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Full Moon in Leo: Heartfelt Action Into Authenticity!

The Moon moves into its Full Moon phase at 12:33 a.m. MST February 9th, 2020 at the Celestial Longitude of 20 degrees LEO 00' (for those of you with Birth charts).

Leo rules the Heart, Back & Spine - are you following your heart? Supporting yourself, & standing up for yourself? Sitting opposite the Sun's position in Aquarius, the Moon reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun/Soul-self - BEing Truly Authentic AND following your heart's desire! Are you doing both? If not, why not?

The Moon rules our Emotional Body; the Sun, our vital/Soul body. Emotionally, during the Illumination of this Full Moon, are you FEELING your heart's desires? What's your Intuition telling you? Are you following its heed? These are the callings of our Soul-self - where our insights & Inner Wisdom reside, coming from the Soul's direction.

Leo also rules our Creativity, Leadership, need for Fun & Play, allowing that Inner Child self out to play! Where's the FUN in your life? When's the last time you allowed yourself to PLAY?! We're being reminded to play now.

This Full Moon in Leo connects us with asserting action (Mars) through Life Purpose/travel/learning (Sagittarius) + being reminded what you've been NEGLECTING in your life (Eris, sister to Mars) - that need for independence & your own space/activity perhaps? Moving your physical body more? How are these three things connected in your life? What's missing? What needs MORE of your attention?

The Moon/Sun Full Moon positions are also activating what's called the Mystic Rectangle:

  • A chance to go with the flow if we're being Soulfully Authentic AND balancing our need for committed/equal relationships. Is everyone showing up?

  • Emotionally connecting with what we've neglected in our lives of late - using independent warrior action to explore or pioneer Inner aspects of self that you've not had the courage to connect with before now.

  • We're all creating NEW skillsets between how we connect emotionally in those committed/equal relationships & partnerships AND authentically showing up to BE the Independent individuals we are - more intra-dependence rather than co-dependence!

And we have some emotional connections via the North Node in Cancer Rx & Mercury in Pisces - two of our water signs - going into the Soul Direction that connects us more with family/Soul Family & mindfully focusing on our Spiritual life/practice.

Mercury will be going Rx (retrograde) FEB 17th until March 9th (see my Mercury Rx posting from last week!) back through Pisces (Spiritual Self) & into the late degrees of Aquarius (Future Self). You may have already felt as if your mind is floating, not able to focus on anything for long. We've been in the Pre-Rx Shadow timing since FEB 2nd.

What's been coming up for you already during this Pre-Mercury Rx Shadow timing - indicating what's not working properly in your life? Computer or phone acting up? Car needs an overhaul for the first time in ages? Conversations at deeper levels not normally spoken before now? Soulful connections vs. surface ones? DISconnecting yourself on social media?

Follow your Heart's Desire these next several days & rest of this Moon cycle. Connect with the people your heart wants to connect with. There will be surprises & Unexpectedness along the way! Perhaps seeing a new practitioner that changes up how you feel about yourself? Going to lunch at a different place or taking in a movie or play that takes you places you'd never thought you'd gain anything from. Allow Mercury's trickster energy to mix things up - to get you to LAUGH at yourself! Bring IN the FUN!

The North Node moving through Cancer (for the last 18 months) continues to ask us: DO what you FEEL like doing, NOT out of Duty or Necessity! Feel your way forward, & know we're combining & weaving together our Emotional & Mental bodies - learning to THINK about how we FEEL, & FEEL about how we THINK! All at the same time! Kinda freaky for those of you who love the logical, decisive way of being. No logic allowed while Mercury is Rx! He's vacationing in our right brains now - creatively thinking outside that logical box, following Intuitive insights & urgings instead! BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU! Rebel, seek this freedom, innovate!


Photo Credits: Unsplash photographic artists - Thank You!

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