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December 2023 Musings...

The snow, she came! And 4.5 hours after taking these photos this morning, still coming down!

Venus and the Moon are conjunct today at 7:24am MST creating their Venus-Moon Chakra Portal at 05 Scorpio 41’ at the Heart Chakra - we’ll be releasing distortions from our hearts for the next month!

Mars / Sun in Sagittarius bringing forth Creative Imagination through Visions / Dreams of a Higher Purpose! 

Between NOV 25 and JAN 21 OOB / out of bounds Mercury’s doing his 4th Rx/retrograde passage from 22 degrees Sagittarius to 08 degrees Capricorn (he’s at 07 Capricorn today - DEC 9th - still Direct within his pre-Rx period). The OOB /out of bounds New Moon in Sagittarius is DEC 12th at 4:32 pm MDT at 20 degrees Sagittarius 40’ and OOB Mercury Stations Rx/retrograde just after midnight DEC 13th heading back down the path just travelled, re-entering Sagittarius at the 29th degree Christmas Eve (fated/destined to End / Complete / Release something, mentally) activating his connection w/ the Galactic Centre (27 Sag) exact on Christmas Day! He'll be Rx until and including JAN 1, 2024 - New Year's Day. This holiday season will be full of Unexpected Changes to plans previously made!

OOB planets bring Wildcard energies our way - at this time both Emotionally & Mentally! Heads Up folks! We’re all feeling / thinking out of the usual boundaries now! Allow those creative juices to flow freely!

What will the downloads be for us as we envision something beyond current Truths / Beliefs as we expand our Spiritual Consciousness?

The Sun enters Capricorn heralding the Winter Solstice on DEC 21, 2023 at 8:27 pm MST and the beginning of the Winter season. Astrology has always been a seasonal tool used by the ancients for agricultural purposes, and foretelling longevity of the Rulers of their kingdoms. These days Astrology has become more of a self-awareness tool for the individual. What will you be doing for Solstice this year?

Pluto’s preparing to re-enter Aquarius JAN 21st (when Mercury comes well out of his post-Rx period!) and we’re already feeling the Call to bring out our Inner Genius, to be innovative, to connect w/ our True Community / Tribe where we ALL empower one another!

Saturn and Neptune are bookending Pisces at 01 degrees / 24 degrees assisting us to Imagine a Higher Spiritual Purpose while laying the groundwork in applying it concretely here on Earth in our daily lives! 2024 will be interesting!

And the Aries grouping of Chiron Rx, North Lunar Node and Eris Rx ( these last 2 opposing the South Lunar Node in Libra where the Moon is right now - any Emotional Karmic Releasing going on in your world today?!) to give us the Courage to Survive these tumultuous times, be Liberated from the chains of dependence!

And rounding up the planetary activity are Jupiter Rx, Uranus Rx and Sedna Rx all in Taurus encouraging us to stand up for what we value, Know Our Worth and Speak Our Truths as we engage, hands-on with something we create ourselves, using our own skills / senses to do so! Practicalities; being grounded; looking after the details once we come out of the Galactic clouds of envisioning a better 2024!

Blessed Be!

Photo Credit: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much!


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