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Aries Fire! And then some...

It's been a wee while since I last felt INSPIRED to write - the Fire element brings us closer to Spirit - In Spirit - inspired creative action. There's been a LOT of fire and other Cardinal NEW-ness just this week! And I'm writing this post March 23, 2023 - magical number times!

Five days after the Virgo Full Moon/Saturn entered PISCES (for the first time in 29/30 years, just prior to the Internet being born, completely changing our lives as we knew them to be), on March 7th, we experienced an even earlier Daylight Savings Time change! Setting us up for a week of getting used to the SUN's fiery

presence earlier / later in our days.

And speaking of Saturn moving into PISCES - discipline, routine, daily To Do's that embrace your Spiritual Self/connection/practice that perhaps have been nagging at you to return to or take up for the first time ever. These next THREE years, Saturn will show us how it is necessary to connect daily/more with our Guides/Angels/Gods/Goddesses/Great Spirit to lock into the higher realms of the bigger picture. To IMAGINE a better and more loving world / life, to Dream into and Manifest the Garden of Earthly Delights here on Earth. Previous timing of Saturn in Pisces was JAN 29,1994 - April 7, 1996. Think back - what spiritually-oriented or esoteric subjects were you pursuing then? How have they enriched your life since? And is there anything you've FORGOTTEN that needs to be brought back into your daily life/routines, now? Crystals? Meditation? Sitting in Silence? Just BEing vs DOing? Unplugging from tv/internet/devices? Taking a social media vacation?

This week began with the Vernal / Spring Equinox, when the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries at 00 degrees 00' - Cardinal Fire - initiating something NEW that is INSPIRED/In spirit creative action. Equal (mostly) hours of day/night - a reset/balancing to hopefully bridge us away from the wintery snows/temperatures to the warming of the Earth, seeing the green growing around us once again!

Tuesday morning brought the NEW MOON - at 00 Aries 51' - Sun/Moon conjunction AND the 5th closest New Moon to Earth in a row - since NOV 2022! Another "initiating the NEW" energy/opportunity. Has it felt as if an invisible hand has been on your back, pushing you forward, whether or not you knew WHERE you were heading all these months? In August 2023 we'll begin seeing the perigee FULL MOONS - closest to Earth - for several months in a row. All deemed SUPER as the Moon's magnetism is even BIGGER than usual - to get our attention, being so close.

Aries energies: ruled by Mars - who is still OOB (out of bounds) in GEMINI at the 29th degree this week - something Fated/Destined to END/complete something within the realms of communication/thought and learning processes/ideas and decision-making - not the either/or of the past - more of "How can we do a bit of BOTH? Create something never thought of before?!" Wildcard energies abound. Mars will enter cardinal Water - Cancer - March 25th. Lots of CARDINAL / initiating the New energies coming our way!

Back to ARIES, eh?! Cardinal Fire - inSPIRED creative action - where Jupiter and Chiron have been meeting up to HEAL the fears we've had to physically EXIST - editing our instinctual natures - not allowing ourselves to BE ourselves! ERIS is also here, and today with the MOON amplifying the emotional fire from Within, to assist in LIBERATING us from what we've long NEGLECTED in our respective lives. Have you been heeding this Inner Clarion Call? What ACTIONS are you taking today, this week, that further your independent way forward as YOU? Calling forth your inner Warrior to Pioneer and Explore aspects of Self that you've not had the COURAGE to do before this week!

Pluto WAS also at the 29th degree - of Capricorn - cardinal Earth energy - from FEB 12th until early this morning! He has now "crossed the Rubicon" folks! First time in 248 years, now in fixed Air - Aquarius - until mid-June this round - to boldly transform what's needed to be composted within societal norms/mores, how we relate to one another as humans, within community, sharing a vision of the future that works for ALL Earthly beings. Rebellion and genius, innovation and invention, technology and returning to the basics that always have been the "gems". What will be swept into the garbage can, what will be kept, what will pop up Unexpectedly as the NEW shiny thing to embrace?! What's been coming your way to EMBRACE that you had no idea was IT to embrace, way back in NOV 2022? Huh. What have you thought of/felt through/perhaps decided to END/complete in your life since FEB 12th that you truly do NOT need/want to bring with you for the next 20 years while Pluto is transforming through Aquarius? Luckily for all of us, Pluto will return to Capricorn off and on here in 2023 then truly move back into Aquarius for a good long "expect the Unexpected" transformative stay as of NOV 20, 2024! So it won't feel like a complete "thump on the back of the head!" wakeup call - all at once! :))

