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A deeper dive into the New Age Aquarius is upon us!

Know that we’re about to take a DEEPER DIVE into the New Age of Aquarius!

Auspicious day - as I write this post - the Sun is EXACTLY conjunct Pluto at 29 degrees of Capricorn and will catch up w/ the EXACT minutes as of 6:46am MST Saturday JAN 2024 - they’ll be at 29 degrees Capricorn 59’! Fated / Destined to end / complete / release something in your life. What will it be?

The next meetup in Capricorn between these two will be 200+ years from now!

At the same moment mentioned above, the Moon is exactly conjunct Sedna - at that 29th degree - in Taurus - Emotionally, what are you valuing in your life? What also needs to be released that is no longer worthy for you - a daily habit, or emotional attachment that doesn't value you somehow - what is it?

Later on Saturday morning / evening: the Sun enters Aquarius at 7:07 am MST followed by Pluto’s re-entry into Aquarius at 5:50 pm MST. Between now and tomorrow morning’s Sign changes - what are you intending to release / end / complete that no longer serves the Integrity of what you’re building for 2024?

Then as JAN 20th unfolds, as the Sun, then Pluto enter Aquarius at 00 degrees - what’s New in your life, showing itself on the horizon? How are you moving forward into a deeper dive within the realm of Aquarius? To allow your Inner Genius to come forth, while showing up more truthfully as yourself - no matter what else is going on around you - that connects you with your true community, within humanity. That supports the evolving You, encouraging the urges to be innovative/inventive, to remember who you truly have been - all along.

The Vertex sat at 00 degrees Virgo earlier today, opposing Saturn at 05 Pisces - fated / destined this way comes, something of how we wish to Be of Sacred Service - here, and beyond Earth somehow. This Vertex also sends an alignment of needed adjustment through the Sun/Pluto duo in Capricorn to release Old Patterns of Conditioning as we’ve understood it to BE for over 248 years. Time to bring back the “sacredness” in the Service you are meant to do, going forward. 

The Sun/Pluto duo in Capricorn are exactly aligned w/ Sedna Rx at 29 Taurus bringing an end / completion / release lovingly to how we climb our respective “mountains of ambition” in Integrity while Knowing our Worth and standing up for what we Value in this life, while speaking our/the truth. Sedna stations Direct FEB 11, 2024 at 29 Taurus 27’ then enters Gemini APR 27, 2024 (still lovingly connected to Pluto in the other Air sign of Aquarius) asking us to Tell a New Story as we move further into this New Age of Aquarius!

And Venus, now releasing distortions in her Solar Plexus Chakra of Personal Power nears that Galactic Centre to be exact with it over the weekend too!And Uranus Rx at 19 Taurus is aligned with the South Lunar Node also at 19 degrees - in Libra - which also asks us to Release Old Patterns of Conditioning within your close relationships / partnerships whereby you show up authentically / truly as You! Past Life issues are to be resolved here now too! Speak Your Truths; Know Your Worth; Stand Up for Your Values! 

Huge day of endings, completion and release through the Earth signs especially - so physically and Earth related - what do you no longer physically NEED in your life that needs to leave it? A habit or perspective or addiction or behaviour? Enjoy the gifts of release, surrender, forgiveness, in preparation to start anew on an exciting adventure that awaits us all! Then allow the unfoldment of the deeper truer essence of Aquarius to come knocking at your evolutionary door! Namaste

Chart Created by Laurie Rae Rezanoff using AstroGold software; Photo Credit: WIX Media


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