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Love Your Inner Child! Full Moon in LEO

Sunday FEB 5, 2023 at 11:29 AM MST the Moon will sit directly opposite the Sun creating the Full Moon phase. This Moon cycle's Full Moon will see the Moon at 16 degrees LEO 40' and the Sun at 16 degrees AQUARIUS 40' of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth Charts.

LEO rules our creative self-expression, how we SHINE our inner light out into the world. And the motivation to do so - for effect and attention or to share our joy, love and sense of fun and play, heartfully? One's more Ego-based; the other is more authentically heart-based.

Your Inner Child needs your attention - check Within - what does she/he need from you these next several days - what haven't you been allowing for your Inner Self that takes you out of the "adulting" needs of everyday living into a more spontaneous, childlike manner? To Create! To Imagine! To Laugh! To Play! To have some Fun! To find your Joy!?

Take time out to check Within, connect with this child-like part of you, and ask, and listen, then take heartfelt action. Ignoring this part of yourself will only cause drama and perhaps some inner tantrums! That may well spill over into your outer world!

The Fire energy of LEO needs to be expressed - suppressing it can cause inflammation with the physical body - pain - and if ignored too long, can become a chronic condition. LEO rules the Heart, Back and Spine - when was the last time you checked Within your own heart's true desires, to support your own needs, standing up for yourself?

This Full Moon in LEO brings itself into alignment with Uranus at 15 degrees TAURUS 01' creating a Fixed T-Square of stress and tension Within, creating much-needed CHANGE for each of us. The Moon (Emotional Self) and Sun (Soul/Ego Self) oppose one another - yet, do they have to? Is there a way to create an AND of connecting emotionally, intuitively with yourself while simultaneously taking Future Action in the NOW-verse that brings yourself authentically in alignment, rather than waiting to do so "another time"? Be innovative while playing - if you want to play a game - how about this time play it differently? Change the rules or throw out the rules! FREEDOM reigns AND the NEED for child-like PLAY and having FUN! What will you do?

Uranus rules AQUARIUS and the Sun rules LEO - will the Lion roar for supreme leadership or happily comply for the need to VALUE and find WORTHY (TAURUS) taking TIME OUT to play like a kitten? Will you speak up and ASK for what you TRULY NEED at this time? Do you know what you value most right now? What is your Time worth doing this weekend until mid-day FEB 9th?

Uranus will bring in the UNEXPECTED if you don't CHOOSE this for YOURSELF! Keep this in mind - the Universe, through Uranus, will take you out of your comfort zone of "all work and no play" and MAKE you take time out, for you, your Inner Child. The extreme would be an accident or something occurs that goes against the Plan in order to "wake you up!" Why wait?

Uranus' journey through Taurus since March 2019 has been rattling all our self-made cages, to get our attention re what IS it that you TRULY Value in your life? How can you BE more HANDS-ON Creative on a daily and/or weekly basis? The BEING is most important here - just BE in the MOMENT - and many moments - then see what creative sparks fly because you TOOK TIME OUT!

This Fixed T-Square is a bit paradoxical - in that fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) love to deal with the details of life but do NOT like CHANGE! Uranus helps all of us to CREATE Change, Unexpectedly, to ALLOW it, EMBRACE it, making ROOM for it. Interesting and unexpected twists and turns will show you a different perspective - a direction you may not have noticed before unless CHANGE had entered the room.

This Full Moon in LEO is also part of a Fixed Grand Square with those Lunar Nodes - North, in Taurus still connecting with Uranus - Soul Direction - and South, in Scorpio - resolving issues from the Past. Take this opportunity to come out of hiding (Scorpio) to be seen and heard (Taurus) and laugh and play (Leo) while inviting some future genius idea (Aquarius) that may INSPIRE ever greater creative hands-on abilities / skills / talents - get this ball a-rolling! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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