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Emotional Rescue: What Are You Neglecting in Your Life?

It's been an interesting ride since the Christmas Day New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, leading up to tomorrow's, Friday's, Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Cancer! Each Eclipse brings accelerated motion, change & the need to BE IN THE MOMENT, FEEL YOUR FEELINGS, FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION & BREATHE....

In our family, we celebrated Yule/Winter Solstice & Christmas Day, yet in between & prior to we've been chipping away at a long list of To Do's to ready this house & each other for my sister's upcoming hip surgery, then her 2 month recovery stay here with us. All hands on deck! Up to & including today, the errands, the swaps of mattresses, the groceries, the ice for the ice machine to ice the surgical area - who knew there'd BE so many details to deal with?!

This is most likely what's been going on in YOUR world too - the details of Life having to be dealt with NOW, IN THE MOMENT, no time to waste, almost urgently & dealing with all the emotions & conversations & situations that come with it. Especially for those of us who also work with people as part of our business. People all over have been feeling the effects, the lead-up, to this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in our watery Cardinal sign of Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer - so we know the emotional effects will be over the top! It's a Full Moon, so that's usually a highly emotional time. AND it's a Lunar Eclipse - meaning we'll be undergoing & experiencing a FULL MOON CYCLE (usually 28-days long) within 3.5.- 5 hours tomorrow! Hold onto your hankies!

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 12:21 p.m. MST January 10, 2020. Lots of 0's here - Numerologically, this means we'll be connecting, deeply, with our Intuitive/psychic gifts. You'll know what's coming, then experience it. More & more. Allow the tears to flow & the need for rest & the need for self care to predominate! Otherwise you'll feel like you've been pulled through the eye of a needle, backwards.

Friday's Eclipse occurs with the North Node close by - meaning we're headed into a direction our Soul is beckoning us into, yet our Ego-selves have been a wee bit resistant about it! We've been travelling through these past 14 months (so far) with the North Node in Cancer & the South Node in Capricorn. The Christmas Day Eclipse in Capricorn connected with that South Node of resolving issues from the Past & Friday's Eclipse wants us to head into the Change of Direction - all surrounding the theme of DUTY, honouring the demands of "sheer practicality" showing all of us how MUCH WE'VE BEEN NEGLECTING OUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS!

This week, leading up to tomorrow's Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse - what have YOU BEEN FEELING? And how have you been coping with those feelings? Distracting, avoiding, suppressing, emotional eating/drinking? Have you been diving deeply into the FEELING OF IT ALL? Since November 6, 2018 we've been learning to make it a priority to "heal from duty & responsibility - needing to cry a few tears to unblock emotions & express your true feelings" - in other words: Are you honouring the WHY of what you're doing, as duty & responsibility in your life/home/business/work? Is it what you truly want to be doing? If you're DUTY-BOUND - are you doing so lovingly or out of resentment, anger, gritting your teeth to "just get it done!"?

These Eclipses occur for a reason - they help accelerate events, activities, & emotions in order to make it LOUD & CLEAR what it is each of us TRULY WANT in our lives. If you're not living your true authentic life, then you'll be feeling it, seeing it & wondering "How Did I Get Here? And How Do I Get Off?!" Let go. Surrender to what it is YOU NEED in YOUR LIFE! Ask for it. Let go of responsibilities that were not yours to begin with, but out of a sense of "DUTY" you may have taken on, or had it thrust upon you. How do you FEEL about it all? What's your Intuition telling you? Are you listening to Yourself, & the needs of your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies?

With our Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) we initiate much-needed change in our lives. What's CHANGED for you since Christmas Day (or before)? Are you all in, fighting the good fight, or are you done in, barely crawling to the finish line? The Capricorn line-up of planets for Friday's Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon also brings a LOUD & CLEAR message from Jupiter, our planet of expansion & taking risks, aligned with that South Node of HOW I'VE ALWAYS DONE IT IN THE PAST & JUST LEAVE ME TO DO IT THAT WAY BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE MY EGO LIKES IT TO BE & I DON'T WANNA CHANGE BECAUSE CHANGE IS SCARY & WHAT HAPPENS IF I LET GO?....will the world come to an end if you say, NO, & do some self-care? Say NO to working extra hours. Or not say NO out of pride? "Pride goeth before the Fall."

Neptune in Pisces is sending another message, Spiritually, to this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse - showing us that we can do all of this SOULFULLY vs. via the Little Self or Ego. It's as if the Ego is the child & the Soul the Wise & Loving Parent. Do you want the Drama Triangle of the Ego (playing Victim or wanting to be Rescued or feeling Persecuted/Bullied or Being the Bully) or the Wisdom of the Soul coming through, MORE, in your life? Or how about Unexpected Change in what it is YOU VALUE IN YOUR LIFE, TO HONOUR YOUR LIFE, & MAKE IT A PRIORITY?

None of this means that you're neglecting Others. It means YOU ARE INCLUDING YOURSELF! Again, I ask you this: WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN NEGLECTING IN YOUR LIFE? Self-care? Rest? Quiet time? Journalling? Nature walks? Duty only works as long as you're physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually ABLE TO DO SO. WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE.

During these two Eclipse events, the planets in the Cardinal signs have created what's called the Grand Cardinal Square - bringing FOUR areas of your life into CHANGE - all at the same time! And will continue to for a while. On January 12th, Saturn & Pluto connect together in Capricorn - something that hasn't occurred in a long while - bringing forth a restructuring, transforming the Ego-self's need for Power, Control & Greed into EMPOWERMENT. Saturn asks us to put forth our long-term goals, & work towards them. Taking on &/or letting go of responsibilities that are needed/get in the way! A HUGE restructuring & postering is going on globally right now too - an echo of the Micro in the Macro - what we see out in the world mirrors what we each are battling against &/or with Within ourselves!

Ride this tsunami wave of Emotional Baggage/Garbage, Let Go of old structures/habits, once & for all (!!) & ALLOW yourself to BE in the MOMENT, more & more. The details, they'll take care of themselves! Allow yourself to ASK FOR HELP. Allow your Intuition to BE YOUR GUIDE. pushing or making things happen. ALLOW...BREATHE...FEEL your way forward. Namaste

Photos from: Unsplash - thank you! Lunar Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn info from: North Node Astrology, by Elizabeth Spring M.A. 2009

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