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Unexpected Spiritual Destiny: Dreams vs. Illusions vs. Reality

Today's New Moon in Pisces heralds a gift of choice & a decision: Do I move forward Soulfully, towards the Unknown, furthering my future in ways I've only ever dreamed of, OR will I stay within the Drama realm of my Ego-self's design?

At 8:32 a.m. MST today, February 23, 2020, this New Moon at 04 degrees Pisces 28' Celestial Longitude begins an interesting journey - Spiritually, Emotionally & Mentally! Mercury has been Rx (Retrograde) since February 16th, moving back through Pisces, bringing up mental illusions/delusions to be revealed, healed & turned into reality. These illusions/delusions come forth from our Ego-self fears, that part of us refusing to make the Leap of Faith to come off of the Drama Triangle of "victim-rescue me-I feel bullied" role-play into the reality of our Spiritual/Soul love connection & Higher Wisdom of our Intuition.

The TIME is now - to mentally, emotionally & Spiritually connect - to have all 3 areas of Self moving forward, TOGETHER! To move forward INTO the realm of Soul connection, heartfully & mindfully so.

We are weaving a new relationship, Within, this Moon cycle. Initiating huge change through all 4 Cardinal signs which reflect a greater version of the 4 key areas of Life:

  • Self

  • Home & Hearth & Family

  • Work & Health

  • What you contribute to the world via your Career/Volunteering.

What we NEED to do throughout this Moon cycle, ignited by Pisces, is to LET GO OF OLD PATTERNS OF CONDITIONING - moving away from the same-old, same-old ways of swimming through our lives, Unconsciously, into a more CONSCIOUS & mindful, heartfelt & Soul-driven way.

Expect the Unexpected AND speak your Truth AND Be Your True Authentic Self while Shining the Light of your Soul-self AND feel your feelings, follow your Intuition, receive those Insights & symbols of direction & Next Steps along the way.

In 2019 Mercury went Rx through all 3 Water signs of our Zodiac - Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio. Mercury rules the mind, our thought processes, Inner Talk, how we communicate & why & with whom. The Water signs represent how we connect, emotionally & intuitively, with Self & Others. In 2020 Mercury Rx is again moving through these Water signs AND mixing in a wee bit of the Air sign prior - Aquarius, Gemini & Libra - our communication Zodiac signs. Do you 'see' the mental/emotional connection here? The weaving & integrating of learning HOW to "Think What I Feel" & "Feel What I Think" AND SPEAK UP ABOUT IT!

Yes there may be Drama, yes there may be hurt feelings, & yes it is all in aid of CONNECTING in a real, dynamic & Soulful way - more real than any of us thought possible before now. Scary as hell, yet healing.

The Fated/Destined portion of this programme connects with the healing energy of Hygeia - how we think & act around the health of our body-mind-soul connection. Mental health + Emotional health = Soul health. It also connects with this New Moon duo (Sun & Moon). And it connects with what we need to Let Go Of - those Old Patterns of Conditioning I mentioned earlier.

Please note: these old patterns seem to be ancient - as if we've been hanging onto that Drama Triangle for eons - & as entrenched as they may seem - we MUST Let Go...for the health of it all. Namaste

Photo Credits: The artists from Unsplash - thank you!

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