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New Moon Cycle in Aquarius Part II: Stubbornness & Initiating the New

Hi Everyone,

It's been on my mind to do a Part II re the current Moon Cycle we're in that began Monday JAN 31, 2022 at 10:46 pm at 12 degrees AQUARIUS 19' of Celestial Longitude for folks following along in your Birth charts.

The Moon Cycle is all about the journey of our Moon around all 12 Zodiac signs, every 29.5 days. The Moon represents our Emotional Body - the subtle body that hangs around us, outside the physical body, with the Mental Body outside of the Emotional Body, then the Spiritual Body, followed by the Etheric Body and Auric Body or Aura. We have one physical body (that we can see and touch) and 5 subtle bodies (energetically surrounding each of us that seems totally invisible yet we can FEEL it in subtle ways).

During each Moon Cycle of 29.5 days, we have 8 Moon Phases, which assist us to "see ourselves" more Emotionally (Moon), Soulfully (Sun) as the Moon and the Sun do their monthly dance with one another. The Sun represents our vital self, soul-self, and at times, our Ego-self when we're uncentered, triggered by something coming from outside ourselves. We are, after all, human, eh?

The Moon moves, therefore, FASTER than the Sun does, thereby making key angles of connection with our Sun over this 29.5-day journey with one another. Each key angle is one of the 8 Moon phases - due to how the Sun's light becomes reflected by our Moon, beaming those rays of light down to us in different ways, depending upon the Zodiac sign we "see" the Sun/Moon through, each step of the way. The Ancients and Aboriginal folk from many lands followed this Moon/Sun dance for thousands and thousands of years - creating folklore and ways of connecting with the Stars, over Time.

Here's the 8 Moon phases in summary:

  • NEW - when the Moon and Sun meet up at the same Celestial Longitude, every 29.5 days. 12 to 13 times a year, calendar-wise, Sun-wise.

  • CRESCENT - when the Moon is 45 degrees further along, with just a sliver of Light reflected upon it, from our Sun.

  • 1st QUARTER (QTR) - when the Moon is 90 degrees further along from the Sun - half-lit by the Sun.

  • GIBBOUS - here is when the Moon's 135 degrees angled from where the Sun slowly moves along and 3/4 full of Light by now too!

  • FULL - Ta Da! Full Opposition between the Moon and Sun occurs now - the Moon's fully reflecting the Sun's powerful Light out into the night's sky! 180 degrees

  • DISSEMINATING - beginning to fall dark again, the Moon is now at 225 degrees angle from the Sun's position - back to looking 3/4 full of Light.

  • LAST QTR (Quarter) - here's that other "half full" looking Moon phase - from the opposite side - at 270 degrees of an angle from the Sun.

  • BALSAMIC - and the last of the 8 Moon phases - at 315 degrees of angle - whereby the Moon looks like a Crescent - waning light - again, getting close to going Dark as it moves closer to the Sun's full light, thereby looking "invisible" in the night sky.

This is the monthly/29.5 day dance between the Feminine energies (Moon) and the Masculine energies (Sun). Feminine energies are more emotionally, receiving, Intuitive and insightful, and passively moving. Masculine energies are more active/action-oriented, wanting to "get 'er done!" fixing things, checking off the checklist. Physically moving in Action of some sort.

During the current Moon Cycle of JAN 31 - MAR 1, 2022, here's where it get's interesting. I look to see, at each Moon phase, what the MODE is of each Zodiac sign that is involved at each phase the Moon moves into. A MODE means how the sign operates (beyond it being the element of Fire or Earth or Air or Water) - and the MODES are:

  • CARDINAL Zodiac Signs - initiating Change - like a project leader - let's DO this idea I have, okay?! Cardinal signs like to start things but don't always like to END them! The Cardinal Signs are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - they begin the "new weather" in the solar year when the Sun enters each of the signs. Our seasons in other words.

  • FIXED Zodiac Signs - here's the "details taken care of" signs - they DO the DOING of getting that great project idea off the ground! They diligently get 'er done! However, along the way, they don't like to deal with CHANGE! Once an idea or decision is made - please leave it that way! Thank you! The Fixed signs are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

  • MUTABLE Zodiac Signs - going with the flow - able to look back to "see how did we do? Anything we need to assess and remember to keep in mind for next time?" Able to assist any aspect of the "project" be it initiating something new within it or helping the busy beavers of the detail peeps. Thing is, Mutable signs need to ALSO go with their OWN flow - bringing in suggestions/ideas as they see fit. Otherwise, they'll go unnoticed! The Mutable signs are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because the Current Moon Cycle that began in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius - and is Fixed - has a mix of the Fixed signs and Cardinal signs! There's a see-saw effect between the FIXEDness of what doesn't want to allow in Change and the INITIATING much-needed Change anyway - throughout this month of February 2022! While the FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 continues to do its work in Ottawa, spurring on other provinces/territories, nations and leaders to do the same. This month of February will be very interesting to watch! Because of the opposition playing out, alongside, every step of the way.

Here's how the mix of FIXED/CARDINAL signs through the 8 Moon phases of the current Moon Cycle looks like:

  • NEW MOON in AQUARIUS - JAN 31st - FEB 4th - FIXED sign - so here's the Rebel, with a cause, wanting to bring community and humanity together - yep! We're right on Time. Interesting that once this sign is on a course of Action - 'tis difficult to change tack! However, Aquarius WILL change tack if it is for the Good of All! Impact on community and humanity is key here.

