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Heartfelt Creative Courage & Support - Total Lunar Eclipse

In less than 6 hours from now, as I write this post, we will begin to experience a Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon- the first of two this year! During a Total Lunar Eclipse time is accelerated.We will emotionally undergo a 29-day Moon cycle during the 3.5 - 5 hours of this eclipse! Some of us will be sleeping, some of us awake. No matter what - Time will Accelerate your state of  emotional consciousness- be it coming from Love, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Joy, Peace and/or Light!

This eclipse will begin as of 3:15a MST Calgary time (Calgary lies 36' west of the MST zone), with the maximum eclipse occurring roughly at 5:53a MST Calgary time, and ends around 8:28a MST Calgary Time. Add or subtract 1 hour and 36' from this time if you are East or West of MST (or 2 hours 36' - you get the picture!).

This eclipse is located within the fixed fire sign of LEO - at 11 degrees of Leo 37' - hence bringing forth the themes of HEART, Courage, Creativity, and Support - Leo rules the heart, back and spine of our physical bodies. How are you heartfully supporting yourself, your creativity, and taking the courage to roar like a lion (assertively vs. aggressively) to SHINE your Light of You out into the world? Heartfully, what is it you'd like ACCELERATED early tomorrow morning, positively, honestly, without judgement or criticism of self or others?

Wherever Leo resides in your birth chart - this is where Time will be Accelerated - to clear off that which you'd like to let go of, to bring forth that which you'd like more of. Leo rules the 5th House of the birth chart, where the Sun is ruler - therefore the SUN is also the Lord of this Total Lunar Eclipse (and sits in Aquarius this night)! Interestingly, Leo is about Leadership, leading with heart, as part of a team, leading by example. Leo is about having fun and play, connecting with the children in your life AND your own Inner Child. Leo is about the romance/heart centred energy you already have or wish to have in your life.

I find it fascinating that President Trump chose tonight to deliver his State of the Union speech! In time? On time? Past time? It was interesting to hear all of what he wishes for his country and for the people who live and work there. Was he coming from the heart? Time will definitely tell...what has he ACCELERATED this night? We now know HIS intent...

Then Robert Kennedy JR - grandson of Robert Kennedy and great-nephew to JFK, former President of the US - made the Democratic Response speech. Interesting choice there. Third term Senator, aged 37, and is he the Democrat's future hope for the next Presidential race? Again, Time will tell...

Here in Canada - scandal now abounds from the ripple-effect of the US abuse of power scandals of the Fall of 2017...who says Canada isn't connected to the US? Or affected by their decisions, doctrines and trades? Time will tell yet again...

January 31st, 2018 holds the INspired Fire of the Creative Source of ALL - are you listening to your INspired creative heart? What is it you truly wish to create for your life these next 3.5 years? Why 3.5 years? An year for every hour of this Total Lunar Eclipse - give or take 45' each side.

Bring forth your heartfelt wishes and dreams, stir in some courage, stand tall, and take a Leap of Faith FORWARD into your life - and do it now, before you go to sleep - or get up early and meditate within the love, creativity, intuition, and FEEL your way forward into your future self. Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius - our future self resides within this fixed air sign - which pours forth, from the Heavens, future knowledge required NOW. What future knowing do you carry Within, that needs to be shared Without? As Above, So Below. Create it!

One can list all the things, people, circumstance they wish to be accelerated tomorrow - however, if it's missing the HEART feeling, it won't fly! Bring your HEART into it - all of it - BE it! Love it, bless it, and let it go into the hands of the Universe to deliver it as it is meant to be received within the next 3.5 years of your life.

Ego and applause and greed have nothing to do with any of this. Aquarius asks us to BE our true authentic self; Leo asks us to BE so, heartfully. Support yourself, and your community, with heart. Assert with heart. Create with heart. BE heart.


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