is there. Yet we have an Inner Knowing that what is there is more solid than what our eyes take in. Interesting how we experienced fog here in Okotoks late Wednesday evening, hours before the Moon entered Pisces...

Mutable Water - flowing, going WITH the flow, encircling obstacles that come our way. What do we do with these obstacles? Hold onto them? Climb them? Walk through them? FEEL our way through the Emotional Body's flotsam and the storms of our own making and/or drama of others'. Intuitive INsights abound this Moon cycle - as will our emotions, dreams, and visions. Feel, breathe, think, breathe, intuit, breathe, feel, breathe, think breathe, intuit, breathe, then take appropriate action.

The Vertex point is where Fated/Destined people, circumstances and situations occur Without, to bring forth greater INsight, self-awareness, and self-growth, Within. Be prepared for the Fated/Destined processes occurring within your life this Moon cycle. Look for the Houses of Life Experience Pisces/Virgo reside in your birth chart - here is WHERE the Fate/Destiny will show itself. Being in opposition means we'll first oppose these two aspects of Self - teeter-totter to one side, then over to the other side.

The KEY this Moon cycle is to create an AND vs. the Either/Or! Blend these two aspects of Self into ONE - connect with your emotional/intuitive/spiritual Self AND allow yourself to experience the Destined/Fated processes to perfection to intervene. With Inner Wisdom via timely INsights to guide you onward. Virgo brings seemingly unequal relationships together - to teach/learn from one another. We are always learning, guiding, and teaching one another. Look for the Higher Truth - beyond the Ego-Self.

Chiron brings forth healing of our energetic boundaries with one another - the drama/pain and suffering we feel from Others - do we continue to take it in/on for them, or do we each decide that the time has come to step away, WITH Compassion and INsight, to BE there without taking on their pain/suffering? This is a process we've all undergone, when Chiron entered Pisces February 18, 2011 - whether we were conscious of it or not. February 26, 2019 is when Chiron enters and stays in the cardinal fire sign of Aries (until April 2027!).

The Vertex also joins hands with Pluto in Capricorn (Transformation bringing death for a rebirth of a more solid and secure foundation) + Pallas in Taurus (Inner Wisdom, hands-on, to create...what for yourself?) together creating a Grand Earth Trine - here sensuality, materialism or a talent for business are brought forth via unusual sensitivity, intensity and creativity. To be useful or detrimental - depends upon how balanced and grounded you are...

Interestingly, the usual Pisces glyph we Westerners see is has 2 fishes - 1 swimming upstream while the other swims downstream - yet connected to one another. The struggle is one of the Ego-Self - I Know Best! I Can Do It All Myself! Willful and Alone. Against the guidance of our Spiritual/Soul Self who is All Knowing Wisdom connected eternally to the Divine/God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Source.

The Egyptian Pisces glyph shows BOTH fishes swimming in the same direction! What did the early Egyptian Priests/Astrologers know that we now are struggling to remember as we leave the Old Age of Pisces behind? Mastery of the Ego-Self to work WITH our Soul/Spiritual Self - this is the goal. To go With the Flow, Within, then Without. To honour that Inner voice that keeps urging us on to BE heartfully authentically us - via our intuition, visions, dreams and INsights/signs - if we sit still long enough to listen...beyond the chatter and clutter and mental chaos that our Ego-self brings to the table to keep the status quo/same old same old occurring in our lives. You will 'see' this struggle more clearly this Moon cycle.

Pisces brings the following themes to our consciousness this Moon cycle:

  • Imagination - the Magic, Movies & Illusion - of what our IDEAL of Life will be - if we intend it with an open heart and listen to our creative mind via our feelings, intuition and INsights. Believe In the Magic of this physical life here on Earth. Manifest your Ideal Dream...

  • Inner Happiness - lately on FaceBook we've been seeing videos/posts saying it is the responsibility of each person to BE Happy - not for any of us to be responsible for any other person's Inner Happiness. Interesting timing...with all the planets/asteroids in Pisces these past several weeks/months/years.

  • "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" The worry stems from Virgo, Pisces opposite sign, where the Vertex sits this Moon cycle. Be careful of this worry worm our Ego-self likes to distract us with to keep the status quo! Another distraction/escape from what is REAL in our lives.

  • Psychic Sensitivity - here is where our intuition, inner INsights, dreams, outer signs/guideposts come into play. Especially when in or around water (yes even while washing dishes!) allow your mind to float, BE Water (as per David Allen) and 'see' what comes forth as Inner Wisdom, answers to dilemmas, decisions more clearly seen.

  • Trust/Mystic Awareness -again how well we listen to our Intuitive Wisdom from Within, feel those feelings that lead to understanding the WHY of where we currently are in this Earthly journey.

  • Spiritual Healing - especially with Chiron holding hands with both the Moon and Sun - the healing of our spiritual disconnect that birth on this plane (Earth) brings forth. We spend a lifetime swimming back into our Spiritual Consciousness, healing the pain of that separation, while allowing our sensitivities and vulnerablity to become a NORMAL way to live!

  • Compassion - with Self and Others - to hold space for all of us to FEEL what we feel, without taking it on for others, or transferring it off to others. Take responsibility for what you truly feel without blaming another. Our feelings are our own - no one MADE you feel this way! And what you FEEL is yours to feel and your right to feel - Always and in All Ways.

  • Releasing Helplessness - here is where that Drama Triangle comes into play - the Shadow side of Pisces - moving PAST victimhood/wanting to be rescued or rescuing others/feeling persecuted or bullied. Step OFF the triangle - do it now. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for! Take that Leap of Faith into the Unknown - and know that you are supported by your unseen guides, angels, God/Source/Great Spirit/Goddess - Always and In All Ways!

Physically: Pisces rules the following within our body - colds (!), the feet, bunions and corns, the lymphatic system, and poisoning and toxicity - this Long Winter that Never Ends of 2017/18 has a lot of us dreaming/wishing for Spring more fervently than usual! Time to flush those Winter toxins away, walk and move the body to get the lymph moving in the body (there's many MORE lymphatic vessels than blood vessels in the body folks!) and eat less of those wintry carbs we crave as the temperatures drop. If any of the above is surfacing for you - look Within for the fear, resistance, Drama Triangle role-playing (signs that your Ego-self is in play!) and FEEL your way through it all! Love yourself, forgive yourself - hugs are good too! And breathe, intuit, breathe, feel, breathe, think, etc.

One last NOTE: Mars (asserting/taking action) in this New Moon chart sits at 29 degrees of Sagittarius (seeking your higher truth/life purpose) with Vesta (focused concentration) at 25 degrees (holding hands with one another) - the 29th degree means we're all ending a cycle of  HOW we take the action of seeking our Higher Truth, with focused intention. What cycle are you ending? This New Moon (Moon + Sun) + Chiron are all squaring Mars/Vesta - creating Inner tension/stress to CHANGE something that's been showing itself for a while...and Chiron will be there to HEAL that which needs Inner, have faith and Leap!


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