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ASTRO WEATHER: Sept 27 - Oct 4, 2023 - Full Super-Moon Effect!

Good Day Everyone! Busy busy busy time with all that VIRGO energy of the Sun/Mercury Rx / retrograde combo from AUG 24, 2023 until the Autumnal Equinox we experienced last Saturday in the wee hours of the morn when the Sun entered LIBRA bringing balance, peace, harmony and LOVE our way - or has it? Hhhmmm....

Been an interesting time here where I live in Okotoks, AB Canada from the New Super Moon in VIRGO Sept 14th, 2023 aligned with the Vertex - something Fated/Destined This Way Comes! And it has, big time! Yesterday/today the Gibbous Moon and Saturn Rx conjuncted in PISCES as it waxes to the Full Super Moon FRIDAY SEPT 29th at 3:57 am MDT. The last Super Moon of 2023, due to how close the Moon is in its orbit around Earth. Affects all of us, taking us out of normal realms of behaviour.

PISCES brings Drama, Addiction, Escapism, perhaps the need for more sleep/dream time. It's also about reaching higher, connecting with our Higher Self/Angelic realms, Spiritual Self.

The VIRGO energies brought forth the need to organize, sort through, cull and perhaps perfect some processes of daily life/routines around health and/or work. VIRGO's all about the Sacred Work, how we conduct ourselves, and the environment we do our work in. Lots of cleansing/clearing of the physical to clear the way for what's coming next. Shadow side of VIRGO - perfectionism, expecting the world and people around us to BE PERFECT 24/7 - no deviation from the new norm. Unable to sustain that for any length of time!

Then this Gibbous Moon meets up with Saturn Rx in PISCES - opposite sign to VIRGO - and wham! Any opposition possible, to Authority/authority figures, creating drama, because guess what? Life ain't perfect and I WANT IT TO BE! For some this is HUGE. Their perception of life. Wanting to CONTROL it this way. But it's a fool's errand - both VIRGO and PISCES are mutable signs - perfection is a moveable feast, while addiction/escapism and drama are good for this moment in time, then poof! tis gone!

Imagination and dreaming a better dream are higher sides of PISCES. Analytical thought, critical thinking - that's VIRGO - bringing this "down to earth" into the physical, perfecting HOW we conduct ourselves. Those processes and rules of engagement.

Back to that Fated/Destined This Way Comes scenario begun during the New Super Moon of SEPT 14th - Okotoks is over-run with Teens (ages 11/12 and older) who are cycling and/or using their e-scooters to run around town until the wee hours (as in 3:00 am!). And they're creating havoc - ringing doorbells multiple times a night, leaving notes/cards for some, throwing fruit at windows (thankfully no eggs!) and gathering at darkened parking lots around midnight to plot their next steps around town!

Besides asking the obvious (where are their parents?!) I look into their ages. This is what I know, Astrologically-speaking, of the planetary cycles we all undergo from Birth to age 19:

  1. Age 2 - first MARS Return - aka "the terrible two's" when little Johnny wants to run around and not be picked up! Mars wants to ACT and ACT OUT and go beyond the safe boundaries set by his parents before now. This occurs EVERY 2 YEARS for the rest of his life!

  2. Age 7/8 - first SATURN Square - where fear/a blockage to our natural structures shows itself. A wounding can occur OR a major breakthrough - depends on the child and situation - whereby if it's a wounding, they're somehow looking for this aspect of Self to be healed for the rest of their life.

  3. Anywhere from age 2.5 to early 20's - we experience our first Chiron Square - another stress/tension timing for change from Within where we experience another Wounding, triggered by how hypersensitive we fear of being rejected by others if we try to walk outside the norm. How we are wounded or wound others or both, depends on the age.

  4. Age 11/12 - first JUPITER Return where we, as kids, feel, loudly, the need to bust out beyond the safe, secure boundaries set by our parents. OR, if there haven't been safe/secure boundaries set...well havoc prevails even MORE! Jupiter wants to take Risks, to make Leaps of Faith, and at this age, leaping before thinking about any consequences, eh? AND, there will be a MARS Return occurring here too, don't forget! Yikes! MORE on this in a bit...

  5. Age 13/14/15 - first SATURN Opposition - where the fearlessness can come into play, to stand up to Authority/authority figures (aka parents, teachers, police, seniors etc.) as these teens feel the need to restructure their lives on their own terms, thank you very much! They're "seeing" themselves for the first time, 180 degrees away from where Saturn was when they were born. And, another MARS Return in that 14th year.... MORE on this in a bit...

  6. Lastly, age 19 - their first Lunar Return of the North/South Lunar Nodes returning to where they were when they were born! HUGE shifts of change here. Most of us left home to either go to school or travel or find work elsewhere. Some married, began having children of their own. We all undergo this over and over, every 19 years in our lives. North Lunar Node = our Soul Direction this lifetime; South Lunar Node is our Karmic / Past Life issues to be resolved because the Karma has jelled and you're now ready, willing and want to DEAL with it in this lifetime. There will be repeat reminders of shades of what went before in those Past Lives, now, in this life. Interesting times!

