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Catch a Falling Star & Put It in Your Pocket - Jupiter Rx in Aquarius

Remember way back to December 21st, 2020? That once-in-800 years rare occurrence of Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 00 degrees Aquarius 00'? And thus began the process we're all in now - determining how well we're listening to the whisperings from our respective Future Selves - through the Future Knowledge falling through the Milky Way from the Galactic Centre - calling out to each us - showering us with insights to Follow Our Respective North Star - Authentically so! How are you doing within your process?

Jupiter's call from Aquarius/into Pisces has been about:

  • Taking a RISK of some sort - that may feel like you're rebelling against the odds, family, societal norms or expectations - yet somehow it FEELS RIGHT to do so...

  • Jupiter needs to break through current safe boundaries - to find some freedom beyond the Known, tried and trusted - to risk safety and security somehow.

  • This RISK becomes a "Leap of Faith into the Unknown" as it nears and passes into Pisces - which it did from May 14th - June 20th, 2021 then it turned Rx/retrograde at 02 degrees Pisces 11' Celestial Longitude, retracing its steps BACK to the beginning of Pisces...

  • Jupiter sat here, Rx, at 00 degrees Pisces, from July 18/19th - 28th ensuring, for 10 days, that it was LOUD AND CLEAR that we each understood WHAT that Leap of Faith into the Unknown will be (and we'll be returning to these 00 degrees of Pisces in Direct motion once again December 28, 2021 to take that Leap into 2022)!!!

  • What came up for you? What's been tugging at you to DARE to head into a different direction, more authentically, with innovation/invention, heeding that Clarion Call of your Future Self?!

  • Please note: Jupiter fast-tracks through the Zodiac signs - barely a year - compared to Saturn's 2-year romp! He's so excited - I wanna be first! LOL!

  • Last time we all did this? January 2010 until January 2011 - what Spiritual Leap or risk did you take back then? How did it change your life, put you more solidly onto the "right track" toward your Spiritual Path/Purpose? Or did you ignore it last time?

  • Currently, Jupiter's passed from Pisces, still in Rx/retrograde motion, back into Aquarius and has been sitting at that 29th degree since July 29th until this Friday, August 6th. Here's where it gets interesting...

  • We've been here before, at this 29th degree of Aquarius, in Direct motion, from May 5th - 14th - assessing something Fated/Destined this way comes - what are you Letting Go/Completing in this area of your life? What needs to finish? Where is Aquarius in your Birth chart - especially the last degrees of it and the beginning degrees of Pisces - are they in the same House of Life Experience? This House will tell you WHERE all of this is happening! In May, we sailed right by this part - didn't barely notice it....Direct motion means we're motoring on down our tracks, outwardly taking action, doing something risky - feels great doesn't it? Or did we?

  • Now, back at that 29th degree of Aquarius, in Rx/retrograde or inward motion - it's up close and personal! And it is SO LOUD! You cannot - and I mean cannot - NOT NOTICE IT! What's Fated/Destined in your life, right now, that you already KNOW TO BE TRUE - you cannot deny it any longer - that needs to be LET GO OF?!

  • This is the Fated/Destined part - letting go of what ever has been BLOCKING YOU from taking that Leap of Faith into the Unknown (back in 2010/2011?) and/or now - will you Let GO of it?! You've got until Friday, August 6th to decide...

  • And if you're still wavering, think of it this way: if I decide NOT to take that Leap of Faith into the Unknown that is LOUDLY calling out to me and my Intuition is almost shoving me into that direction (and the Universe is hailing down signs like rain all around me!) - do I want to be sitting here, again, in another 10/11 years? Staring at the same Fate, full of fear, anxiety, excuses - whatever it may be - that I'm sitting in now?

  • Or, will Letting Go of that thing that's blocking me, create a newfound freedom and direction that feels MORE like my truth and purpose?! Even though - even though I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I'LL END UP LANDING?!!! Trust folks - we're being asked to TRUST ourselves, our Intuition, the signs, the Fated/Destined direction that's beckoning...

Saturn's call from Aquarius (not quite ready for Pisces yet - let's wait until 2023) has been about:

  • "Slow down! Let's take our time - we need to check it all out along the way - no need for speed here people!" Sounds a wee bit like a parent, am I right? Interestingly, Jupiter's orbit around the Sun is just before Saturn's - more enthusiastic, wants to jump for joy, so optimistic that "I'm heading the right direction!!" compared to Saturn.

  • Saturn needs and requires structure, goals to aim for - long-term - and to allow TIME to deal with the fears that may/will crop up along the way - fear of Success, fear of Failure. Fear of not being Good Enough, or that I even have the RIGHT to ask for something Future-oriented, in the Now-verse!

  • Saturn takes about 2 years to go through each Zodiac sign and his journey through Aquarius started with Jupiter both at 00 degrees. He made it to 13 degrees Aquarius 31' before turning Rx/retrograde as of May 23rd and will continue Rx until October 11th when we Stations Direct again!! 4.5 months of staring at your navel, contemplating "Will I? Won't I? Do I? Should I?" while listing all the Pro's and Con's your Ego's fears bring up to distract, excuse, and / or totally stop you in your tracks! Will you allow your fears of being Truly Authentically YOU, and showing your Authenticity, finally, to friends, family, society - get in the way of what the Universe/your Future Self is beckoning you to move forward into?

