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New Moon in Libra: Healing the Spiritual Warrior with Our Sacred Connections

This week in history, 176 years ago Astronomers discovered Neptune, the 8th, and fourth largest, planet in our solar system on the night of SEPT 23-24, 1846. Now in 2022, with advanced technology of flying telescopes/cameras able to move vast distances through our solar system, we now know that Neptune also has rings around her! Cool! I don't have the current photos to share with you here.

Why am I mentioning Neptune, our Spiritually-oriented, guided planet in a post about the New Moon? Patience, grasshopper!

Today, Sunday SEPT 25, 2022 (yes, it's 3 months until Christmas Day) at 3:54pm MDT, the Moon and Sun will come together in the sky, beginning the next New Moon cycle - now in Cardinal Air of LIBRA at 02 degrees 48' Celestial Longitude for those who follow their journey around your Birth charts.

LIBRA - balancing the scales of justice - with peace, harmonizing beauty, equilibrium, teamwork, sociability, all with refinement and healing co-dependency. Libra also rules the lower back, kidneys / adrenal glands, buttocks and sugar imbalance, physically in the body. It's time to really take close note, these coming 29.5 days, to how you move out the toxins from your body - drink more water than anything else, and how you move your physical body. What's the environment, and with whom, do you do all of this?

Venus rules Libra, and is holding hands with our Mercury Rx, both near the end of VIRGO (25 / 27 degrees, respectively) therefore she rules this New Moon. Bringing in our Inner Divine Feminine and mental body, to be of Sacred Service, again beyond just daily work - how are you serving the health of your physical body?

Yes, the kids are back in school, and yes the colds/flus are rampant again now that everyone's sharing the same space - typically normal this time of year. A bit of rest, a bit of sunlight, some good herbal teas, long soaks in the tub, or soaking your feet in epsom salts - you'll be as right as rain - while listening to soothing, calming music. Perhaps candlelight, too. This is Libra - smell the scents of that bath - perhaps Clary Sage, Rose Geranium, Juniper, Fennel, Ylang Ylang, Violet or Neroli essential oils - choose a few - these oils resonate with the subtle energies of Libra.

Looking at the SABIAN Symbol for this New Moon in Libra - I don't often go there, unless my Intuition tells me too - The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed. Does it feel this way for you? It does for me. Here's the rest of it:

This pictures a sudden, new beginning. Hard to believe at first, but eventually it will dawn on you that things are different in the light of a new day. Take heart, realize that the darkness is abating, and gradually let go of what went before. New perspectives and new revelations. If coming from the SHADOW: holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on. Refusing to believe that things are getting better.

From: The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill, 1995

WOW - the Time has come to move along in a NEW way. Such a cardinal thing to do - Libra is one of four cardinal Zodiac signs that herald "a change in the weather" due to the Equinoxes and Solstices that occur at the cardinal times of year. We just experienced the Autumnal Equinox SEPT 23rd - when BOTH the Sun AND Mercury Rx (rare event!) came together at 00 degrees LIBRA, heralding the entry point to our Autumn/Fall months. The death and dying parts of the natural year. Bringing in the harvest, planning for winter. Enjoying the turning and falling colourful leaves - interestingly late this year.

BE extremely mindful of how you're relating with your close friends, family, partners - be they personal and/or business-oriented. Our wee neighbourhood, interestingly, has recently seen a resurgence of the close-knit friendliness, taking care of one another, looking out for each other neighbourliness that we've not seen in recent years. Many owners died this year or their spouses died - changing the dynamics of whom we knew and saw on a regular basis. At the same time, folks who did move into our complex just a few years ago, are now moving out again - they didn't want to fit into the realm of community-mindedness the rest of us naturally share. And we wish them well to wherever they live next.

This is Libra - what's working and what's not working - keeping the balance or being out of balance - and perhaps you also see relationships and / or partnerships that need to be released right now? We're noticing, even more loudly, whom we can rely upon, whom we cannot. The past few years has caused division, separation, and a split that cannot be healed. Values and trust, the shared vision of the future and community perhaps has changed. Expect the Unexpected this Moon cycle - because you MUST follow your heart's truest desires - it's fated/destined to do so.

