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Spiritual Emotional Desires - Return to Your Heart!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 during the New Moon phase, Venus & the Moon connected, creating what I call a Venus-Moon Stargate. As Venus moves through the night sky in her Evening Star phase, we're retrieving stronger/balanced Heart Chakra energies this Moon cycle.

We released the toxic distortions of this Chakra back in March 2019 during the Balsamic Moon phase in Aquarius. Distortions about how we're NOT being our True Authentic Selves, NOT listening to what our Future Self is telling us. How we may NOT be innovative & inventive with our talents & bright ideas that seem out of this world or out of reach.

Heartfully, where were you in March last year? Where are you now? Who's in your life now that wasn't back then? Who do you want in your life now, that you weren't ready for last year? Most importantly, HOW are you heartfully BEing with yourself these days? Compared to last year? More Self-love, Self-care, Self-awareness?

Venus moves through her Synodic Cycle every 19 months, creating 5 paths over 8 years, resulting in a Pentagram diagram within the Birth Chart. Each connection with the Moon during Balsamic phase allows us to release Chakra distortions (while Venus, in the sky, is in her Morning Star phase). This latest 19-month cycle has been a Rebalancing time for partnerships, relationships & our Desires.

Then we walked through the Underworld for 3 months, dying to ourselves in some regard, having let go of all those Chakra distortions for 7 months previous. Since October 2019 we've been retrieving renewed/balanced aspects of our Chakras, beginning with the Root Chakra. Five months later here we are at the Heart Chakra. Heart-opening choices, challenges & changes coming forth from our mutable Water sign of Pisces, partnered with its ruler, Neptune.

Having Venus, the Moon & Neptune at the middle degrees of Pisces, we're now dissolving more old illusions/delusions of what Love means to us. This strengthens & fills the void left when we released the distortions in March 2019. Spiritually, where are you at? Pisces glyph is the Fishes - 2 fishes swimming in opposite directions. One fish is the Soul-self/Higher Self while the other is the Ego-self/Little Self. A constant tug-of-war of following our Soul vs. Ego needs, desires & wants. This includes drama, addictions, & the need to escape.

Spiritually, what do you Desire? Heartfully, how are you aligned with these Desires? Emotionally, how are you tuning in to them? Are you listening to & following your Intuitive Wisdom? What's it saying to you? Remember: you are NOT alone! Spiritually, we're all part of the collective & our Soul families are there too - down here on Earth - & answering our prayers. We work as a team. Now dream your Desires to life & know that you will walk this Earth with a more honest, open & receiving Heart.


Photo Credits: from Unsplash photo gallery artists - THANK YOU!

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