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Mercury Rx Begins - Intuitively Balancing Your Mind

As of Sunday September 26th at 11:10 PM MDT Mercury turned Rx/retrograde beginning his 3 week "logic vacation" where we humans learn to use our right-brains more - Intuitively, Creatively, thinking outside the logic box more than usual.

Mercury, as our Messenger from the Gods planet, brought forth messages between the gods and we humans way back when. Now in this Age of Aquarius, using all the technology we have on hand, to communicate with, learn from, do our research/investigations from, sometimes allowing the machine to do the thinking for us, these messages have become more complicated, chaotic at times, blocked and/or have disappeared into the black void.

Keeping in touch with one another - human to human - through communication devices, and during this current pandemic episode - has somehow dehumanized how we related to one another. Speaking face-to-face - OMG! Do people still do that?!! LOL! In our household, all the time! About everything. Thank goodness.

Mercury began this current "logic vacation" as of September 6th - same day as the New Moon phase began for the current Moon cycle we're now in - bringing forth his Pre-Rx Shadow timing - where we've received interesting jigs and jogs and bottlenecks of awareness of HOW these next three weeks will most likely be taking - communication-wise.

How many of you experienced, since September 6th, any similar situations listed below?

  • Doorbell rings while your cellphone rings AND the landline rings (for those who still have one) all at the same time? Thank goodness the phones are wireless to walk to the door with while speaking into one phone while the other is taking a message! I call this "all at once bottlenecked Mercury Rx communication!"

  • Setting out on what one would think would be a quick process of updating one's will, personal directive and/or power of attorney - for instance - as Libra does deal with legalities - however Zoom video meetings are required and delays occur on both sides due to life, scheduling issues and / or just needing to take a break, mentally and emotionally, from dealing with the black and white reality of death and dying. So it all stretches out, more weeks in between of waiting for the other side to catch up. Taking your TIME to double/triple-check everything just to ensure all sides of who's communicating with whom, and when, are all on the same page! Before signing on that dotted line...

  • Deciding to move out. Finding a place out of the blue from a friend who's looking too, and being accepted as the new tenant, then having to tell family members - um, I'm moving out by the end of the week?! And the rest falls into place lickety-split?! Like a rush of activity - zoom zoom - with fingers crossed I've not forgotten any of the details along the way?! Here's where networking and keeping up with what you've been wishing for over a long period of time seems to RUSH right into your life - ASAP! I'm HERE! Deal with it!

  • Long-awaited news from your peeps that somehow was held up somewhere somehow and all of a sudden you've got 93 - count them - 93 emails to deal with all at once?!! Another Mercury Rx-like bottleneck working itself out!

  • Learning HOW the joining of your website to your Google Business Account to increase SEO on the internet truly works when clients connect with you - two years later! Information I didn't know I needed to know!

  • Thinking about / asking out loud: "Who do we know, who knows someone, who fixes X?" and voila! That someone magically appears?! This is the MAGIC of Mercury Rx, I find, in my life and many others. And for you?

Until October 18th, when Mercury stations Direct again, Expect the Unexpected, in clumps, with perhaps drastic twists and turns and changes in direction, spinning on a dime it seems at times, during these next three weeks. Enjoy the ride! Know that your mind isn't working as logically as usual and at the same time, everyone else is having the same issue!

Lead with your Intuition - always - and follow it - and trust it. Within this Cardinal air sign of LIBRA - initiating some kind of change in the way you connect with others right now - perhaps surprising the H out of people by actually doing it face-to-face (!!) or somehow having the courage just to speak to someone you've been shy to do before now. Despite this ongoing pandemic - how are YOU relating to your friends, family, colleagues, business clients and/or partners?

Libra brings in Balance, Harmony, Peace, Beauty, and Love. To take a long breath of fresh air, and a long breath out to clear out those toxins in your lungs - to BE in the moment. To BE here and now in this conversation I'm having with you as I write this and you read it.

Libra brings a change in weather and colours - our Autumnal Equinox last week on September 22nd - changes things up. And brings in a lot of "winds of change" literally and figuratively. How have you been mindful of what you're thinking, saying and writing since September 6th? What conversations, decisions and thoughts have you had since then?

Mercury Rx gives us all a 3-week chance to REthink, REview, REassess, REorient, REengage - whatever your RE is that comes to mind - ALL of what has occurred conversation-wise, mind-wise, relationship/partnership-wise, desicion-wise. Tis a TIME for balance. Equilibrium. BEing decisive - the Shadow side of Libra brings sitting on the fence, in fear of making the wrong choice, in fear of hurting someone or making a situation seemingly worse - avoids taking a leap of faith into the unknown for something BETTER - which in turn can lead to missing that opportunity! And increasing the pain of staying put.

Procrastination isn't just left to VIRGO, folks! Remember: always listen to, trust and follow your own Intuition, which in turn leads to others doing their own soul-work as a result of how your decision led to change for others. As well as for you! Could be they were stalling for you, backing up their own lives as a result. And guess what? Pulling the pin on moving forward on your life just might bring forth THEIR needs in unexpected ways too!

Nothing to fear here folks! Mercury's last Rx dance of 2021 is upon us. Brings out our sense of humour to LAUGH at ourselves for being far too serious, to sit back, eat the popcorn and WATCH how tangled and messy human communication and relating to one another truly and actually IS. Really. How do we manage? And technology has quadrupled, if not more, how we FIND one another, let alone connect, chat, and learn about each other in the process.

This is also a great time to ORGANIZE - thoughts, email inboxes/sent items, drawers, cupboards, garages, closets, desks and filing areas. Mentally - how are you doing? Need to chat with a real person? Reach out and do so. REalign yourselves.

As I look at today's chart of where the planets are now, both the Sun and Mars are at 04/08 degrees Libra while Mercury stands Rx at 25 degrees 27' of Celestial Longitude. To head back to 10 degrees Libra by October 18th. Look to your birth charts to find where Libra is (could be straddling two Houses of Life Experience, not just one!) to find out the theme(s) of WHERE this mindfulness of balance needs your attention until October 18th. The Sun is assisting Mercury Rx with what needs balancing in our respective lives while Mars helps with the action bit! No sitting on our laurels this go-round!

O yes, right, the POST-Rx Shadow timing? Oct 18 - November 2/3rd :)) Which means we're not totally out of the woods until then. Which also means: look at how you've been learning to think via your right brain through all of this chaotic mess already, leaning more on your wonderful wise inner mechanism called Intuition, to work it all out! Going back to 100% logic might not work for you as well - perhaps it's best to keep on working with your Intuitive muscles that help to work out the chaotic kinks of which demanding text or email or phone call or doorbell do you answer first?! Or, to have the courage (Mars) to ask another probing question, face-to-face, that matters to both of you?


Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you all so much! Love your creativity that supports my words every post I write. Namaste


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