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Current Moon Cycle Began in Aries...

Good Morning All! I was up with the robins this morning (as well as the early-bird landscapers' with their mechanical machines humming along). I have been looking back to how this Moon cycle (began April 18th) activated our Self-Identity issues AND how we are BEing with this identity Within our physical bodies this whole month. In other words: how well do I EMBODY, well, ME?

Huh? What do you mean? I challenge all of you to think back to the beginning of this Moon cycle and ask yourselves this: Am I identifying with myself more wholly, differently, NOW, compared to where I was April 18th? AND, how has this affected how AWARE you are of YOU within your physical body, now, compared to then? Hhhmmm....

Aries asks us to BE our true pioneering, independent Self - truly ME, Myself & I - no matter what the circumstances nor the relationships we attract. TO BE ME - no matter what!?

Self-identity - Aries - always resides behind the scenes, operating there behind our Rising Sign and 1st House of our birth charts. No matter what sign IS there (for example, my Rising Sign is Virgo, not Aries) in our respective charts (and some of you are Aries and/or  may have Aries Rising) the themes of Aries will be operating energetically.

And wherever we DO have Aries in our charts - THIS is where our Self-Identity shows itself - or not - depending on how CERTAIN we are WHO we are! How well do you show up, as YOU, every moment of the day/week/month/year? And since this current Moon cycle began, how much BETTER do YOU know yourself, to really KNOW, down to your very bones and DNA of the physical body you reside in, WHO YOU TRULY ARE?

This includes I KNOW:

  • What I want, for ME

  • What I think, for MEWhat I feel, for ME

  • What I intuit, for MEWhat I INSTINCTIVELY KNOW TO BE TRUE, for ME, Always and in All Ways!???

How often, before this particular Moon cycle, did you disregard your inner urging to ACT or BE otherwise? Due to FEAR of showing up 100% in case others might not approve? That you might NEED to ASSERT yourself, STAND UP FOR SELF, BE counted as the pioneer/unique identity you truly are? So many of us ARE people pleasers (we have been brainwashed to BE so for many hundreds of years of lifetimes), not wanting to rock the boat, keep the status quo, just quietly live on the outskirts of our self-identity and not truly WITHIN our Warrior/Pioneer self!

This Moon cycle has had assistance from the following planetary characters to show us WHO we truly are, AND, to EMBODY this person we are, finally, more surely:

  • South Node Rx (affecting a lot of us with our natal Eris position!): this points to ALL of the personal skills, talents and resources we bring forth FROM our past lives - all the ways we have lived our Aries-self before this lifetime. AND, any UNRESOLVED issues from those past lives when we did NOT stand up for self, assert our warrior or pioneer new pathways of BEing in our physical body of that time. What have YOU resolved from the past this month?

  • Uranus: INDIVIDUATION aka original, innovative, new and uniquely ME - how DO we DO this, today? Uranus rules technology, science, the logical yet original thoughts of WHY am I here? It is electric - thunderbolts of Unexpected Change coming out of left-field, totally discombobulating AND revealing that which was hidden before the instant of change.

  • Sun and Moon (as the New Moon phase): here's where it all began for us this Moon cycle - bringing in the Soul self (Sun) vital ACTIVE energy to BE here in this realm we call Earth, AND the Emotional Body (Moon) of feelings, emotions, intuition, insightful RECEPTIVE energy. The Moon also hides our Ego fears to let go, to change (of which, by the Full Moon, we 'see' if we are consciously looking! That AHA! Moment of what we have been growing this Moon cycle).

What have they all in common? BEing in Aries: the newborn babe, figuring out "Where Am I?" "Who Am I" "Why Am I Here?" "How AM I ME, unique from all others?" Now look back to the items in the list above, and 'see' how you have been resolving issues from the past re: how you assert self to BE you more truly, the Unexpected Change that came at you from nowhere to put you into a situation, event, relationship to STAND in your YOUness to BE YOU for a change, then to undergo the menu of feelings, intuition of it all, to then take ACTION as a result.

Interesting, isn't it? And one other note: the planetary formation that really inspired ALL of what we have managed to 'see' and understand, finally, in order to be more REAL with self and therefore with others: The Star of David!Two triangles of planets united in loving angles to ensure we easily connected whatever disconnect we once had, from Self. Here's the Star of David breakdown:

  • The FIRE triangle included: the South Node Rx in Ariesconnected toJuno in Leoconnected to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius- meaning taking ACTION (Fire), KNOWing WHO I AM (Aries) brings greater EQUALITY and FAIRNESS within relationships (Juno) from which I can SHINE more fully (Leo) from the HEART, AND am I BEing responsible for (Saturn) the ACTIONS I take out in the world, that are mine, (Sagittarius) as I seek my Higher Truth about WHY I am here this lifetime? And we needed to review HOW we were ME from the Past, to KNOW how much COURAGE to drink from that cup of the South Node in order to CHANGE HOW we DO ME!

  • The Air triangle included: theNorth Node Rx in Libraconnected to Ceres in Aquariusconnected to Venus in Gemini - meaning RELATING, via communication, thinking etc. with self and others (Air), moving into the Soulful direction (North Node) of BALANCE, HARMONY, PEACE and LOVE (Libra), bringing in new ways (Aquarius) of NURTURING self within community (Ceres), AND, via our Desire Body (Venus) knowing WHAT we truly WANT and NEED to say, when, where; HOW to share our new-found knowledge and information and data we have gathered this month (Gemini) despite feeling like Dr Jeckyl or Mr Hyde at any given moment (again, Gemini).

Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done this month! As we listened (Gemini) to our inner thoughts and feelings, we drank from the Cup of Courage (South Node in Aries) to assert our Inner Warrior and Pioneer for all to see! And perhaps for the very first time! Yay ME! Yay YOU!

We are still within the Last QTR Moon phase until May 14th @ 4:41p MDT when we finally move into the Balsamic Moon phase of LETTING GO, emotionally and otherwise, ALL of what needs to be let go of that we have been hanging onto, holding onto, that no longer gains us Soul growth this month.

Right now, within the Last QTR Moon phase, we are all 'seeing' a reorientation of some sort, a crisis if we don't take conscious action, despite any lingering Ego fears to do otherwise! Ride the wave of Fear, drink more from the Cup of Courage if you need to, and surrender to the Inner CHANGE to "BE TRULY ME" once and for all. The heavenly host will catch us - they've been awaiting this sea change as much as we have!

Blessed BE!

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