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Living in Non-Ordinary Times: New Moon in Sagittarius

We're out of the Eclipse Season - however the energies of that Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus continues to play out for many months to come! What were your Intentions during that Eclipse NOV 8th? How are they playing out in your life even now? What was accelerated through your life? And perhaps continues to?!

Yesterday afternoon - NOV 23, 2022 - at 3:57pm MST at 01 degree SAGITTARIUS 37' of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts - here's when the Moon and Sun stood together in the sky beginning this second-to-last New Moon cycle of 2022!

Also involved are VENUS + MERCURY + HYGIEA at 09 degrees / 10 degrees / 19 degrees SAGITTARIUS bringing in the Divine Inner Feminine, our mental body and a healing of BELIEFS, TRUTHS and how we Seek our Higher Purpose out in the wider world.

SAGITTARIUS is the last Zodiac sign before the Winter Solstice timing - DEC 21st - when the Sun enters CAPRICORN. Between now and then - are you reviewing what's occurred in your life throughout 2022? What's changed and what's left and what's become new - how are you with all this? Are you glad to be where you are NOW compared to where you were in JAN?

SAGITTARIUS is about The Quest - for higher knowledge through travel, philosophy, mentors, teachers, other cultures - to learn and know MORE that exists far beyond your usual safe place/space of living life. Ethics, Peace of Mind, Travel, Freedom, Adventure, Legal Issues, Faith/Optimism, Finding Solutions, Overcoming Excess/Extravagance, also ruling the physical body through our hips, liver, sciatica, thighs, upper legs and all our muscles.

2022 has been and continues to be a Wild Ride - for more reasons than you know! Read on...

A few characters of the planetary version have become what is called Out Of Bounds in 2022 - moving out beyond the realms of the orbit our Sun makes around Earth (as we look from Earth, outward into our solar system). This means they have become what Astrologers deem "Wild Cards" out of the ordinary, bringing the Unexpected, the Unpredictable, the Non-Ordinary! Not held in check by the bounds of our Sun's orbit. Yep! I can vouch for that, in my own life and business. Can you?

Namely, VENUS, MERCURY and MARS are all currently Out of Bounds, including the MOON, when moving through any of the following Zodiac Signs:

  • Gemini

  • Sagittarius

  • Cancer

  • Capricorn

Those of you with your Sun/Moon/Mercury and / or Rising Sign in any of these signs (or squaring them/opposing them) - how wildly has your life/world changed since the end of OCT 2022?! These Mutable/Cardinal signs bring the need to Go With the Flow AND to Initiate CHANGE!

Please take note: every month the MOON moves through all 12 Zodiacal Signs therefore will be Out of Bounds at least twice a month between now and 2028, as we move towards the 2025 Lunar Standstill Mayan timing (more on this later).

The key here is TO GO WITH THE FLOW of UNEXPECTED CHANGES OF PLANS, ROUTINES, Life in general! Try not to CONTROL the outcomes or put the genie back in the bottle - too late! It's already out of your hands - seriously it is.

Trying to CONTROL outcomes means you're being in RESISTANCE to Change. CHANGE is all around us more intensely than usual from 2022 to 2028 especially, as we lead up to 2030/2032. I think I've mentioned this before in previous blog posts: we're within a HUGE convergence of many Timelines that all point to a massive Turning of the Ages - 26,000 years change by ending one Great Age while at the same time beginning a new one - that began around 1924 to be completed around 2072. With the bulk of intensity occurring since 2012 until 2030/2032. Yep! We all signed up to BE HERE NOW to witness, take part in and carry the Light for a highly intense Evolution of Humanity. Whew - is that all?!!

The Ruler of this New Moon in Sagittarius is JUPITER now stationing Direct at 28 degrees Pisces 47' conjunct for the SECOND TIME this year with NEPTUNE (at 22 degrees Pisces 40') - reminding us of what we're CLAIMING through Jupiter's need to take a Leap of Faith into the Unknown aka RISK - and what we're RELEASING through Neptune's need to Dissolve the Illusions/Delusions that mask Reality. Taking the blinders and mufflers off. See and hear and BE in the moment, WITHIN your Spiritual Reality. This all occurred / entered in yesterday!

Going back to those WILD CARD Planets, here's some more details on their Out of Bound placements:

  • VENUS - our Divine Inner Feminine - within Sagittarius - brings out the Vision Quest Amazon (Shamanic Astrology) - "with the intent to experience the Quest for the Meaning of Life, and to honour her Quest and Independence". Notice all the women stepping up into leadership roles around the world - and the wild card changes/challenges they're either bringing or adding to the mix! Still within her Underworld Timing, within her Synodic Cycle begun JAN 14, 2022, we're all dying to ourselves in some regard - letting go of pieces or a gigantic piece of ourselves that no long is TRUELY ME! How are you doing with surrendering to this process? Men and Women are undergoing massive Inner Change. Venus will be Out of Bounds DEC 1st - 24th while she comes up out of her Underworld phase DEC 1st, transforming as EVENING STAR an hour after sunrise, before her first meetup with the waxing Moon, DEC 24th! How will Your QUEST be brought up out of the hidden depths into your nightly dreaming place?