  • As of today's posting, Saturn is still Rx and sitting at 10 degrees Aquarius 08' Celestial Longitude - where's this in your Birth chart? Is this transiting Saturn sitting with any of your natal planets, planning a pity party with them? Trying to talk some sense into them? LOL! How have your FEARS, Ego-self excuses been of late, especially since Saturn turned Rx way back in May? Anything come to mind?

  • Note to Self: I hear ya, Ego fears. I see ya. I'll face each one of you, one by one, or collectively as a whole, while Jupiter skips along, diving into the Spiritual Future that's showing itself. I'm taking my Time here - because I won't be passing this way again for another 28/29 years (January 2050 - January 2053!) and I may be dead by then! LOL! So I'm taking THIS opportunity to assess the responsibilities that will be changing and/or expanding, over the long haul, if I do decide to not drink the kool-aid anymore - to think for myself, be more authentic in this area of my life (wherever Aquarius IS in your Birth chart) and actually Catch that Falling Star of Knowledge that leads me further along on my path/track/purpose that is so full of the long-term goals I more truly resonate with! I'll make my goals list - long-term and the short-term ones in between - to ensure Success IS my end-game! That feels WAY BETTER! I can see the light at the end of that seemingly long tunnel - it's just another 19 months - easy peasy! We've GOT THIS! Allow in the new structures that support the Evolving ME that Jupiter is quickly mapping out for me. What could possible happen between now and then?!

Here's what's really interesting - while we tune inward and listen to and trust ourselves NOW - and follow that Intuitive Wisdom we all have - and listen to our heart's desire to BE more real and authentic and honest and innovate along the way with a little rebellion mixed in - if we DO THE WORK NOW, personally, despite any/all fears our Ego-self throws our way - if WE DO IT NOW, as best we can - then when PLUTO comes into Aquarius (March 24, 2023 for a bit, then again January 22, 2024, then again November 20, 2024 for the long haul until January 20, 2044!!!) it won't feel like a WHAM! SLAM! Gotta do it for REAL NOW - from the might of Pluto's ability to Transform, Empower and Let Go of Control - do you want to do this process on your own Soul terms or kicking and screaming with resistance from your Ego-self? What has Pluto's transformative abilities taught you since 2008 during his passage through Capricorn - all things traditional, all institutions, corporations, business dealings, with or without integrity - who's still standing? Who's not? This tells you a bit of what's awaiting us in 2023 - 2044 if we hide and wait.

Free Will reigns, as always. It is truly amazing what we all signed up to experience right now!

Look back in Time to where your life was at and like back in 2010/2011 - to where it's at Now. How is it better and more suited to your Spiritual/Soul path? How does it feel on you? Comfortable or way uncomfortable? Can hardly wait to throw this suit of armour off for something lighter, flowing and ME! Or, I'm liking what I'm feeling and seeing and doing and I want MORE and BETTER - hence this latest Leap of Faith into the Unknown showing itself.

Think back to December 21, 2020 - what was going on in your life, and how does that speak to the theme of the House of Life Experience of where Aquarius/Pisces are in your Birth chart? THIS is the area of your Life that is asking for that Falling Star of Future Knowledge - that newer road map of what's ahead - that will only be revealed if you first TRUST then LEAP into your Unknown Path Ahead!

In my life, I have ALL of Aquarius totally embedded within my 6th House of daily work, my work environment, and the health of my physical body. I have always embraced the alternative health regimens, my body is way too sensitive and allergic to Western medicine - just how I'm wired. AND, when it comes to the work I've done - from babysitting, helping out in the family business, then working with technology/computers (Aquarius rules tech!) in various industries over many decades - I've always brought in what seemed like "future-oriented" innovations of perfecting processes - how can we DO this better? Then Astrology (also ruled by Aquarius!!) came seamlessly into my work life during my MidLife Awareness timing and totally changed my Life Purpose - away from technical admin into revealing Magic to my clients and their lives!

Back in 2010/2011, my Leap of Faith? To move to Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island, totally upsetting the life of the sister I shared a mortgage with (!!) and leaving a job that was okay as a part-time gig while I still improved by craft of reading Birth charts etc., despite family "two thumbs down" reactions because it seemed so unlike Laurie to up stakes and move to a town she knew nothing about, nor anyone to rely upon. Yet I did it!

What happened? I grew and expanded my Astrology business - beyond just chart readings - into monthly New Moon Gatherings, writing articles about Astrology for online magazines, doing trade shows, making presentations at these trade shows and in front of a class of future social workers at Vancouver Island university, and I even enjoyed an opportunity to be on a local radio show - that was to have turned into a monthly thing - and met MORE of my Soul Family - and we continue to connect regularly with one another - until I was called home due to a multiple family medical emergency.

Now, what's in store for me in 2021 and beyond? Health-wise - finally, and I mean finally (!!) learning the root cause of the WHY of my ongoing weight-gain, working with an ND who gets me and my health goals, sees me holistically, and YES! I'm actually Ready, Willing and Wanting to learn to let go of the stress triggers of emotional eating - that incorporated themselves into my life since before I was 6 years old! Interesting journey I've been on and continue to learn from - always in All Ways - no matter what's thrown onto my path.

And my Astrology business? Well that's had an Unexpected event come into my life just this week (!!) - more to be revealed as Time marches on! You'll be the first to know! LOL!

Have I helped you today, to assess what's LOUDLY calling out to you, that dovetails somewhat to where you were at in 2010/2011, helping you onward into Leaping Faithfully into that Unknown path that beckons beyond the veil of the Known, in the Now-verse? Trust your Intuition, follow it, be guided by it. And LEAP! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you ROCK! Thank you! Namaste


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