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Full Moon in Libra: Balance Your Feeling Body from the Inside, Out!

The Sun entered Aries at 00 degrees 00' of Celestial Longitude heralding in the Vernal Equinox, March 20th - aka the beginning of our Spring season north of the equator - and an equalization of Darkness & Light in the world. This Cardinal Fire of Aries brings in Mars energy too - ruler of Aries - to Take Assertive Action! Together, the Fire of our Sun & Mars are activating our new northern growing season - I've seen the green tops of the garlic I planted in September coming up in our front garden this week! Hurrah!

On Sunday, March 28th, the Sun in Aries will sit directly opposite the Moon in Libra - both at 08 degrees & 18' of their Zodiac signs at 12:48 pm MDT. The Sun in Aries is EXACTLY conjunct both Venus - our True Heart's Desire body & the Ruler of this Full Moon in Libra - & Chiron - healing our hypersensitive wound to FEARING being rejected for Existing in our physical body, let alone following our Instinctive natures without EDITING them!

The Full Moon in Libra reflects the Unconscious Desires coming forth from our collective Souls via the Sun in Aries. What is being ILLUMINATED/brought into the Light of consciousness now for all of us is to FEEL ourselves IN & THROUGH OUR PHYSICAL BODIES - from the hair on your head down to the tips of your toes burying themselves into the carpet under your feet!

FEEL every sinew, muscle, bone & blood pulsing through your body while also feeling the wind in your face, the heat of the Sun on your skin, the earth beneath your feet & the water from your tears on your face! These are the Elements of Zodiac - Air, Fire, Earth & Water - to be embraced Within & Without in equal measure now.

A Libra Full Moon brings a continued theme of EQUALIZATION, equilibrium, balance, harmony, peace, beauty - artistic & natural - to FEEL ourselves grounded Within while embracing the relationships & partnerships who mirror/reflect that balance, Without. Equal face-time, chatting with those close friends & partners. Our Life partners who truly believe in EQUAL PARTNERSHIPS! Both pulling together, as a team, towards common goals, into the future. Do you have this in your life already? Do you seek it? Do you want it? Did you already have it?

There can be a need to weigh & measure proper Next Steps / thoughts / actions / words / feelings forward - don't take too long doing so! You'll miss the opportunities showing themselves if you do! Sitting on the fence of Indecision brings stress & fear to ACT. Where is that stress/fear originating from? We MUST decide what is right & honest for SELF, FIRST! Follow your heart's truest desire, then the chips will fall as they are meant to - & the Others who are affected by our decisions/desires will be allowed to MAKE THEIR OWN True Decisions accordingly - ALL within each of our Soul-self's need for Growth! If we prevent honest decision-making Within, we prevent it from occurring, Without! Be the True ME within your WE's!

Looking at this Full Moon in Libra's chart, I also see the planetary formation called the Mystic Rectangle, connecting this Full Moon in Libra/Sun, Venus & Chiron in Aries with the Lunar Nodes: North Node in Gemini plus Mars (ruler of Aries) & the South Node in Sagittarius plus the Vertex (something Fated/Destined This Way Comes!!). We're all learning to take Warrior-like Action - all at the same time - to BE Balanced, To Let Go of Unresolved Issues from Prior Lives regarding whether or not we continue Seeking our Higher Life Purpose while also Soulfully heading into the direction of diving deeply into being Curious about the Chaos of human life - Gathering & Sharing Knowledge & information with Others vs. hoarding it (!!). What good is knowledge if it isn't shared? Who benefits?

Heed the Fated/Destined Call from your Past - AND your Soul-self's need for MORE Knowledge AND take Decisive Warrior Action that heals that Wound of wanting to edit your true Desires AND Balance the FEELING OF BEING IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY! All at the same time.

This continued journey during Pandemic times has had the effect of isolating us from what was our respective "Life before March 2020". In March of 2021: how are you BEING in your physical body? Are you expressing your very EXISTENCE in some way out in the world? Where's the FIRE of Aries/Mars being expressed in your life, this Spring? Who are your close friends & partners to Shine Your Self with?

We MUST allow this fiery energy to have a creative inspired action/outlet in some regard - or suffer from anger, impatience, inflammation in the body, headaches or other such explosions because we decided to FEAR being Rejected for EXISTING to begin with! Children & teens & adults, right now, need to BE SEEN & HEARD. Express yourself, as assertively & heartfully as possible! Bring the beauty & harmony of your own Heart out into the World! WE ALL NEED TO SEE & FEEL YOU, as You! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists from around the World - Thank you all so much! Namaste


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