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FULL MOON in LEO: Follow Your Heart, Let Go of the Need to Control, Out of Fear & Be Mindful

Wednesday FEB 16, 2022 at 9:56 a.m. MST the Moon and Sun stand in opposition, bringing forth this Moon Cycle’s Full Moon phase – our time for Illumination, Fulfillment and seeing our Heart’s Truest Desire, emotionally, reflected in the Moonlight. At 27 degrees LEO 59’ of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

This Full Moon’s reflection is also connecting to Pluto in Capricorn (27 degrees) and Mercury, newly arrived into Aquarius (01 degrees) ensuring we do the following these next 4 days:

  • Facing and Letting Go of any/all Fears that limit and block your Life, moving forward. To Empower we must let go of the NEED to have power and control. How will you create win-win scenarios for all involved?

  • This must originate from Following Your Heart’s Truest Desires – Moon in LEO – love of Self, standing up for yourself and supporting those desires. Being honest.

  • Anticipate the Future, mindfully, with ideas that Innovate, Invent, creating Freedom of some sort. Again, we must Let Go of whatever scares us – prevents us from fully embracing what our respective Future Self has been showing us for quite a while now – first through BOTH Jupiter and Saturn way back in DEC 2020, making it loud and clear how we MUST restructure our long-term goals, responsibilities to move forward more TRULY as ourselves – uniquely so. What is it you truly want to BUILD now, going into the rest of 2022?

The Sun sits at 27 degrees Aquarius, in opposition to this Full Moon in LEO, and also sends a mini-love line to where the current North Node/Soul Direction sits (27 degrees Taurus) holding hands with SEDNA – our great-year planet of Worthiness, issues of the need for security and stability. Feeling insecure, unstable, Within, will also bring forth anxiety, knee-jerk reactions to DO SOMETHING NOW about whatever IT is.

Taurus asks us to BE patient, to honour our values, and to SPEAK OUR TRUTHS. Even more important than ever before! Taurus North Node wants us to remember the Sacred here – what is Sacred in your life? How are you speaking up about it? What is worthwhile, worthy, of worth in your life? How are you standing up for it?

Interestingly, our Prime Minister’s South Node lies in LEO – and was activated when the Moon first entered LEO Monday, FEB 14m 2022, activating unresolved issues from the past/Past Lives. This South Node lies within his 7th House of close relationships and partnerships – both personal and business-related. How is he following his heart’s truest desires, I wonder?

LEO is also the Regal fire sign – leading with heart – leading as a team. Without Ego. Where are these leaders, with heart and believe in a teamwork mindset, for the Good of All?

This Moon Cycle began JAN 31, 2022 – within the Future-anticipatory air sign of Aquarius – being rebellious, innovative and inventive. Sometimes these inventions are ridiculous, because they originate from an egotistical realm vs. the Soul-self, from love. We are seeing all sides of everything right now. Pandora’s Box of secrets, lies and truths has been opened. The South Node in Scorpio is asking for Truths, Trust, and Facing Fears in order to clear the air, to move on more honestly – Within and Without.

Everything is on the table now – how we go forward is up to each and every one of us! Come from the Heart. Love your fears, let go of them, ask for transformation to process you into empowerment. Over and over and over again. Come from the Heart – always and in All Ways. Let go of the Fear. Come from the Heart – Let Go of the Fear. BE in your Heart. Empower yourself into a renewed future that is good for all of us. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists – you all rock! Namaste

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