Tomorrow, March 24th, Venus and the Moon meet up at 09 degrees Taurus (fixed Earth energies) in her ascending journey as Evening Star (have you seen her in the western skies just after sunset?!) creating the Heart Chakra Gate of opening the heart centre, loving self and others, see how you're perhaps NOT loving self/others. Doing Forgiveness. Of self/others - for anything/everything. Clearing the decks. We're ALL doing the very best we can, every moment, hour, day, that we can, as evolved as we each are, together. This Venus/Taurus connection - and Venus rules Taurus by the way - brings out our sensual natures, being hands-on creative in some way, speaking our Truth, standing up for our values, knowing our Worth, all heartfully so! LOVE your Values. LOVE your worth. LOVE your physical body - Earth signs represent the physical - and Taurus IS about our sensual natures within this physical vessel called a body. There can be excesses into eating all the so-called "good things in life!" indulging a bit too much. Or deciding that spending MORE time moving the body and being in nature while doing so is a better choice, more loving one perhaps? Heartfully, how are you doing? The North Lunar Node is activating this Heart Chakra Gate - Soul Direction - to find serenity, peace, stability, embrace what you can create with your own two hands, for your life, to be proud of accomplishing. It's never too late. We're never too old. And Uranus is also nearby, bringing the Unexpected through to create that CHANGE - that the fixed nature of Taurus so dislikes! Stubborn as a Bull, eh?!

And Saturday, March 25th, Mars, as mentioned, moves into CANCER after being in GEMINI since AUG 21, 2022 - and mostly OOB/out of bounds with wild abandon since late OCT! Huh, just realized this timing coincides with me feeling like I "lost my voice" unmotivated to write my blog posts, moving away from social media. Interesting. We're now moving from mutable Air into cardinal Water - two changes here - thought/communications as it relates to others into feelings/intuition and caring / nurturing, doing self-care, mothering or fathering. Family. Folks who feel like family. Like soul family. Cardinal means initiating the NEW somehow - and the Emotional body is definitely a different realm compared to the Mental body, is it not? Feel your way forward, literally. Allow yourself to RECEIVE the indications of what your next action steps are to be until MAY 17th. Insights, intuitive hits of knowing. Seeing and Doing through Feeling. Easier for some. Time to Take Care.

This current New Moon in Aries this week, carried so closely by the Vernal Equinox - where the Sun's journey around the Earth (called the Ecliptic) meets up with the Celestial Equator (miles above our own equator) - all meaning that the Sun's rays moved up from the southern hemisphere crossing the Equator of Earth as of Monday at 3:24pm MDT to head north now. Creating longer days for we northern hemisphere folk - peaking at Summer Solstice/June 21st - while the southern hemisphere folk begin their shorter days/ Winter Solstice peak. Then the Sun reverses his journey, moving back south. Loving what I'm teaching my current ASTRO101 level students right now!

New seeds of Unrealized Potential are being planted this week - to be realized/fulfilled by the Libra Full Moon, APR 5th - Easter week. The Power of the Vernal Equinox shows the way of what's beginning for all of us between now and June 21st, Summer Solstice. How do you wish to seed your path for these next 3 months, to SEE the fulfillment of at Summer Solstice - the Full Moon time of our Solar year? What are you planting this week? Consciously. Unconsciously. With courage. As the Warrior you are. To Pioneer something NEW in your life. To Explore worlds unknown to you before now - Inner and Outer. They're all opening up - powerfully so - in this massive week of CHANGE! Are you noticing it in your life? Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you rock! Thank you!

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