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Welcome 2024 With Intention!

Happy 2024! An ‘8’ Year of Infinite Possibilities to choose from (2+0+2+4 = 8) with an eye on partnerships/relationships (2s), structures to be created (4) that define your space, while listening to, trusting in, and be guided by your Intuition (0).

As I write this post, JAN 3, 2024 the Sun’s at 13 Capricorn 11’ with Pluto still at that 29th degree of Capricorn - Fated/Destined to END or COMPLETE or RELEASE whatever’s no longer an integral piece of what you intend to BUILD here in 2024 (mostly through the lens of Aquarius as of JAN 20th - more on this in the next post). The Sun continues to spotlight whatever it is you need to build a more solid foundation, with Integrity - key ingredient for all of us these days - while using your current resources (skills, talents, experience) in a NEW way that the Collective is looking for, in 2024.

Saturn and Neptune bookend PISCES at 03 degrees / 25 degrees - restructuring whatever you’ve been Imagining / Envisioned since 2012. What illusions / delusions been dissolved these past 11 years in your world? Tis time to work more responsibly on your dreams, to bring them concretely down HERE on Earth - manifesting them in the physical realm in other words. Imagine it, and it WILL come true - believe in the Magic!

Chiron, North Lunar Node, and Eris are closely connected in ARIES - to Heal, give energy in the direction of your Soul Purpose and to liberate yourself from editing that instinctual nature of yours! Heed the Inner Warrior / Pioneer / Explorer of Self, independent from others' expectations of how to live your own life.

Uranus and Sedna sit 10 degrees from each other - 19 Taurus / 29 Taurus - yep a  Trine / easy flowing connection to Pluto - to transform any worthiness issues into empowered Spiritual maturity - Fated / Destined - while dealing with unexpected twists and turns along the way of what you truly value and need to "speak your truth" about. Both are Rx/retrograde still - hence deep Inner processing delays what’s seen outside of you by others.

The Moon’s now in her LAST QTR phase as of tonight at 8:30pm MST, at 13 LIBRA 14' conjunct the South Lunar Node - unresolved issues to face and heal from the Past, Emotionally speaking, relating to how you do relationships/partnerships. What needs balancing or negotiating or diplomacy perhaps? A good airing out of how you truly feel perhaps? There's a Crisis of Consciousness energy with this Moon phase - you cannot put the genie back in the bottle - so now what do you need to do about it?

And rounding up the Planetary placements: Venus at 06 SAGITTARIUS while MERCURY is now Direct (!!) at 22 SAG, with the Galactic Centre (27 SAG) nearby while Mars is exactly together with the Vertex at 29 SAG - another bookending group here, with Fated/Destined inspired actions to create something that goes beyond your usual safe boundaries of how you live your life! Heart Chakra Gate distortions to be released, while being Mindful of your Spiritual Intentions this first week of 2024, taking Assertive Action to write them down, direct them to the Milky Way and beyond! What is ending/coming to completion/needs to be released? Do it this week!

Usually I wait until mid-June to mid-July to create my own intentional Vision boards (this is when the Sun is moving through my 11th House of my Future Self/dreams & wishes time of year in my Birth Chart) however, in between Christmas and New Year’s it was strongly Intuited to create them NOW. And I did - 3 of them! One personally; one professionally; and one according to the Seasons of our Solar year. That was a new one, I must say. Have you been drawn to create your own Intentions for 2024 yet?

Enjoy continued Releasing, Reflecting and Intending. Soulfully, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically! What are you Conscious of now that needs to be acted upon between tonight and the Balsamic Moon phase of release JAN 7th? 


Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much!


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