  • CRESCENT MOON in ARIES - FEB 4th - 8th - CARDINAL sign - the Warrior, Explorer and Pioneer archetypes in play - to initiate CHANGE - interestingly, Canada's Birth chart's Rising Sign is ARIES! The Journey of the Self-Identity of Canada - bringing the Warrior out to Take Instinctual Action in Canada and the world. This Moon phase is all about a STRUGGLE between the Old and the New! Yep - right on time this weekend!

  • 1st QTR MOON in TAURUS - FEB 8th - 12th - FIXED sign - Values, Worthiness, Money (!!), and how it affects our Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence along the way for the long-haul. Taurus needs to be "hands-on" to create something beautiful to be shared. All of the senses will be involved - and yes Money is created through different income streams due to the MIX of skills and talents that are brought to the table! This week will be truly interesting - Taurus can be as "stubborn as a bull" and if we poke it enough - will it come rampaging our way to create more destruction? Or will be patiently allow the proceedings to continue? This Moon phase is a "CRISIS IN ACTION" - what Action(s) will be taken? Or will nothing happen? This too is an action - to NOT act. Or REACT. Respondez-vous si'l vous plait?

  • GIBBOUS MOON in CANCER - FEB 12th - 16th - CARDINAL sign - Family, Country, Nurturing, Hugging, Spending Time with one another - loving one another. Mothering this Country back into being perhaps? What Change will be initiated by next weekend? This Moon phase is all about "taking stock" of what's been evolving, the developments made thus far, the growth that's occurred. Time to reflect a bit. Take a breath. Perhaps some AHA! moments will occur during these days? Time will tell.

  • FULL MOON in LEO - FEB 16th - 20th - FIXED sign - Leadership, Creative Expression, Children, Recreation - seems that LEO's been in play all along anyway - with the dancing, singing, and camaraderie occurring in Ottawa and across Canada and the world. Despite the fixedness of some leaders, media etc., who refuse to SEE what's playing out before the Nation's parliament buildings. Leaders can "turn a blind eye" to the truth. Again - where CHANGE isn't welcomed, allowed, nor part of the pre-ordained agenda. What will it take, I wonder? LEO wants to ROAR like a Lion - to be fierce if need be - yet must also Lead with its Heart. To heartfully lead. If we're coming from the Heart, we're coming from our Soul/spiritual self. If we're not, we're coming from Ego - King of the Mountain in other words. Versus leading as a TEAM, in a circle of like-minded/hearted folk. Interesting, no? The Full Moon phase brings AHA! moments to the fore - all about how we're OPENING our Hearts, Standing UP for ourselves, Supporting ourselves along the way. Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION - so that's what this has been all about?! Really!? How did I not SEE that before now? When the Time is Right...LEO is all about Loving Self. Love this country. Truly.

  • DISSEMINATING MOON in LIBRA - FEB 20th - 23rd - Relationships, Partnerships, Friendships - personal and business-oriented - will we see the Peace, Harmony, Equality, Equilibrium and Beauty come about during this Moon phase? Here's where the Wisdom Gained is Shared. The Abundance is Shared. Close interactions, chit chats, communication - EQUAL FACETIME - will NEW partnerships be aligned? NEW relationships formed? Scales of Justice here too. How will it all be BALANCED OUT?

  • LAST QTR MOON in SAGITTARIUS - FEB 23rd to 27th - YES! A Mutable sign! Whew! Going WITH the Flow vs. against it? Globally so? Sending our Arrow of Intention Out into the Broader World - Sagittarius wants its FREEDOM and will look at its Beliefs, Truths through philosophies, group gatherings, to LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER - in order to understand how to Seek a HIGHER PURPOSE here. And now. ETHICS. MORALS. JUSTICE. This is where the global fire will land - depends on how we do the previous 6 Moon phases! This Moon phase is all about "CRISIS OF CONSCIOUSNESS" - we cannot put the old genie back into the bottle. The jig is up and out for all the world to see. Now what?

  • BALSAMIC MOON in CAPRICORN - FEB 27th - MARCH 1st - here's where we enter the dynamics of our TRADITIONS - institutions like government, law, education, healthcare, to name a few - and look at the CHANGES that need to happen to create something from current resources that LOOKS DIFFERENT that the collective needs now. Will Government change its face? Will it undergo the beginning of much-needed change in HOW it governs ALL PEOPLE in CANADA? Represents ALL PEOPLE in CANADA? During this Balsamic phase - we will see a Letting Go of the Old - of some sort - that we do not want to carry over into the next Moon Cycle that begins MARCH 2nd. What will you be letting go that no longer serves the long-term goals needed for restructuring a more FIRM foundation, to Build upon, a BETTER Canada, in future?

Isn't this amazing? Insightful? We are see-sawing our way into a historical journey regarding our country, Canada, to move forward for We the People! Aquarius is in Canada's 11th House of our Future Self and those who support the New Vision of what that future might look like. LEO is in the 5th House of Leadership, Recreation, Creative Expression, Children - where the provinces learn to Love On Another Right Now. LOL! Sagittarius - that lone Mutable sign - is in our 9th House of our Beliefs, Truths, and how we Seek our Higher Purpose in the World. Interesting!

Capricorn is in Canada's 10th House of the Public Eye; Libra is in its 7th House of Relationships and Partnerships; Cancer is in its 4th House of Home and Country. And Aries, yes Aries - where we are NOW this weekend as I write this post - is in our 1st House of being the Warrior/Explorer/Pioneer in the world - as our country's outward personality, self-identity! When we Canadians come together - look out world! I am so proud of all of us - no matter what side of this historical event you find yourself - we all signed up to BE here NOW - to support this exciting and discombobulating time of events! Emotionally, during any Moon Cycle, be self-aware. Deal with the feelings, follow the Intuition, then take instinctual action. Namaste Canada!

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all ROCK! Thank you so much! Namaste


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