This New Moon duo - Moon/Sun in Libra - plus Venus/Mercury Rx in late Virgo - all four sit in opposition of the TWO Rulers of Pisces. Neptune Rx at 23 Pisces 46' is the modern Ruler - the connection to our Higher Self/Imagination/Universal Love and Spirituality aspect of ourselves. And, Jupiter Rx at 03 Aries 48' - traditional Ruler of Pisces - had his "changing of the guard" 176 years ago by the Astrologers of the day, moving his Rulership to Sagittarius alone. This is where our Spiritual Warrior/Pioneer/Explorer archetypes come into play - drink from the Cup of Courage - 'tis Time to go on an adventure! To Seek a Higher Purpose!

Jupiter makes it "loud and clear" the seemingly RISK-filled action needed here in your life - to take that Leap of Faith Into the Unknown - that our Egos have been so bloody afraid to take, before now - it's been building up within each of us - an action that brings more independence to each of us, as individuals, that mirrors the independence of the other in your relationships / partnerships. To look after MYSELF, for My Self, By Myself - in some regard. So that I can then SHOW UP as my truer authentic self when I'm with you!

What are you CLAIMING and what are you RELEASING? That NOV 23rd second conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter is coming soon - two months to go - of either a Spiritual Awakening OR Spiritual Reckoning - I know what I'd rather experience! The first exact conjunction was back on APRIL 12th - what's been going on in your life almost six months later in relationship to your Inner Spiritual Self? What does She/He want MORE for you, soulfully, that your Ego is SO bloody resistant to NOT want? The louder the resistance, the better you know what needs to be released.

And the release isn't necessarily a relationship with someone else - could be HOW you're relating With Yourself! What's out of balance here? What needs love, support and peace and harmony? Even a wee tweak will bring in MORE balance, than not.

The New Moon in Libra chart shows we're undergoing another Fixed Grand Square - those Lunar Nodes are in play (North/Soul Direction in Taurus to speak up for that which we value; South/Past Life issues to clear in Scorpio's deep waters to find our passions) squaring off with both Saturn Rx in Aquarius, in opposition to the Vertex in Leo - something Fated/Destined this way comes IF I DO FOLLOW MY HEART's TRUE DESIRES. So that Saturn Rx can weave in the resulting restructuring for your Future Self before she turns Direct in a month's time - OCT 23rd, just in time for the next New Moon! Then you'll be raring to GO FORWARD in ways you've not allowed yourself to since that "once-in-800 years" rare conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter on DEC 21, 2020 - this two-year junket is almost done!

How do you envision your Future, the relationships/partnerships that you'll have, how you relate with yourself, to BE THERE in that Future? This Fixed Grand Square brings inner "stress and tension" to break free somehow - As I Follow My Heart's True Desires, I allow in Future Change, while also Soulfully Connect With the Sacred in the Ordinary, Emotionally Releasing Those DEEP-SEATED Fears / Traumas / Anxieties From My Past - that's all we need to do! LOL!

Uranus Rx is holding hands with that North Lunar Node in Taurus. Expect the Unexpected from deep Within, as you VALUE yourself, Know Your Worth, to Know Thyself to be truer than she/he ever showed up to BE, before now.

It IS a New Day! Welcome it and BE it. Interestingly, Pluto Rx in Capricorn, with Sedna Rx at the 29th degree of Taurus (again - Fated /Destined to END something that's no longer of value or worthwhile in your life), with VENUS / MERCURY Rx in Virgo - this Grand Earth Trine of supports to help you keep grounded, find the integrity of which you wish to build for the long-term AND find/do your Sacred Work - connect your mind (Mercury Rx) with your Divine Inner Feminine (Venus) to receive the Spiritual Guidance we all have access to!

Blessed BE and Namaste. You've got this - I KNOW you do!

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much!


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