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Be Emotionally & Mindfully Authentic! New Moon in Aquarius

The dynamic Moon Cycle with 2 Eclipses is about to draw to a close...yet the beat goes on...accelerated Change, with Challenge, toward Authenticity.

How are you showing up as your True Authentic Self, in all areas of your life? Today, Friday January 24, 2020, we end the Balsamic Phase by Releasing the Old Emotional Ties to what was, in preparation for the New Moon cycle of Initiating the New, while the Moon & Sun align together at 04 degrees of Aquarius 21' of Celestial Longitude (for those of you who have your birth charts!) at 2:41 pm MST.

The Planetary Ruler of Aquarius (& this New Moon cycle) is Uranus, bringer of Unexpected Change to ensure we're all standing Authentically in our centre. Uranus has been slowly moving through our fixed Earth sign of Taurus since March 2019, bringing out the Values card, asking us to use ALL of our senses, as we also sort through our toolboxes of skills & talents that help us generate income streams, receive money to pay our bills & create a life that is rich with hands-on experiences, digging deeply into BEing here on Mother Earth.

Uranus in Taurus is squaring this New Moon duo - Moon & Sun - in our fixed Air sign of Aquarius! Stress & tension Within to allow in CHANGE from Without.....oooooo! Fixed signs do not like Change! Unless they decide to make the change themselves! LOL! So the Unexpectedness of Uranus, creating so-called havoc or chaos or drama (according to the fixed signs who love stability, safety & security, to the max!) is eyed with a bit of fear & apprehension. This New Moon cycle will bring Unexpectedness - from Within & Without! Shaking things up for all of us - Emotionally Soullfully & Mentally!

The Christmas Day & January 10th Eclipses accelerated activities in our lives to BE here, now. Look back at ALL YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH SINCE JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS DAY! This New Moon in Aquarius brings the need to BE TRULY AUTHENTIC - be your true self - no matter whom, what, where or why! This is your TRUE NORTH CENTRE! THIS IS YOUR STABLE & SECURE PLACE TO BE. If you have been hesitant to heartfully show up, 100% as the unique individual that you are, despite peer pressure, family expectations, societal rules, etc., this Moon Cycle will show you the way!

Taurus is sensual - breathe it, taste it, see it, feel it, hear it! EMBRACE ALL OF WHO YOU ARE, now. Aquarius is the Water-bearer, bringer of Future-oriented foresight & innovation & invention. What do YOU Foresee? Listen deeply to your intuition. Follow the nudgings into new directions, connections with community in ways you never imagined. Aquarius needs to be an individual AND part of community. There, when community needs us; community is there when we need it. Together nothing can stop us from growing, expanding, learning, & loving. As a team. Individuals have needs; communities have needs; unique individuals create unique communities.

Taurus rules the Throat Chakra - speak your truth! No matter how uncomfortable it is for everyone around you. We all need our space, our needs met, our uniqueness celebrated. With love, compassion & forgiveness (of self, others at times). Aquarius rules the calves, ankles & nervous system - where are you walking? Where are you heading? Are you heeding your Earthly journey with mindfulness or are you mentally scattered? What have you learned from the previous Moon Cycle? What are your goals? Aquarius brings in those ideas & thoughts that seem "out of space man!" Well, yes, actually, they are!

It's been a long while since I looked up the Sabian Symbol for an Astrological event. My intuition told me to look up the symbol for this New Moon in Aquarius - here it is, from The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill, 1995:

AQUARIUS 5 [we round up to the next degree]: A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS.

"You may find that you are strengthened by the wisdom of precedent. There is so much understanding already available through the experienced elders & this is what needs to be tapped. Inner knowledge. Direct tap root to deeper sources of energy. Karmic connections with the past.

If in Shadow form: reliance on conservatism. Not being able to move with the times. Needing the nod of approval from others to validate what one's doing."

It's time to let go of approval-seeking actions/reactions or stalemate. Emotionally Soulfully & Mentally - BE YOUR TRUE SELF! Feel comfortable in your own body, mind, & heart! Lead heartfully & mindfully - follow that Intuitive Wisdom that is guided so deeply from the Elders of Your Past! Tap into your own knowingness. The Eclipses brought you here; what will you do now? How will you do it? Love & Compassion mix well here too!


Photo Credits: Unsplash Photographers - Thank You!

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