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New Moon in Pisces: Know Your Spiritual Worth; Transform It!

These Moon Cycles seem to be getting more and more intense! And they also seem longer than 29.5 days long! Things are peaking, energetically. Tensions mount. We're coming to something that is culminating - what is it?

Sunday, FEB 20th, 2023 - Family Day holiday here in Alberta - at 12:06 AM MST, the Sun and Moon come together to begin the second New Moon cycle of 2023. At 01 degrees PISCES 22' Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth Charts. The Spiritual. The Universal Love Portal - compassionate, intuitive, forgiving - closely connected to Saturn sitting at 28 degrees AQUARIUS 10' (and will enter PISCES March 7th for a 2-year stay!).

Structures about to be released as Saturn enters the 29th degree FEB 28th until March 7 - Fated/Destined to End, are dying. Saturn's been helping us SEE a different future for over two years now - how has your life changed in that time? How have you aligned with your own Future Self, to show up more truly as YOU? Doing the work, the family, the personal time portions of your life, your way?

Right now Saturn squares Sedna - also at 28 degrees, of TAURUS. Sedna's been at the 29th degree off and on since July 9, 2021, helping with yet another version of Fated/Destined to END things around the themes of how we've not been speaking our truths or standing up for what we value, knowing our own worth.

Saturn's square here with Sedna creates stress and tension to restructure our lives, livelihoods, where we live, who we connect with as Community. Sensing what needs to be created, hands-on, from our own resources - considering what's been systematically taken away from us over the last wee while. Spiritual Maturity is what Sedna stands for. Going beyond Victim into Victor stance.

She'll enter GEMINI June 15th, after 55 years in TAURUS (since Feb 9, 1968!) moving through that 29th degree yet again from March 29th to June 15th, then goes Rx/retrograde and Direct again at 29 degrees Taurus from Nov 23, 2023 to April 28, 2024, as she enters GEMINI for good. Now that will something to see - more FREEDOM FROM THE RULES a-coming!

Meanwhile, Pluto's been at its 29th degree of CAPRICORN since FEB 11th until March 23rd when it enters, for a short stay, AQUARIUS, going back into CAPRICORN again June 11th, to be in AQUARIUS for the long haul as of November 20, 2024. Along with Venus at its 29th degree in PISCES FEB 19/20th, before she enters ARIES. What's been DYING in your life that actually, truly, honestly, needed to go anyway? Hhhmmm, seems there's a LOT of change and transformation to Let Go, going on this month, and this year of 2023!

Thankfully neither the Moon, Venus nor Mercury are "out of bounds" (OOB) this Moon cycle! Whew! Mars is, sitting at 15 degrees GEMINI 50' aligned with the Vertex - something Fated / Destined this way comes through others mirroring stuff to us/for us - as we actively gather information and knowledge - to be shared at the right time, with the right people, for the right reasons. To be FREE FROM THE RULES! To mentally THINK for ourselves, away from rules that imprison, bind, lock us down. This is how Mars has been helping us since October 22, 2022 until May 4, 2023 - extremely OOB during this period! He'll return to OOB mode December 20, 2023 until January 23, 2024, just not as intensely.

Pluto and Sedna are sending love lines to one another - ENDING the need for power and control through greed with knowing our worth and value as human beings. There is plenty for all - always has been - step away from that illusion/delusion - do it now! Earthly Delights and the Garden of Eden exist here on Earth - if we choose to manifest them through letting go of the masks/distorted glasses of perceptions that have been inundated with illusions and delusions of disaster, the world is dying, nothing to see here! Just move along, mind your own business - let's distract you as best we can!

Neptune at 24 degrees PISCES 14' aligns with Venus' 29th degree of PISCES - the EMPATHIC WOMAN according to Shamanic Astrology - "her intent is to live a life of compassion and service for ALL sentient beings. Honour her ability to be truly a SAFE SPACE of unconditional compassion and love." Here's where Neptune's ability to dissolve the distortions comes into play - there IS compassion and love in the world. Tap into it - BE IT - find it from Within. Remove the distorted glasses you're wearing - throw them away! Look for the Good, Great, Reliable, Loving, Assisting, - the Universe is calling all of us to move away from the dispassionate fear-mongering that's been growing ever louder since 1926. Do you SEE your OWN compassionate and loving nature, Within? Release the distortions from your heart - voice them if you have to - allow them to die in order to find your Universal Heart.

Those Lunar Nodes - North at 06 degrees TAURUS 13' - South at 06 degrees SCORPIO 13' - are squaring off to Mercury at 12 degrees AQUARIUS 48' - creating a T-Square of stress and tension to CLEAR our mental bodies of emotional traumas/fears/anxieties of the past while simultaneously "looking for the Sacred in the Ordinary, serenity and stability" as our Soul Purpose right now [North Node Astrology, by Elizabeth Spring] - how can you create an AND here and do both? Intense times - so yes you need to rest that brain and just BE. Move away from the computer, the smartphone, and stare at the sky, the trees, the snow, get out into the sunshine, go for a walk. Have tea and conversation with a good friend / neighbour.

That OOB Mars is sending a love line to Mercury by the way - whacky wildcard energies to take DIFFERENT mental action - thinking outside the box, moving away from the rules, bring IN the thoughts/bright ideas from your Future Self that inspire your Next Steps forward! We're all meeting up with our respective futures here in FEBRUARY 2023. What version of the future are you focusing on? This is key. And whose coming with you?

Will it be the compassion/loving/forgiving one living in the Garden of Earthly Delights OR the fear-ridden, "the sky is falling" version? It's all about perspective, freeing ourselves from the old structures - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - right now. In the Here and Now. We have a choice. Always have had - what's your Intuition telling you? What Leap of Faith beckons you to take and in what direction? Breathe, listen, then Act! Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: the UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much!


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