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Activate and Liberate Your Desires: New Moon in Aries

Aries is the youngest sign of the Zodiac, and brings in the fire of new beginnings and the courage to explore who you truly are, in ways you'd not expect, before now. There is an energy of emotional renewal during every New Moon. With Aries in play - it is all about your self-identity, independence and self-discovery.

Tonight at 8:30 p.m. MDT the Sun and Moon come together in Aries at 22 degrees and 24 minutes of Celestial Longitude (for folks following along with your birth charts). The House of Life Experience that has Aries, in your birth chart, is where the action of this fiery zodiac sign is focusing on you, and you alone.

Unedited instinctual action - leaping before thinking - this is Aries. The innocence of adventure without thought to where it might lead you - this is Aries. Think of the instincts of Aries as another version of intuition - but this time it is more about how your physical body needs to take action - bringing you physically to a place not explored before now.

How are you showing up, in your physical body, these days? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Embrace the whole of you - no matter the extra pandemic pounds - that instinctual aspect of pioneering new inroads of who you truly are, to yourself.

Assisting us with all of the above are two other planets - Eris and Venus - both representing the feminine, within the masculine sign of Aries. Eris is our liberation zone, while Venus brings forth that which we desire to attract into our lives. They sit at 24 degrees and 26 degrees of Aries, respectively, holding hands with the Moon-Sun conjunction aka New Moon.

Eris will fight to the death (literally) for whatever she believes to be truth and justice - being the sister to Mars, ruler of Aries, she brings in that war-like quality of battling through whatever we need to, in order to liberate ourselves out of whatever prison we've been living in - before now.

Aries wants to be free to instinctively ACT - where in your life are you blocking this? Eris is here to help liberate you past that blockage. First, drink from the cup of courage. Then take that leap of action towards a new goal that you may have thought unattainable, before now.

Venus rules two zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra. Taurus shows us how to create, with our hands, something that is sensual and appeals to all our senses, that grows out of what we value, feels worthwhile, grows our self-esteem and self-confidence. All on our own merits, using our own skills and talents along the way.

Meanwhile, Libra wants the same thing but doing so with someone else - a significant other - be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, marriage or business partner or close friend. To grow something between the two of you, that is full of equality, balance, harmony, beauty and cooperation.

Having Venus in Aries right now means we need to focus on self for a bit - what is it that I want for me? And how do I do Me, in what I call our "We's" - our relationships and partnerships? Who are the people in your life that allow you to be independent, and yet you can still ask for their help when you need it? Are you even allowing yourself to ask for help?

The shadow side of Aries: being so self-absorbed by what your own adventures, on your own, bring for you, that you forget about your friends, neighbours, family - all your relationships! You forget to include them too. Yet, the other side of the coin here: is to forget about what YOU want for yourself, despite what others expect of you - denying your self-interests and needs that must be included, too. It's part of the process of self-love. Know Thyself. Vanity, selfishness, impulsiveness that alienates others, your anger and impatience - these too can be Aries's shadow showing themselves to you during this Moon cycle.

Remember: Aries is depicted as the Ram - ramming yourself through something is about trying to make it all happen, vs. allowing it to happen, with ease and flow. Yes, there is a rush of renewed energy (adrenaline) to take some sort of action. Be a bit mindful to how this action is coming about. How will it affect you, and others?

We're looking for balanced action, and we need an avenue of some kind of action or release of that Arien fire - otherwise we will become angry, impatient, even create inflammation or a headache within the physical body because we suppressed that instinctual need to ACT!

The physical portion of the body that Aries rules are the following (thank you Jan Spiller for this information):

  • Acne - those wee spots of inflammation/anger that can pop up, especially on the face.

  • Eyes - pink-eye is a form of inflammation too - what is it that makes you "see red"?

  • Head, face, scalp and brain - head injuries and accidents can occur if we are "leaping before thinking" as daredevils racing around without a key goal - just rough-housing or whatever with your buddies "on a dare" - a misuse of Arien fire action and energy that could have been used in a better direction with a little forethought. As the elders say, youthful energy is taken for granted by the young. No matter the age, we can all be "young at heart" in some regard. Don't deny it for yourself.

