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Thought for Today...

Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Considering all the planets that have moved up into the mutal water sign of Pisces, and we are still within the Balsamic Moon phase begun at 28 degrees of Pisces yesterday morning, I thought it interesting the above quote picked itself today!

Pisces is all about Magic, Movies and Illusion. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, helps dissolve our delusions of grandeur (or whatever delusions our mind/Ego-self has cooking at the moment) and changes the illusion of current reality into MORE reality. Neptune has been in Pisces since February 4, 2012.

Where does Pisces reside in your chart? This is the area of your Life Experience where delusions and illusions have been systematically dissolving, over time.

Both Neptune and Pisces bring our Imagination to the fore - inner dreams and dreaming that inspire our awakening thoughts to create a more authentic life, now. Are you listening? Do you 'see' beyond current reality into future promises of better? Dream onward and Imagine Upward...

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