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2018 Summer Eclipse Season...

We've experienced quite a ride of emotion, change and action since July 12th's New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer, and July 27th's Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius. During the Total Lunar Eclipse we all experienced a full 28-day Moon cycle of emotion/intuitive insights, being our True Authentic Self, within just 3.5 - 5 hours! Did you ride that wave, or were you towed underneath it?

As I write this post, we are in the last days of the Last QTR Moon cycle begun August 4th at 12:19 pm MDT at 12 degrees of Taurus 19' where we are faced with a Crisis of Consciousness. This means you will face a challenge Within: do I allow my Ego-self's desire to stay put where it's always felt safe OR do I allow space for my Soul-self's desire to move in?

What is this desire? It will have something to do with your values, worthiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence surrounding whether or not you create something tangible in your life that stems from your Soul-self's truest desires. Versus the Ego-self's desire to stay safe, do not pass Go, do not allow change in!

Taurus is our fixed earth sign whose element of earth is fairly fertile and potent. It is the growing portion of the Spring season, and looks after the details of that growth:

Seeds? Check!Fertilizer? Check!Water? Check!Compost? Check!Tools? Check! and on and on...

During this Crisis of Consciousness Moon phase, after already walking/running (!) through two eclipses that felt as if we're being pushed gently forward in a hurried manner (are you coming along or not?) we now feel/intuit the need for ACTION via decision: am I moving forward into what I truly value, feel is more worthwhile, or am I staying put in what I already know?

No coincidence that Jupiter is sitting directly opposite this Moon phase, in our fixed water sign of Scorpio, helping all of us to walk that seemingly narrow bridge across the deep expanse of Inner dark emotion - fear, anger, anxiety, resentment, sadness, even depression - all of which the Ego-self feeds off of - to the other side where our deepest passions, wisdom and intuitive insights declare themselves! Jupiter asks us to spread our wings and fly through all that dark emotion to embrace the joy, exhilaration and amazing new life that awaits us, as we allow current limiting beliefs, past decisions and short-sighted vision to fall by the wayside.

Feel the emotions, walk forward, breathe, and 'see' yourself on the other side smiling joyfully, endlessly, as you walk further up and into your deepest desires and imaginings. This eclipse season has already shown us Ups and Downs and Sideways twists and turns - and as we come near another Solar (taking INspired Action of some sort) eclipse/New Moon (August 11th) of initiating something NEW in our emotional lives - what IS your Crisis of Consciousness telling you to do now, in preparation?

July 12th's New Moon/Solar Eclipse was in Cancer (January 1, 2018 saw the Full Moon in Cancer) of family, mothering/fathering, nurturance and emotional sensitivities. For some, their Soul Family showed up. For others, they saw who nurtures them and who does not. What Action was taken in your life?

July 27th's Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse was in Aquarius (New Moon in Aquarius was February 15th) to stand in your True Authenticity no matter what else was going on around you. To BE a part of community in some way, supportive, compassionate and nurturing. Following deep Inner Wisdom via intuitive INsights and feelings.

August 11th's New Moon/Solar Eclipse will be in LEO (Sun+Moon) - along with Mercury Rx (retrograde) - so we'll want to Act + Feel + Think/Talk of the NEW creative vision for ourselves to have fun and play with, to LEAD with - into the next 3.5 years of our lives.

Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius - we need this fixed FIRE to INspire us to use our creative minds, take us outside the usual logic box, into a whole new field of play. Leo rules the heart, spine and back. Do you

  • Know your True Heart's Desire?

  • Have the Courage to stand up for yourself as you take this NEW Action?

  • Know how Supportive this INSPIRed Action will be for your Soul-self in the long run?

Taking Leaps of Faith can be scary - ask me how many Grasshoppers I've seen in my walks these past several weeks?! Leaps of Faith is what they represent - along with the Dragonflies - what illusion/delusion-oriented excuses is your Ego-self cooking up in the hopes of holding you back? Take a breath, centre yourself Inward, and 'see' your way forward!


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