  • Headaches and dizziness - here's where the suppression of that Arien fire brings physical reaction within the body. Not enough movement or exercise. Do you see how to too much or too little action can act against us too?

Tonight's New Moon in Aries brings in the element of fire - light, warmth, inspired creative action - the need to act. Put forth some inspired words of action for this Moon Cycle: what do you wish to attract more of in your life that supports what you want for yourself? Make a list over candlelight or firelight tonight.

Being selfish is a good thing; ignoring what you truly want and need in your own life is the other extreme. Create a balance - this and that. Me and we. My time, your time and our time, together. Don't wait for others to make it happen for you and your own life. We're neither too young nor too old to be our own warrior, to pioneer and explore avenues of ourself, our needs and our goals. Our society has taught us that we need to be with someone who will show us the way. Be yourself, light your own way AND find another who cheers you on and wants to play with you too. Turn it around.

We'll also have help from three other planets/points this Moon cycle, creating a Grand Trine in the Air signs. The element of air brings connection through communication, socializing and relating with others. Going beyond the Self. Here's the threesome helping us to see what areas of our lives are showing us how we're showing up for ourselves, or not:

  • Part of Joy/Fortune in Libra: here's where we find our greatest joy and happiness. The desire can be for beauty and balance, striving for fairness and justice. Going along with others to maintain harmony and not asserting your own will. Look at all sides of a question or issue before making a decision - yet pleasing others all the time is ignoring your own needs and desires! Find common ground - how can you create an "and" here, where everyone gets what they want and need and desire? Joy is found in relationships with people you truly like. Happiness comes through the social connections and closer relationships. Despite this pandemic - with whom are you spending your time with? How often? When and where and how can you share your successes and dreams with? Blockage to this flow is the opposite sign to Libra - Aries - where this New Moon, Eris and Venus now are - if you don't have a goal to take pioneering action towards, with your desire to achieve something - along with what others are asking from you - what are you getting out of that action? What are you learning about yourself, and others? Will you take it personally if others don't want to do what you want? We must learn to see others' perspectives, and know our own, in order to know how to behave. This is your point of balance - being at the centre of all perspectives involved here, creating the ideal solution to any issue. The point of equilibrium in a world of opposites - sharing your joy. Thank you, Jessica Davidson, for this perspective on the Libra Part of Fortune.

  • Mars, ruler of Aries and this New Moon, is in Gemini: assertive action taken with a piece of knowledge or information that has been gathered, thought about, then to be shared or passed on to others. Gemini can be of two minds - do I? Or don't I? Will I hoard this message and keep it to myself or share its wisdom? The shadow side is to hoard it or misuse it (creating disinformation or misinformation). The soul side is to share it, truthfully. What's your instinctual nature telling you here?

  • Jupiter in Aquarius: since its conjunction with Saturn back in December, we've all been figuring out how to risk to be our true authentically unique self, while also expanding beyond the safe community we've been in until now. Finding the right and proper community that better supports the evolved you, who you are now. Where are they? Who are they? You may have already found and changed who you follow online, or who follows you. Create your own group or community online or in your neighbourhood or town. Find your tribe that supports your pursuit of what your true purpose is in life. Just because you have history with one another doesn't mean you support each other's dreams and desires to the loving best end. Is it time to let go and move on?

This Grand Trine in Air will support you throughout this New Moon in Aries cycle, perhaps bringing you some AHA moments by Full Moon April 26th. As you truly see the balanced perspective within your relationships, and within yourself, by letting go of old patterns of conditioning here, there's a good chance of something Fated or Destined coming your way that brings a spiritual renewal too. Interesting times folks.

Four areas of life will be renewed in some regard if you handle your Self's desires and need for liberation by finding joy and happiness by listening to other perspectives, and include your own! Pull back the carpet that's been hiding away the secrets to your success, and follow your heart. These are the keys of an incredibly renewed emotional life through this New Moon in Aries. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much! You all rock! Namaste

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