  • MERCURY - our Mental body - also in Sagittarius, has been Out of Bounds since NOV 18, 2022 until into 2023 - and is about to enter Capricorn DEC 6/7th, beginning his FOURTH Retrograde/Rx timing of 2022 DEC 12th!! The Pre-Rx period will be DEC 12th - 28th, then truly RX DEC 29 - JAN 17, 2023, then the Post-Rx period JAN 18 - FEB 7th - just short of two full months. Within CAPRICORN - mentally, wildly, unexpectedly choosing to DECIDE upon something NEW within the current mix of resources that need to be CHANGED, going forward. With INTEGRITY. Capricorn rules all those Traditions, Institutions humanity has built up these past 335 years, give or take, that Pluto has been transforming since 2007. Keeping the Gems of Traditions we need to pass down to future generations - what are we keeping/letting go of here, going forward? What are YOU keeping/letting go?

  • MARS, now Rx/retrograde - has been in GEMINI since AUG 21, 2022 and turned Rx as of OCT 30th until mid-JAN 2023 - will BE IN Gemini until MARCH 25, 2023! Seven months in total - huge amount of time to be moving through our Mutable Air sign that likes to go with the flow of information, data and knowledge, communication, thought and learning processes, Inner Talk. Have you noticed the increased snafus of computer issues, internet issues, communication connections going sideways in 2022? O, you thought it was Mercury Rx? LOL! NOPE! But Mars - our planet of Assertive or Aggressive Action/Reaction - seems to be giving us another version of Mercury Rx! LOL! Wait until the 4th wave of Mercury Rx begins DEC 12th! Mars has been Out of Bounds since OCT 30th and will continue to be so until MAY 2023! Expect the Unexpected through the realms of information, conversation, thoughts, learning.

  • And lastly, that MOON - our Emotional body connection to our realm of feelings, listening to, trusting in the guidance of our Intuitive Wisdom, and how we do our daily routines - Out of Bounds in 2022 with the New/Full Moons in Gemini or Sagittarius or Cancer or Capricorn, and continues to be loudly so as we move towards that Lunar Standstill of 2025, then falling off slowly until 2028. How are you Emotionally / Intuitively connecting with your Mental body, your Quest for a Higher Purpose, your need for Nurturance and Family, and the Integrity of Building something that Lasts - a Legacy - for future Generations? All themes of the Zodiacal Signs mentioned above.

Look back through 2022. What you've lived through, survived and grown from. Know Thyself to be True here. Honestly, fully, mindfully. DEFINE yourself, your needs, your Quest. What still defines you from previous years that has already fallen by the wayside, yet still affects your BELIEFS about Self, Life, society, the nation, the world? LET IT GO. You've changed - yay! Embrace the changes. LIFE IS NO LONGER ORDINARY. It will not "go back to what it once was" - we're at the Turning of the Ages - big time - get used to Change. Know Your Truths, Values, Beliefs as you Seek that Higher Purpose. Choose the Spiritual embodiment / path - release what is no longer the TRUTH for you and your life.

Beliefs must resonate with you now - if they don't - let them go. We're doing a different version of Mercury Rx, Venus, Mars Rx and the Moon - all Out of Bounds - all wildcards - to bring us OUT OF THE CURRENT REALITY into a NEW REALITY.

Do your life with vibrancy - not excessively or vomiting it all over others - give yourself PERMISSION to be where you want to be, to play and have fun, and with whom. Where there's Division/Dividing bring in Unity/Unison. Unify. Come together in some regard.

We ARE leaving the Past in the Past as of this New Moon in Sagittarius. Take Time between now and DEC 21st Winter Solstice to take stock of what's changed for the good and long-term now in your life - personally, professionally - you can SEE it, FEEL it, HEAR it, can't you? What is continuing that you are taking with you into 2023? What needs to stay here in 2022 that you're done with? What's NEW that's coming with you into 2023?

At the same time, it may seem like there's "no where to go or head towards" right now. That's way okay. Here's the Leap of Faith Into that Unknown place/space - to know that yes we all will land on our feet, onto that new Next Step, once it has revealed itself. In the meantime, BE IN THE MOMENT, BREATHE, Intuit, Feel, and the Next Step will show itself.


We're within an Evolutionary Time that has no connection to our Past - it is NEW. And will reveal itself to us as we're meant to see it, know it, feel it, and hear it. Not before. None of us have all the answers - use that MARS in GEMINI energy to ASK, CONVERSE, DISCUSS and SEEK. With all of the following: INTEGRITY + AUTHENTICITY (yes, Uranus Rx continues to connect with that North Node in Taurus until MARCH 2023 bringing more of the Unexpected our way!) + HUMAN KINDNESS - embody this, speak this, BE THIS. With yourself and all others. It all begins with You. Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You All SO VERY MUCH! Namaste


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