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Mercury Rx Round 3: Journey Into That Deep Dark Night...

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The last round of Mercury heading Rx/retrograde in 2020 began Thursday September 24 - its PRE-Rx Shadow timing that is - moving through our Cardinal Air sign of Libra, beginning this Mercury Rx timing at 26 degrees Libra 11' & ultimately ending at 11 degrees Scorpio 40' of Celestial Longitude.

We'll be REVIEWING, REASSESSING, RETURNING to decisions, conversations, emails, posts - all related to our close, one-on-one relationships &/or partnerships.

Mercury is still doing its journey, Directly, right now yet we're already feeling the side-ways-ness that Mercury preparing to go Rx/retrograde, or backwards, always brings to our mental airwaves! He's preparing for a LOGIC Vacation he'll be taking from October 14 - November 2, stationing Direct November 3rd. The POST-Rx Shadow proceeds from there until November 19th!

This week we're still in the late degrees of LIBRA: balance, equal face-time, equilibrium, peaceful easy feelings/banter, negotiations, diplomacy tactics - whatever comes into play to ensure we're being heard AND that we're actually listening too!

The mental hiccups between now & October 14th will become louder & louder. Have you noticed people mindLESSLY driving? How about getting your mords wixed up? Or already noticing that freaky bit: "What's that word again? It starts with....?" And communication snaffus! "I thought you were going to make the reservations!"

Moving through Libra, Mercury will then dive deeply into our Fixed Water sign of SCORPIO (!!) late tonight, bringing forth mucho PASSIONATE speech, deeply felt feelings - especially our fears - & the feeling of deep we want to hide, not reveal ourselves nor be seen, let alone heard! Any of you feeling like this today?!

Scorpio IS the most private sign of our Zodiac, experiences trust issues with others AND itself (as in NOT listening to, let alone following, our own Intuition!), easily throws up the fears & emotional barriers from our Ego-self (Scorpio is Fixed therefore truly dislikes CHANGE of any kind!). When Mercury travels through Scorpio, be prepared for a Mental body/Emotional body collision! And, any Emotional Icebergs you're holding onto - those "frozen in time" memories, traumas, emotions not previously dealt with - well Mercury as the Mental Memory will be jogging our memories to bring up Emotional Healing!

We'll be experiencing a Full Moon in Cardinal Fire Aries next Thursday - FIRE can be impatient, frustrated, angry in its Shadow version - so watch out how this Fire ignites something deep Within to be dealt with, finally, on the outside! "Was that my Outside Voice?!!!" The connection between Mercury in Scorpio & the Moon in Aries brings up the need to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning - Aries wants its independent space; Scorpio wants to hide; the Moon wants to FEEL & Mercury wants to THINK. So will we be thinking about how we're feeling OR feeling about what we've been thinking/talking about? Or Both?!

What I LOVE about Mercury Rx timings are:

  • With Mercury taking a LOGIC Vacation, we've got easier access to our right brain's Intuitive, Creative, Thinking Outside the Box troubleshooting abilities. That said, we're able to UNKNOT problems previously giving us a brain cramp, connect the dots to a research / investigative project that seemed overwhelming (because now we're fully engaged with our Intuitive processes of jumping through hoops more easily that didn't seem to work before now!).

  • Clearing out that email / texting / Messenger INBOX, SENT Box & Deleted box seems easier too! As well as closets, drawers, paperwork, garages etc. Our organizational abilities are honed through that Intuitive guidance system - we SEE our environments with our 3rd Eye more. What else needs that extra attention to detail we couldn't give it before now?

  • Expect the Unexpected to lines of communication, communication devices, cars (more computer chips than anything else these days), plans going sideways, previously begun projects experiencing hiccups that never occurred to anyone could go wrong - know this is all in aid of Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously, eh?! Life Happens. Lighten up! Mercury is ON VACATION!Laugh & KNOW: there's an underlying REASON for delays, changed plans, missed appointments, contracts going sideways - whatever the Unexpected shows itself to be.

  • People from our Past show up - to reconnect, re-examine past relationships & conversations & decisions. Like we're being Tested or something - Did you REALLY mean it when you said...? Are you sure about that decision you made? OR, perhaps it's more about hooking up more personally/closely, or rekindling a relationship that didn't fully run its course in the past. Or something totally UNEXPECTED comes in - like from a Past Life relationship - something Karmic? All Opportunities for healing any/all "frozen in Time" Emotional Icebergs from the Past!

  • Information We Didn't Know We Needed to Know! Yes, & in a package of Emotionally-charged, Mentally-framed Gifts! BECAUSE of physical things breaking down, plans going sideways, communication breakdowns - there are GIFTS - always! If we hadn't JIGGED or JAWED, we'd never have Heard or Saw or Intuited whatever will be revealed to us.

To Sum up: please ensure you DO NOT launch an opening, a new project or online class or contract at this time! Doing so begins what I call, "The Gift That Keeps on Giving!" far into the Future. I kid you not! Know that you WILL heal something significant during this Mercury Rx period. Mentally & Emotionally. Expect those Unexpected moments. Laugh about it. Have FUN with it all! And look forward to who's coming forward from your Past!

Currently, in this PRE-Rx Shadow period, we begin to receive hints of what will be coming up for us. The actual Rx Timing means we'll be right in it (like a Full Moon effect) - RETURNING us to where we're now moving through. Then, November 3rd, we head directly into the foray yet again - hopefully WITHOUT the Emotional / Mental baggage we've been carrying along for who knows how long!?

At any time - any time - you have the opportunity for a DO-OVER - now, in the PRE-Rx Shadow, then during Mercury Rx, & after, within the POST-Rx Shadow. For ANYTHING that needs revisiting. To have another conversation. Take time for a rethink. Review. Reassess. Change your mind/heart. AND always - Listen to & Follow Your Intuition! Hone it well. This leads us out of the quagmires, mazes & seemingly hopeless situations - always!

Last words: ENJOY this journey of a Logic Vacation! Connect Within, Intuitively, Mentally & Emotionally. Feel those feelings. Think those thoughts. Bring it ALL together, as best you can! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists - LOVE YOUR WORK! Namaste

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