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Eclipse Season Part II: Expand Your Senses & Your Relationships

We're in the middle of the second, or Part II, Eclipse Season of 2023! The OCT 14th Solar Eclipse/New Moon was situated over North America/South America bringing the Shadow Side of ourselves out to play! It was cloudy and foggy here in Okotoks, AB Canada, yet I saw/felt the darkening of the Sun nonetheless! Went for a walk - twas quiet and peaceful - and since this Solar Eclipse/New Moon was at 21 degrees LIBRA 08' - very appropriate to be so!

As I write this post OCT 23, 2023, I'm looking back at what I was SO EXCITED about last month regarding a joint venture I was working on with an American Astrologer for the larger part of the past year. Six months of intense research on my end figuring out 156 years worth of Canada's Venus Synodic Cycle (!) while also preparing slides and talking points about Canada's history and Venus' role in our country's growth through communication, learning, thought processes and everything in between!

The accelerated energies of any Eclipse will bring interesting twists and turns our way, especially when that South Lunar Node / Karmic Issues to be resolved from Past Lives is in play - as it was for the OCT 14th Eclipse!

Bottom line for me: what I thought was an equal partnership between two Astrologers interested in the Venus cycle AND how our two countries share the same Sun sign - Cancer - turned out not to be. I decided to pull that plug of ongoing rescheduling that kept delaying and "putting off" our upcoming collaboration of a series of videos. It was not meant to be - with this partnership anyway. Definite Past Life issues being resolved here re betrayal, trust and commitment. I showed up 100%; the other party did not. Not even close. And it's happened before, in prior lives. It didn't take me as long this time to realize the behaviour was never going to change.

The high side of all of this brings FREEDOM to pursue these videos solo, to talk about MORE than just the Venus Synodic cycles and to zero in on where our dear country of Canada may be heading as we get closer to 2024 and the impending 2025 (or earlier?) Federal Election. Canadians across the land are severely struggling financially, which impacts them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

And, perhaps, a totally NEW partnership may show itself to me as well! I look forward to finding out!

Once this upcoming Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 05 degrees TAURUS 09' on OCT 28, 2023 at 2:24 pm MDT has come and go, I will know better my own best steps forward! This Eclipse brings the MOON reflecting the SUN in SCORPIO's light and EMOTION! And highly intuitive insights all to be Illuminated / culminated and "spotlighted" for each of us! For those unfamiliar with how the Full Moon works, while the MOON sits at 05 degrees TAURUS the Sun simultaneously sits in the opposite sign of SCORPIO at 05 degrees too! Look to your Birth charts to see where these two Houses of Life Experience will be bringing you much-needed SOUL DIRECTION through the lens of that North Lunar Node sitting at 24 degrees ARIES 54' closely connected with the Full Moon in TAURUS, and JUPITER's nearby at 11 degrees TAURUS 14'! AND!!! ERIS is exactly conjunct that North Lunar Node - to be Soulfully LIBERATED from whatever blockage that was preventing us from moving forward in our lives!

JUPITER brings expansion and taking a Leap of Faith into the Unknown - to hone in more clearly with our own beliefs/truths and Life Purpose! Through what we VALUE, Know to Be Worthwhile/worthy of our Time, efforts, skills and talents! To create something, hands-on, that we each create ourselves for ourselves! COOL!

Mercury and Mars are close to the SUN in SCORPIO bringing Mindful Action as to what and how our feelings are showing us, as well as that deep-seated Intuitive Wisdom! Listen to, trust in and be guided by all of it! And RELEASE the Past, to bring in the Future - in accelerated and unrealized ways! So exciting! Honouring your FEELINGS is key here. Any deep-seated fears/anxieties/traumas from the Past must be dealt with to release in order to make room for that Leap of Faith forward in Soul Direction / Life Purpose!


Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Namaste


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