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Lion's Gate Portal via Leo New Moon - Let's Take Loving Action!

Another Moon cycle has completed - and what a cycle that was! And, it continues, the challenges and changes I mean.

Sunday August 8th - our 8-8 which indicates it's the Lion's Gate Portal timing, that occurs yearly - also sports a New Moon occurring at 7:50 a.m. MDT at 16 degrees of LEO 14' Celestial Longitude for folk following along in your Birth charts.

Leo, the Lion, the connection with the Egyptians way back when is the Dog Star, Sirius, aligning around this time of year with the Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Milky Way/Galactic Centre - hence those "Dog Days of Summer" when extreme heat occurs this time of year.

For those of us living in Western North America, well, we've had one heat wave after another since June! More heat that normal, forest fires and their smoke blowing eastward. What are we, in the western regions of Turtle Island (aka North America) burning off? What's this Great Smoke all about?

Astrologically, Leo is about creative self-expression, how we allow ourselves to SHINE out in the world, use our leaderships skills, allow in romantic love, and relate to the children in our lives. Leo also represents Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect, Self-Connection - heartfully. The Shadow side of Leo: I'm the King/Queen of the Mountain/Castle/House etc., where our Ego-self comes out to play. "I'm so GREAT - do you see how great I am?!" kind of energy, personality, identity. Arrogant, the need to be on stage, in the limelight, focused upon, loved and accepted by making people notice you.

This New Moon, on the day of the Lion's Gate Portal timing, brings Mercury into the mix - being MINDFUL as well as Emotionally and Soulfully, on the same page with how you're treating yourself these days. Loving yourself. Embracing yourself. Accepting yourself. No matter what else is going on outwardly - how are you doing, inwardly? Do You Love Yourself?

When's the last time you did Mirror Work - looking yourself squarely in the eyes, in that mirror, telling yourself, "I Love You" over and over and over again? And when you did/do this exercise - what comes up for you? Emotion? Acceptance? Unconditional Love? Avoidance? Can't get the words out? Not believing what you're hearing? It's a telling exercise as to where we're at with our Inner Self Acceptance program.

There's a Grand Fire Trine in play with this New Moon in Leo - where both the Moon and Sun sit together in Leo - connect with the South Node in Sagittarius at 07 degrees and Chiron at 12 degrees Aries. Here we're clearing up some unresolved Karma from past lives about how we seek our truths/beliefs and purpose, while also healing the feeling of fearing that it's not okay to EXIST right now - so we EDIT ourselves in order to fit in!

Well guess what? This is what you may have done in a past life, edit yourself to fit in with the status quo, to get along, not rock the boat. Within Aries, Chiron needs to be a Warrior, to explore and pioneer something Within each of us that brings out our Warrior-self. To assert - not aggressively so - to move forward INDEPENDENT from the herd. In doing so, we clear up the WHY of not asserting and completing whatever that past life's PURPOSE was, back then. We're here again folks! Time to allow yourself to be seen and heard. Even if it feels like you're the "lone voice in the wilderness" - this is key - we MUST allow ourselves to be SEEN and HEARD as the warriors we are, now.

Each angle of this threesome sends love lines energetically to one another. Blocking any of these angles blocks the flow. Being lazy about taking the inspired action (in-spirit) can allow missed opportunities for Soul growth.

This Lion's Gate Portal brings energy in to connect beyond this world, with your Higher Self/Future Self. By connecting, heartfully, with yourself. Accessing your Intuitive awareness. Eris is also sending love lines to the New Moon duo (Moon and Sun) plus Mercury - she is who we can rely upon to keep us all aware of what we've been NEGLECTING in our lives, during this Moon Cycle that takes us through August into September, 2021. Mindfully, Soulfully and Emotionally - to be on the same page!

Speaking of being on the same page - both Mars and Venus were moving through LEO at the same time in July until lately - our Divine Inner Masculine and Divine Inner Feminine aspects of our inner selves. Were they on the same page, taking heartfelt action, together? Bringing in ERIS - she demands equality, a balance, from our Inner Divine Feminine/Masculine sides of ourselves. All women and men - all genders - are balancing themselves out at a deeper level now. Right down to the DNA level folks!

Hence, some of the wacky physical side effects people are experiencing - fatigue, extremes of emotions, the need to move (or not move) to express yourself creatively, as a leader and team player. Those who are not answering these calls - to love myself in the ways my physical, emotional , mental and / or spiritual bodies are dictating I do - here's where the opportunities for Soul growth will be missed. Allow this Lion's Gate Portal to accelerate some heartfelt change in your life - which can be difficult since being a FIXED sign, Leo dislikes change! Resists it. This is your Ego-self talking by the way - trying to keep up the illusion/delusion that "I'm not worthy of being loved."

Here's where your body - the physical one - may "talk to you" - Leo rules the heart, back and spine. If we're not following our hearts this Moon cycle, and stand up for ourselves and support our needs, the back will talk back! Spasms. Distortions. Aches or pains. Worst case scenario of Ego needing total control, refusing to "open your heart"? Heart attack. Angina would be a warning call.

Allow your Heart Chakra to open. Allow that Self-loving action to be part of your daily routine. Do that Mirror Work. Your Inner Child is waiting! Eris is showing us how we've been neglecting her or him! AND - remember this - LEO is the opposite sign to Aquarius and this New Age. We must spend time creatively playing and lovingly so, with leadership. How are you creating an AND between your Leo/Aquarius sides of yourself? Check out your Birth chart - what Houses of Life Experience are being activated this Moon cycle? These are the areas of your life that NEED your attention! And your Love. Truly. Heartfully. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You So Much! Namaste


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