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Part II: Integration this New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse

The mutable water sign of Pisces represents the element of water as fog, mist or light rain. We expect rain overnight here in Calgary, AB Canada. If we wake up to fog too I'd say Neptune, ruler of Pisces and this New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse, will be in play all around us.

It is interesting to walk out in nature and 'feel' the elements of the Astrological signs.

When the Moon resides in earth signs, how does it feel? Earthy? Energetically slower and denser than when it is in an air or fire sign? Check out the weather when the Moon is in fire signs - especially during the summer months - there can be a dry spell of no rain with a chance of fire somewhere in the forests (especially during drought periods).

The Moon in air signs seems to bring with it wind gusts to the extremes of wind storms. Interesting to 'see' how the elements are all around us AND connected Up with the Astrological signs of the Zodiac.

Today's New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse path commenced in Indonesia and swept eastward across the waters (!) of the Indian and Pacific Oceans until its end just to the west of North America at sunset (PST). This Total Solar eclipse will last over a 3-4 hour period. People in Hawaii, Vancouver Island and Alaska will see the partial eclipse late afternoon today March 8th, while south and eastern Asia, Korea, Japan and north and western Australia see it in the morning of March 9th.

Here are some notes of what to expect from an eclipse occuring in a water sign (Pisces) and during a South Node Solar Eclipse, according to Celeste Teal's Eclipses- Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, 2009:

  • A Solar Eclipse occurs as the Sun, Moon and Earth align in a straight line. The Moon comes between the Earth and Sun, shutting off the light of the Sun temporarily; hence a Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse can only occur during a New Moon and not at every New Moon - one of the Moon's Nodes (North or South) will be very near to cause the eclipse. Today's Solar Eclipse in Pisces also has the South Node moving through Pisces, hence the 'South Node Solar Eclipse' mentioned above.

  • The hidden power of an eclipse is that it has delayed manifestations. Between 6 months to up to 3.5 years into the future (1 year per hour of eclipse duration according to Ptolemy) - in today's case, within Pisces in your chart - what House of Life Experience in your life will be activated for change into the future?

  • With the South Node eclipse, there may be the feeling of an energy leak or drain unless we understand that something is required to wrap up the previous phase of experience [tying up loose ends]. A valuable final product is required. There may be a gift to contribute - could be our own clarity and truthfulness to self regarding what we've learned to this point - emotionally and spiritually, in this case, due to Pisces.

  • An old phase of experience may be ending in preparation for a new phase [similar to the Moon's Balsamic phase just prior to the New Moon phase] and something is expected of you before you are free to move on. You are working through something or working something out.There is a demand to release the desires of the Ego-self,which can be a challenging process because some part of the identifying Self is suddenly under focus. One is forced to recognize what is valid and what is not. There may be an identity crisis, the sense of self may feel depreciated and vitality may be lacking. [Hence the release of emotions, and perhaps relinquishing the Ego or mind's hold onto that Drama Triangle drama role!] With a South Node Solar Eclipse then, beginnings depend upon release, spirit and ego, and filtering.

  • An eclipse occurring within the water sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune: Pisces expresses the principles of bondage, captivity, the struggle of the soul in the body, and concern with life after death. It is associated with spirituality, charities, hospitals, and institutions of recovery or confinement. Water signs are emotionally motivated for change. We could see more rain, fog, or mists occuring over the next week or so.Neptune rulesthe sea, sailors, prophets, mystics, dancers, actors, medicine. alcohol, drugs, oil, gases, chemicals and fluids.

  • The energy of Neptune is to occlude, dissolve, cloud or fog. Pharmaceutical and drug companies and those pursuing activities linked to Neptune will find that eclipses in Pisces are particularly relevant for them, as they bring an accent to their industry.Interestingly, Monsanto chemical and seed companyhas been in the news this week due to the European Union's charge at halting the chemical glyphosate's re-licensing due to documented health risks causing cancer across the world! Remember, Pisces opposite sign is Virgo- all about the HEALTH of the physical body, AND both Jupiter (making it all LOUDER) and the North Node (direction our collective Souls are heading into) are in Virgo, directly so, from that pantheon of planetary players I spoke about in Part I yesterday. Divine Timing, as always...

Know that today's Total Solar Eclipse, within a New Moon phase, elicites NEW change that we may not 'see' physically within our life until the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, March 23rd, when the Moon is FULL of Illumination, showing us clearly what we've been working on, deep within, emotionally, especially this Moon cycle with all those players sitting within Pisces - emotions, feelings, intuition, insights and how well we are walking through them (not running away via distraction or addictions), listening to the subtle nudges of intuition, then acting upon that intuition, trusting and having faith that your Higher Self knows the way, sees the way, and opens the way forward for you.

And who knows what other Illumations this way come over the next 3.5 years? BE open to the change.

Blessed Be

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