Okay, now WHY did Laurie Rae take you back along your own childhood with all of this, you ask? Returning to the New Super Moon in VIRGO two weeks ago and the current Gibbous Moon now with SATURN Rx in PISCES (opposite sign) - looking back in Time when Saturn was in VIRGO - that would have been from SEPT 3, 2007 to JULY 21, 2010 - 13 to 16 years ago! See where I'm going with this?

Today's teenagers born within the above-mentioned timeframe are experiencing their first SATURN Opposition - "opposing authority" it's what we're all meant to do at that age, somehow, somewhen. Rebelling against "the establishment" (Saturn rules Capricorn - all about Tradition, societal rules, what we're "supposed to do" or are "expected to do" just because vs. what I WANT TO DO WITH THE STRUCTURE OF MY OWN LIFE - not "my way or the highway" dictated by parents or society! We've all been there to some extent - some more overtly than others.

And the younger set, now having their first JUPITER Return - born with their natal Jupiter in TAURUS - all about values, worth, self-confidence/esteem, money - having it, making it, keeping it - and being hands-on creative with something that gives them all of, or most of, the above! Speaking Their Truths, perhaps for the very first time! These kids were born between JUNE 4, 2011 to JUNE 11, 2012.

Both sets of pre-teens/teens, here and NOW, are shaking our trees, creating havoc and chaos because right now THE WORLD isn't as it could be. Leaders around the world certainly are not; teachers may not be, and certainly the Parents - are they even showing up, discussing what their kids need to talk about, wondering what their kids get up to or worry about or fear? Many teens are anxious, depressed, have mental health issues, especially after what we've all undergone these past three bizarre years.

So the doorbell ringing and flinging fruit and causing upset to others - WHAT IS IT TRULY IN AID OF? It's really LOUD right now. JUPITER is again in TAURUS and will be here into 2024. SATURN is in PISCES for the next 2.5 years - what's the Illusion/Delusion that needs to be shattered so that we all see the REALITY, the Truth of the Now? What are these teens feeling, needing, wanting that perhaps they cannot voice? PISCES is Intuitive, emotional, dreamy, and somewhat without substance for this world of thought/physical-oriented "if I see it, I believe it" - otherwise I don't.

Addictions - alcohol, opiates, edibles, vaping, shopping ("Why are we so poor? How come I can't have the phones other kids have?!" asked a child of her grandmother, stunning the grandmother (a friend of mine) because this child lacks for nothing. But this child compares herself with what her boyfriend's family is able to afford - better, bigger and more often. See the relationship to Values, Money, Worthiness, impacting self-confidence/esteem in one's self? Gambling (yes! kids are gambling to GET MONEY way earlier than ever - quick ways vs. setting goals for the long-term).

Teens are showing their addictions in other ways too - getting attention from strangers because the parents aren't home or listening or whatever! Creating Drama to "stir things up"! Playing games, as children do, no matter the age, while acting out, and defying any adult who comes within five feet of them!

This is the world of pre-teens/teens that has always been, and always will. The signs their Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Jupiter and Lunar Nodes are in at birth have their cycles, which repeat, over and over throughout their lives. Right now they're undergoing the "first kick at the can" for JUPITER and SATURN mostly. Saturn's about taking responsibility for our actions and for future long-term goals. To have long-term goals - do they? Any chores or responsibilities on the home-front to help them be centred, grounded, know where they're going, know what they're contributing to their lives, the family, onward? All occurring during their "formative years" - what are we forming for the future leaders of society/community?

This is what these past couple of weeks have ERUPTED into here in Okotoks. The high side has been bringing community together, folks are sharing their stories, not having had anyone listen to them before now. Folks are coming together, banding together, because it is getting LOUDER the longer no one steps up to DO SOMETHING about how the kids are acting out. And these kids aren't shy about telling you what they think. Feedback can come in strange packages - like the cards and notes left on front steps after ringing doorbells and scooting or cycling away as fast as they can!

Question: what's our collective Next Steps here? HOW do we heal this (Chiron is the Healer) with them, not for them. That's part of the problem - too much DOING IT FOR THEM vs. showing them how to do for themselves, growing with confidence, and esteem and respect for their Elders - no matter if they're related to them or not! Chiron's in ARIES right now; and was in PISCES back in APR 2010 until MARCH 2019! More energetic boundary issues - not very solid, elusive, or even healthy, if there was addiction in the family, at home, when they were born! Now it's ARIES - how to naturally instinctually ACT - not edit themselves - and guess what? They are!

Interesting, is Astrology, and the cycles we undergo during our formative years. Parents and Grandparents and neighbourhoods and communities - these are the teachers, the boundary keepers, the Wisdom Way-showers. These kids/teens, were they not shown SOLID versions of living concretely in our world? Escapism seems to be a code of honour for them now. Creating drama wherever they go. Addicted to the next "high" from whatever/whomever gives it to them. Next Steps for us? Good seems to be "up in the air"...


PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you!

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